Nikita’s Rape or Transformation

This is the real story of my wife who got raped by two strangers in front of me which changed our life.

My wife, Nikita and I were celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. We went out for a romantic dinner, hanged out to a Dhaba for tea on the way back home. We were planning to celebrate our night in a unique way that night and were so engrossed that didn’t noticed around. Although sex was rather routine job for us, we both did enjoy good orgasms. Nikita was 25 years female in full bloom. She was proud of her juicy 34C-28-34 figure and fair silky complexion, light brown streaked straight medium long hair. Everyone used to compare her beauty with Mahima Chaudhary. I never got tired off fucking her and Nikita was proud of that.

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We decided to do some role play that night and I suggested her to act like a street whore and me as her customer. She liked that idea and suggested to put some very provocative make up and dressed up like a whore.
I kissed her and asked her to go get ready for our memorable night. I started to wait anxiously in the sitting room and after fifteen minutes or so the doorbell rang. I got startled that who could be ringing at this hour? Maybe it was one of our friends coming that late hour to wish us. I got up to answer the door and looked through the peephole but could not see anyone. Then the doorbell rang again.
I heard a voice outside, “Open up, this is an emergency.”
I was confused, but decided to open the door, which turned out to be a mistake. I saw two big guys with a gun.
“Get back in the house, we’re coming in.”
I backed up while the two guys came in and closed the door. Both were rather big and one of them had a deep scar on his cheek. He was fair in color whereas the other had dark complexion.
I asked, “What do you want.”
The white guy Aslam said, “Just take it easy and no one will get hurt. Where do you hide your money?”
I decided to cooperate with them especially since the gun was pointed at his stomach. Maybe they would leave if I give them some money. They wouldn’t get much because I never kept much cash in the house.
I said, “It is in my Cupboard in the bedroom. I’ll get it for you.”
“You’re not getting out of our sight, we’re coming with you.”
They followed Ashok into the bedroom but Nikita was still in bathroom changing for our night unaware of the situation. I got the keys, opened the Cupboard, took out the cash and handed it to them. I, also took Nikita’s purse and give them more cash. They counted it. “There are only fifteen thousand rupees here. Where is the rest of your money?”
“We don’t keep much cash in the house, we use our credit and ATM cards.”
The two guys looked rather mad and started talking to each other.
“We’ve wasted our time. We should do something to make up for it.”
Suddenly Nikita came out of the bathroom on hearing the strange sounds. As she came out, they saw her and said, “Wow, look at this whore, he has already arranged a bitch for our entertainment.”
I yelled, “You leave my wife alone, she is not a whore, she is my wife!”
The black man Hamid waved his gun at me and said, “Shut up, Why she is dressed up like a whore. Let’s tie him up so he won’t cause any trouble.”
Hamid grabbed me immediately and forced me into a chair. Aslam pulled a thin cord from his pocket and tied me up to the chair.
Nikita was screaming, “Go away and leave us alone.”
“We’ll leave you alone only after we had some fun with you, bitch.
Shut up.”
Hamid grabbed her from her arm and brought he into the middle of the room and said, “Aslam, look at this pretty sexy bitch. She exactly looks like Mahima Chaudhary”
Aslam said, yes you are right she is true copy of that sexy bitch. This is their punishment that we fuck this bitch now.”
Nikita was now crying a little and whimpering. She knew these guys meant to rape her. She could only hope they would not physically hurt her in any way.
I pleaded them and said, “Please don’t touch her. She is not a whore she is my wife. Let me write a check or do most anything to give you some money.”
Aslam sparked, “If she is your wife them why she is looking like a whore?”
I told them that it was out wedding anniversary and we were just enjoying out night buy role playing.
Hamid laughed loudly and said, “In that case we assume that she wants to be a whore and we will make her a whore tonight.
Hamid spoke, “You can cancel a check, that’s no good. We’re going to make her our whore tonight.”
I knew I was losing battle to argue with them. I just didn’t want them to hurt her.
I said, “Alright, you’ve got us. What if she agreed to cooperate instead of fighting your advances? Would you be gentle and not to hurt her?”
The two guys looked at each other, “OK, that’s a deal.”
I then continued, “Would you use a condom? She is not on the pill because she might get pregnant.”
The response was quick, “No way. We will not use a condom. We’re going to fill that hot pussy with our cum.”
I knew I was defeated and felt lucky for them to agree on not to physically hurt her.
I then told Nikita, “Honey, its best that you cooperate with them. They agreed not to physically harm you.”
Nikita was sitting on the bed and shivering a bit and told me that she would do her best. She knew they were going to rape her whether or not she fought them. She was concerned about pregnancy, but she had no choice.
Hamid said, “Alright bitch, stand up and come here.”
Nikita reluctantly got up to stepped up to them.
“Okay, honey pie. Time to get down to it. Finish stripping.”
Nikita was watching them with wet eyes. “You pigs. That was horrible.”
“What was, sweetie?” Hamid asked with sadistic pleasure.
“You know what I’m talking about, damn you!
“Well, maybe we will and maybe we won’t. Right now it’s time for you to strip off that whorish outfit and let us have a look at your sexy body.” They both laughed at that, then Aslam lifted his gun and brought the tip of barrel up to Nikita’s crotch, almost touching her cunt through the thin material of her panties.
“Now strip, “he said, and nudged the barrel into her groin.
Nikita gasped at the violation, all the more threatening for the lightness of the touch. He turned the gun, slowly rotating the tip of it as though it were a drill aimed right at her pubis.
“Come on, now. Let’s see it.”

