Ny mom fuck by Syed ( muslim man) in my flat

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Hii. I m abhi kumar came back to the new story . It’s a story when I was 26 doing job in new Delhi. Staying in 2 bhk flat . I have a fantasy talking to muslim man who want to fuck my mom. So I have a fake account and where I talk to all muslim men about ny mom. But I found non so appropriate.

On day a friend request came I chat hi. For little thn I ask for her penish pic . But he want to see mymom pic . I gave it to him .. thn he showed me his tool it’s about 7 inches and very good diameter fat . Just looking like a bog cucumber 🥒. He te that he want to fuck my mom and offer me of a I phone but i refused to take. He always say dirty think about my mom so horny that I start doing mastrubating hearing his thinking …. But I did not agree to this proposal … becz my mom is sanskari Hindu women she will not do all this sex ..But thn i thought let’s try ones if he can seduce my mom or not.

So I told that muslim man named Syed that I m ready but promise me that you will not force mom and after sex she will not met mom in whole life time I don’t want any affair . Syed said he is mailed of 42 year age he had a family and 2 kids he don’t want any affair just want to fuck my mom..

Thn I told him that you shift to my flat for 1 months mean while I will call mom for one months you seduce her. He agreed and came to my flat . I called my mom that I have little fever can you come fir one months she came to Delhi.
I picked mom home .

Mom wearing a black saree and black blouse sleveless and saree is transparent fully visibal blouse . Ant one can see her nevel . Her nam in Bandana sen. Thn I rang bell Syed open the door mom was not aware that . Any man will be there at home. So mom was shocked seeing Syed he is agged muslim man good mussels and when he open the door he was wearing lungi nothing else totally naked bare body to shoew mom his chest.

Both saw each other . But Syed watch out mom from top to head . Thn he welcome us.i introduce he is my boss . He will stay here for 1 months becz he I’d new to here .mom thn give a weird look to me.. thn Syed.. serve us lunch we there eat together we talk each other. Thn he went to . His room.. mom asked – why you give your room to a muslim man.

Me- he is good man mom and he is my boss . Fro promotion I give him to stay here . He will go in one months .
Mom- ok but stay away from muslim.
At evening we there went for walk in park . I gave a personal space saying that I need to play cricket… thn Syed start his work
Syed- hello mam.
Mom- so you r abhi boss.
Syed – yes . What is your name.
Mom- Bandana sen.
Syed- abhi is good boy … he gave me room to stay …you grow him with manners.
Mom- thank u … you r a good person .
Syed – thank u…
Syed – can I say something.. you always were saree ..
Mom- yes. It’s a tradition and culture and I m comfortable in it.
Syed – you look beautiful in saree .
Mom- blush … and Said thank u.
Syed – let’s go it golgappe.
Mom- love to eat golgappa.
Thn both talk little bit and mom enjoy Syed company .
Thn at night mom made chicken for us we eat it and I went to room doing work… mom and Syed wash dished and chatting
Syed- you have tried jeans 
Mom- no I m a village women when I was young jeans were not trend at that time. So I have never tried it.
Syed – you should try bandan it will look beautiful in you becz. Thn stopped.
Mom- becz what
Syed – nothing .
Mom- say .
Syed – don’t take it seriously but you have great figure you will look hot in jeans…
Mom- blush but said hattt I m fat and don’t have good figure .
Syed – wearing jeans it requires a good Butt…. and you have a beautiful ass…
Mom- became very shy and said …. stop stop son will here it ….
Syed- but really you figure is hot….
Thn Syed called me and said tell abhi your mom will look good in jeans …
Me- ohhh yes sir mom never tried and jeans top mom you will look beautiful try ones mom…

Thn I went to bed and doing work in laptop.
Syed – look abhi also agreed that you will look beautiful….
Mom- ok ok …. now stopped …
Thn mom came to room we slept ….
Next morning mom asking me to go to market for shopping but …i want to give Syed more time… I said sir could u plz talk mom to shopping ….
Mom-no no I will go alone …
Syed – ooo Bandana ji come I took leave today beczihave to buy few cloths … let go together …

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