Massage to wife with the help of husband

Hello I am Prasad from Bhimavaram in Andhra Pradesh

Today I have share my experience in recently.

Me and one couple friend in facebook .that person name lucky from Ongole .he married and he has dream to cuckhold but his wife not agree with stranger .so he plan to massage she said kk.

we chat and he said about it .But I don’t know about i watched in YouTube and try my luck with her.i said ok and then send my pic and later he show my pic to his wife as a massager
She agreed before lockdown,due to lockdown we didn’t meet.after APSRTC start transportation in Andhra Pradesh we plan and meet on 27 may 2020

I went to Ongole and he pick up me on early morning.i reached her home around 8 clock .I saw her, she is 25 look great and we’ll beauty and attractive face .I wish her ,she reply with smile.we introduce ourself.she name is punky.we sit in hall and we chat with some strange feeling with her . later I fresh up and ate breakfast

I start a chat about massage.i explained about . she will not agree with me .she said I have some shy so I try to convince her later she agreed
Me and pinky in her bedroom along with lucky.i ordered her remove the dress .she feel some shy so noticed and said please wear only inner wear.pinky reverse sleep on table on inner wear.i can’t imagine her beauty .she is slim and super structure and Normal white.
I poured some oil on her body from top to bottom ,I rubbed with my hand on her body .she feel uncomfortable and due to her beast touches the table directly.i noticed and take soft cloth like blanket put between the table and her so soft .I started massage from legs and come to the her ass.i touched her ass .she ass so cute and rub her back and touches her boobs and her novel but she said no objection due to her husband present.pinky is turned now I have seen her beauty .she so sexy and I started massage and she close her eyes completely.i removed her petticoat and saw her glory hole with full of hair and remove her bra .she is completely nude and closed her Eyes still and start massage her pussey,boobs and her all over body .

I rub her pussey and kis the pussey.i insert my finger and start fingering and she moaning and hold the table tightly and now lucky come with complete nude.lucky put his cock in His mouth infront of me.she started suck his cock.lucky press and suck her boobs.and i have rub my cock on her pussy and started lick her pussey and it’s so good time us.we are in mad mood in that condition.lucky start and fucking her and I inserted my dick in her mounth .she suck my dick so nice .she give nice blowjob to me.lucky fucked hard and me started massage her boobs softly . lucky exhausted in her pussey .

I have in heaven I remove in her Mouth.leak around her pussey.she feel some shy but she has happy with my massage .she go to washroom and clean the sperms and back to room .I requested her sleep on table .I had apply veet cream and remove her private hair .

Me lucky and pincky go to bathroom and started bathing .I apply soap and touches her body in wet condition.she look beautiful and the light flash on wet body give more attention in her body lucky speed her legs and luck it .me kiss es on her face.we complete our bathing session .we had lunch and I interacted with her.before leave her home .she give awesome blowjob and she said to with her smile.and said to me I feel very comfortable with you and we will meet again soon.i return to my native place

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