Nikita’s hands were shaking. She reached behind her back and unhooked the bra. She took the straps down, but couldn’t bring herself to let it fall from her. She started to sob now in humiliation. Hamid approached her, grabbed the bra and slowly, firmly, pulled it off her. She kept her hands over her breasts, but Aslam leaned in and whispered to her,

“Maybe you want me to do the panties too.”


Still sobbing, Nikita shook her head. “No! No, I’ll do it.”

And she did. She took her hands from her naked breasts, feeling the leering eyes drink them in, and put them in the waistband of her panties, slowly pulling them down and exposing her cunt to the men.

“Now stand up straight with your hands above your head.”

Nikita did as she was told, standing naked and utterly exposed to the two strangers, crying freely now even though she knew they were getting off on her embarrassment and mortification revealing her sculpted well exercised body in all its glory. Her breasts were full, yet firm, inviting with pink raspberry nipples.

Hamid reached to feel one of her breasts as they were exposed.
Aslam responded, “These are nice, aren’t they?” He then pinched her nipple very hard.
“Ouch!” she uttered. “Ooooooohhh maaaaa. You promised not to hurt me.”
Both guys took off their jeans and shorts. I noticed Aslam had a cock a little bigger than of mine. Hamid’s was much longer and much thicker, the biggest one I had ever seen except a few black men in porn movies. It was hard and the blood vessels were visible. I was damn sure that that Hamid would torn my wife’s cunt apart when he put that monster in her pussy.
I gathered the courage and said in a firm voice, “OK, guys, you’ve showed us what you have, now let’s stop all this nonsense, put your clothes on and I’ll pay you some money, somehow.”
“Shut-up you Pimp, we’re going to fuck your sexy lady before we leave. When we get through, she will know she has been well fucked and also make her a true cock hungry whore.”
Hamid spoke, “Aslam, go ahead and enjoy that sexy bitch first. Get her stretched a little so I can get mine in.”
Aslam didn’t waste any time and pushed her to the bed and said, “Bitch, get up there on your knees at the side of the bed and bend over.”
Nikita did as he ordered and Aslam walked up behind her with his cock in his hand. I watched as Aslam aimed his cock at my wife’s pussy and rubbed the head of his cock up and down on her slit for a little lubrication, then pushed the cock-head in her. Nikita started to cry as she wasn’t wet and the intruding cock was having difficulty entering her. She knew she was dry and thought he would hurt her by forcing the entry.
Nikita said in desperation, “Aaaahhh. Get the cream from the dressing table drawer and lubricate me. Ooooooohhhhh you are hurting me. Nooooooo Pleeeess”
Hamid fumbled with the drawer, found the bottle and handed it to Aslam. Aslam took out a liberal amount on the head of his cock and pushed to enter Nikita. After a couple of back and forth strokes, his cock was all the way in. Nikita’s eyes were full of tears now and she cried in desperation and she braced herself as started to pound her.
“Hamid, this is good tight pussy. You will like it too.”
Aslam started pounding her with strong thrust. Her eyeballs were rolling feeling his dick knocking her womb. She was moaning and writhing “ooooooohhh mmmaaaaaaaa, pleeesse not sooo haaaard. Pleeeeese doooont sqeeeeeeeze myyyyy nippplees theeey aaaare accchhhiiiing”
After five minutes of ramming her Aslam took his cock out of her cunt and rolled her on the bed to make her lie on her belly. He caught her waist with his hands and pulled her bums up. She lifted
her ass in the air. She was now bent like a bitch. She looked at me sitting on the chair and writhing to get free from his bondages. She noticed a small tent at the zipper of my pants.
“oh god! oh god! Ashok is getting excited seeing her raped in front of him.” She thought. That thought gave her some relief and she started to enjoy Aslam’s cock and started to meet his thrusts. Aslam pushed his dick from the back and started thrusting it hard in her hot cunt as he sensed she is co-operating with him.
“hmff hmfff” was the sound he was emitting with each thrust.
“fuchhh fuchhh” was the sound coming out from her now wet pussy and “ooooooo mmmmmm uuufffff aaaaah oooooohhhhh maaaaa” was the sound coming out from her lips. With each thrust her boobs were bouncing like some ripe fruits. Aslam fucked and fucked her in this position for fifteen minutes. Then he made her lie at her back again and entered her again in missionary style. It was evident that she was superhot now and enjoying every inch of his cock.
