Older woman (True story)

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Back in the 70s my boss sent me to do some repairs at his mother’s house. When I got there she opened the front door and dropped something. When she benr over to pick it up her house coat hung down from her very skinny petite body. I had the perfect view seeing her big saggy tits hung down swinging back and forth.

She had big dark areolas with really long nipples and for some reason I got sexually excited seeing her tits. She was 84 years old and her husband died over 30 years ago. As she showed me what she wanted done she kept giving me peek’s at her big saggy tits but I think it was her big dark areolas that turned me on.

Two days later I was driving past her house about4am I thought to myself I wonder if she is up. I parked and walked back to her house into the back yard and saw the kitchen and bathroom lights on. I looked in the window and saw her in the bathroom. I went to the kitchen window and it was open so I pushed up the screen and climbed in.

I peeked into the bathroom and she was completely nude and totally unaware that I was there. I know she lost her husband over 30 years ago and all I could think about was her boobs and how much I want to suck on her nipples. I hide in the living room and when she walked past into the kitchen I grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth and told her don’t scream and I will not hurt you. I pulled her down onto the living room floor and lightly sat on her face so she couldn’t see me. I pushed her legs open and started to eat her out. At first she was fighting me but as soon as I sucked on her clit she moaned and stopped fighting. She was moving her hips up and down while I was eating her out and then she pushed her vagina really hard up into my face moaning softly.

I turned around and pushed my penis into her vagina and started pumping in and out of her deep hard and fast while sucking on her nipples. Then she rapped her legs around my back and pulled me tight into her as she said OMG OMG OMG and that was enough for me to cum deep inside of her.

I told her you better not tell anyone about this or I will be back and you will pay dearly. She said I promise not to tell. The look on her face was priceless. She was flushed and smiling at me like a good little girl. She enjoyed having sex and so did I.

This is my real life true story

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