Aslam soon began to groan as he speeded up his movements. Then he yelled as he shot spurt after spurt in her unprotected pussy. Nikita arched her back as she came with him too. Her cunt erupted hot lava on her fucker’s cock and that made him crazier. Aslam collapsed on Nikita and placed his lips on hers. To my surprise she responded his kis and gave him a hot smack. Soon she felt that Aslam’s cock was getting soft inside her leaking cunt. Aslam was breathing heavily laying over Nikita.
Hamid said, “Move out of the way and let me at her.”
Aslam pulled his flaccid cock out of her cunt, allowing some of his cum to ooze out down to her ass.
“mmmmm pretty lovely fuck. Hamid you will love fucking her brain out.
Hamid moved in a position to fuck her. Nikita was frightened looking at the size of his dick.
“Alright, bitch, now you are going to get a real cock.” Then he turned towards me.
“Look your hubby loves every moment of it. Look he is having a huge erection.”
She looked at me and found the truth behind his comment. He was having a huge erection and he was writhing on chair.
“Aslam let one of his hands free and allow him masturbate seeing his wife’s transformation to a whore.”
Aslam growled a warning before freeing my left hand from the ropes.
My hand at once moved to my cock and I started to rub it.
Hamid caught Nikita by her silky brown hair and made her rotate on bed so that her head was towards me. He lifted her waist and placed a couple of pillows below her ass so that her cunt was raised and I could easily see her clean shaved glistening cunt.
Hamid then moved near her and placed her legs on his shoulders. Her body was now bent like an arch.
“Now you will be able to see your wife’s cunt being torn by this masterpiece of mine.” Hamid laughed. He inserted two fingers in her cunt.
“It is slippery like hell.” He took the bed sheet and wiped the cum inserting a portion of the cloth inside her cunt. He again inserted a couple of his fingers in her cunt and said “Hmmmmm now it is dry like the sand paper and ramming a dry cunt gives immense pleasure.”
I watched as Hamid forced the head slightly inside her hole. I knew she was going to be stretched and she moaned in pain.”aaaaaaahhh “
I saw Hamid’s hands clasp the sides of her butt to hold her as he prepared to push forward so she wouldn’t slip away from him. He pulled his cock completely and with a strong thrust he moved it again into her cunt. Nikita felt as if a hot rod is being rammed into her cunt. The friction made by the dry walls of her cunt and the skin of his cock made her wince with pain.
Nikita uttered, “Oooooohhhhh! maaaaaaa” as Ashok watched Hamid’s cock go about half way in. He pulled it back and prepared to plunge again.
Nikita yelled, “Take it easy. I will die with pain. Please get it lubricated by the cream”
” I am not a fool like Aslam” Hamid gave a loud laugh “I love a lady crying with pain when I jam this pole of mine in her cunt.
Ashok could see the walls of her cunt are stretched to the maximum. He pulled his cock out again. And with much more energy he buried it again in her cunt.
Again Nikita uttered in pain, “Ooooohhhhh! , You’re killing me,” much louder as the big cock went nearly all the way in. Her mouth opened for breath and her eye balls just popped out with intense pain. She was nearly senseless.
Evidently, Hamid started taking pity on her as he pulled back a little. Then he started small back and forth movements going a little deeper each time.
“There, bitch, how do you like a real cock?”
Nikita didn’t answer. She was enduring the pain the best she could. Not only was she stretched, but his cock was too long. Hamid started fucking her while she continued to painfully moan, “Ooooooohhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhh, uiiiiiiiiii maaaaa”.
I felt sorry for her, but he could do nothing but to watch this big cock fuck her.
Hamid started yelling as he plunged deeper causing her to scream in pain. He started fucking her with deep thrust. Slowly her cries subsided and moans of intense pleasure took its place. He fucked and fucked her. They lost all track of time. He fucked nearly for half an hour in this position then lied on the bed with his cock pointed to the ceiling. To my surprise, Nikita gave him a smile and held his thick cock in her hand and took it in her mouth. After sucking and kissing his cock for a couple of times he made her sit on his cock and she started to go up down up down.
Her large and firm boobs were jumping with every motion. He caught the jumping boobs with his hands and started squeezing them hard.
I saw her pussy gripping his cock a couple of time as she came on his pole again and again.
After a few minute she felt his big cock jerking jism and filling her cunt very deep with another load of cum.
Cum started running down her thigh when Hamid simmered down. She fell forward and collapsed on the body of Hamid. Hamid caught her face in his hand and kissed her deeply. She too replied by inserting her tongue deep in his mouth.
Hamid commented, “Now, she knows she has been fucked by a real cock.”
Aslam looked at Hamid, “What do you want to do now?”
“Why don’t we have a drink. There must be some beer or liquor in this house. Then we can have another go at this sexy bitch. I’ll go look in the refrigerator while you stay here. Bitch, do you want to drink something?”
Nikita was still lying on her stomach and didn’t answer.
Hamid soon returned with two beers. The two guys sat on the bed while they swilled their beers.
I noticed my wife lay with her legs slightly apart and rubbing her clit with her long nail finger. I saw a big wet spot on the sheet and could see cum still oozing out of her. She turned her face and looked at me with a smile on her lips. I also gave her a sheepish smile and a look of a lover.
Suddenly Hamid called my wife and asked her to sit in his lap. She happily obeyed him and sat on his thigh. Then she took the bottle of the beer from his hand and poured some beer on her nipple and offered him to suck.
He hungrily took her nipple in his mouth and started to suck her nipple. She then looked at Aslam and poured some more beer on her other nipple and offered him to with her eyes. He gone nuts and they both sucked her nipples like hungry babies.
He made her stand after a few minutes and commanded her to get back up on her knees again like a bitch.”
Nikita turned her head and gave him a wanton smile. I was sure by then that my wife and consolidated the situation that there wasn’t any way out of their predicament until they had fucked her as much as they wanted.
Aslam’s cock easily went in her cum filled pussy. He started back and forth movements.
“Bitch, you are so stretched, I don’t feel much of anything. You are going to give me a blow job and it had better be good. Turn around and sit on the side of the bed.”
I was thrilled to hear this and wanted to see what she would do now. She never gave me a blow job ever and always thought it the nastiest thing in sex. She turned around as ordered and sat on the edge of the bed. I watched as Aslam walked up to her with his cock pointing at her face. As ordered, she took his cock in her mouth and cupped his balls with her sexy long nail polished hands. I got fascinated seeing my sexy wife give blow job to a stranger’s cock. He started fucking her face. He had already cum once, so he fucked her mouth for quite a while and managed to push his 7 inches cock deep in her throat. She was gaged a couple of times and tears dropped from her eyes and spread the eyeliner around her eyes. He fucked her throat until his knees began to buckle; he groaned and shot several spurts in her mouth. She started to look for the tissues to spit it out, but he told her to swallow. She nearly gagged as she did but I felt she liked it.
“Aslam, move out of the way.” Hamid commanded Aslam. “Bitch suck this up and make it rock hard now.” Hamid’s cock was right in front of her face. She held it in her hand and swirled her tongue around the head. He tried to get more of his cock in her mouth, but she couldn’t take much more than just the head. I could feel his cock slowly becoming very hard.
“I’m going to fuck you again. Last time when sat on me you looked like a seasoned whore. I love you to ride on my cock.”
I watched as my wife eagerly held his big cock to aim at her hole as she started to sit on it again. She was well lubricated after having huge loads of cum dumped in her.
I watched as the big cock slowly and easily disappearing into her dark pussy lips. She was taking it much easily the second time and seemed she was in control. She leaned forward some to allow her pelvis to touch his before his cock was fully in. This way she could keep from taking it fully in her. She started making circular movements hoping it would not take him very long to cum again.
Aslam was watching the action and could see his friend’s cock in her pussy. Then he noticed her ass as she was fucking him slowly. He moved closer to the bed and started to rim her ass hole with his finger. There was plenty of lubrication around her pussy and ass, so he started to put his finger up her ass slowly. It surprised her to feel his finger, but she knew she could not object. She continued circular movements, and then started to hump up and down on his cock. After lubricating her anus with his finger, Aslam shoved two fingers up her ass. Nikita turned her face and gave a sharp look at Aslam and started to fuck Hamid speedily and I felt she was hoping Hamid would cum soon, but he just laid still allowing her to fuck him.
Nikita said, “Don’t you want to cum? I’m doing my best for you.”
“Just keep it up, bitch, I’ll finish when I’m good and ready to finish.”
This seemed to go on for a long time. She could feel Aslam remove his finger, and then stick one or two back in now and then. Aslam’s cock was again getting rock hard and to my surprise he came to me and whispered in my ear that if I had any condom. I looked at him in bewilderment and prompted him towards my cupboard with my eye. He rushed to the cupboard and found the pack of condoms. He wore the dotted condom on his cock and lubricated it with the cream.
He then pushed Nikita on Hamid and Hamid squeezed her soft body to his. This made her asshole open for Aslam who thoroughly lubricated her asshole. She was confirmed by then with Aslam’s intentions and she started to writh and tried to make her free but Hamid knew it and was too strong for her. Aslam placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her tight ass hole and pushed his cock in her asshole.
She cried loud “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh h hhhhhh ooooooooooooohhhhhh hh” she started crying with pain. Tears rolled down her eyes on the face of Hamid.
Aslam started fucking her asshole with long thrust. When he pulled his cock away a bit, Nikita would let her ass rise from the cock of Hamid but soon Aslam bury it again pushing Nikita on the cock of Hamid. I was sitting there completely mesmerized with their sex play and was really enjoying the double penetration. They fucked and fucked her. Soon she took Aslam’s cock in her ass and with pleasure and started to enjoy it. As usual Aslam spurted his cum first inside her ass hole. After emptying out his balls completely he moved away.
I noticed that his condom was full of his cum and all covered with my wife’s shit and blood. He went to the bathroom and disposed off the condom in the waste bucket.
Meanwhile Nikita started faster movements on Hamid’s cock. She finally felt that he was becoming more aroused and was about to shoot in her. She made even faster movements until she could feel his cock jerk with each spurt of his seed he planted deep in her belly.
After getting full satisfaction from my wife’s cunt, Hamid said in a demanding voice, “bitch Get up and clean me.”
As Nikita got up, the cum started pouring out of her cunt. It rolled down through her thighs to her knees. She moved in a position to take the head of his cock in her mouth to clean him. She could feel his body go through small sexual shudders as she sucked the head. He then took the bedsheet and cleaned his cock dry and started to dress up.
After that he pulled out the looted money and asked Aslam to give him five thousand more. He counted the notes after taking money from Aslam and started to shower money over Nikita’s head and said, “Hey bitch this is your first earning as a whore. Keep it and whenever you need money give me a call, I’ll arrange customers for you.” He helped her stand up, cupped her pussy and said after kissing her, “You are a hot bitch and now you will miss our cocks. you have a gold mine here, keep using it and become rich”
He then looked at me and commanded Aslam to set me free and asked Nikita to jot down his phone number. She went to the drawer and picked up her mobile and fed his number. After feeding his number she gave hot kiss to Hamid and Aslam too. They both smiled and left our house.
When we heard the front door shut, Nikita rushed to bathroom. I followed her and asked her if she was fine. She didn’t answer me but just looked at me, kept on fingering her pussy and washing her clean. She then told me that there is too much pressure in her bowel and she wanted to pass stool.
After she got finished I took her to bed and helped her in dressing up. After getting dressed up she looked into my eyes deeply and I immediately pulled her and gave her a tight hug and kissed her passionately.

Part 2
I noticed that everything was changed after that night and we started to love each other more than before. The level of understanding elevated to high levels and we became more open with each other. It looked Nikita came out of her shell and was brazenly bold in every aspect of life, preeminently when comes to sex. We started to watch porn movies every night and then applied all the new tricks of sex which we learnt from the porn movies. She loved to give me deep throating and drink my cum all the time. We tried all the filthy things and she always try to imitate being a whore.
One night we saw an ad for cam girls on a porn site and she excitedly asked me to try it. We they pay the girls who show their naked body on cam but we had to pay fifty US Dollars for registration. Nikita encouraged me and said, “Darling let’s join it, fifty Dollars is nothing I will earn a lot from this site.”
She got registered on that site and started to display her ripe and body on webcam while persons enjoyed my figure in front of webcam after paying me money and masturbate on seeing my body on cam.
Next day was Sunday and I was home. She woke me up at 9:00 am and asked me to get ready. I asked her if we were going somewhere but she said no just do it as I say. We took the breakfast and I went to take a shower and when I came out I saw Nikita was looking a tart and was wearing only shorts and a very see through thin shirt. She asked me to come to the other bedroom after dressing up.
When I went there I saw her sitting in front of the computer and chatting with someone. She prompted me to sit near her. I saw that she was in Chat box, chatting with different people while her Cam was on. She then announced that today her cam will be not fixed but would be moving and her rate would be higher slightly that day. She then introduced me to them and told them that, “Guys this is my husband and he will shoot me today while I entertain you. Suddenly she got three private messages and she started to remove her clothes and I started to shoot my wife for them.
That was an amazing experience and we earned Dollars 200 more that day. So we earned one thousand US Dollars just in a couple of weeks while I shoot her and the best thing was Nikita became super-hot in bed after displaying her body on cam.
After a few days one evening when I returned from my office, I found that Nikita was dressed up like tart. On my pursuance she just winked her eye and said, “You will find out soon.”
I thought she might have watched some new porn movie and went to washroom to freshen-up myself. When I came out to the sitting room she served me with the tea and went into the bed room. The doorbell rang after a few minutes and when I attended the door I saw Hamid was standing there with a stranger guy, who was in his late forties. He looked well-groomed and rich from his outfit. I gave him a strange look but then greeted them in with a smile. Hamid came inside and behaved like we had an old acquaintance. Then Nikita came out from our bedroom and straight away went to Hamid and kissed him. He introduced Nikita to that man and she also gave him a hug and kissed him. They started to chit chat and then he said something in Hamid’s ear and he laughingly said, “Oh sure, why are you wasting your time then, Go inside.”
He then said to Nikita, “Nikita take you guest inside your room he is already fallen for you.”
Nikita smiled, held his hand and took her into our bedroom and closed the door. I was sitting there dumb and looked at Hamid.
He laughed at me and told me that my wife called him daily and they talk a lot and he had come to my house a couple of times to fuck her in my absence. He also told me that she asked him to bring some good customers for her and today he brought the first. After telling me this he gave me thirty thousand Rupees and said, “Keep it and now you will keep getting big money for her body.”
After sometime we became friendly and we talked a lot while my wife was getting fucked inside our bedroom. Hamid introduced himself and told me that he is a Taxi Driver and have contacts with a couple of five star hotels and he provide whores to their clients.
That person came out after an hour and said smilingly to Hamid, “Hamid she is the best bitch you have ever provided me. I would love to visit her often.
On the way out he said to me, “You are lucky bastard to have such a sexy and slut wife.”
As I turned after closing the door, Nikita was standing in the door naked with a whorish smile on her face and called me in. She hugged me tight and said, “Darling I want you to fuck me now.”
I took the money from table and showered on her, dropped my pants and started to fuck her like a bitch.
After that, Hamid became regular visitor to our home and she used to go to different hotels twice a week for the whole night. Our life became much happier with love and off-course our bank balance started to become healthier after her every visit.

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