A nice guy’s first time – Sweet sex

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A nice guy’s first time, Sweet sex, All alone inside her house, she can’t believe she’s actually going to go through with this. It’s been months since she’s been with anyone else, but this sweet little boy just… she can’t resist him. Despite the fact that he’s older than her, it how she thinks of him. This sweet, adorable, innocent guy that she wants to corrupt. To ruin. To teach. This perfect blank slate that she can teach to do anything to please her. He’s so eager. Her heart begins to pound and she gets wet just thinking of it. So soon now. She can’t believe it’s finally going to happen.

“Almost there.” His text reads. He’s come so far just to see her.

“Can’t wait ;)” She’s glad he’s not here yet. It will give her some time to calm down. It wouldn’t do to seem too eager. She is, after all, supposed to be the one with experience.

She hears him knock on the door and immediately feels her heart ramp right back up. She pauses at the door and takes a deep, deep breath, forcing herself to calm. It’s no use. She’s always had a high sex drive and now she wants him so badly she can barely breathe. She looks down to realize her hand is shaking on the knob.

She opens the door and beams at him. She can’t help it, he looks so uncomfortable. Despite that, he grins. She loves that grin, God she can’t believe nobody’s ever fucked him yet.

She grabs him by the shirt and pulls him through the door. It’s all she can do not to rip his clothes off and fuck him on the couch. She shuts the door and lifts up on her tiptoes, softly kissing him on the mouth. She forces herself to stop before she loses control. His first time should be special. Meaningful. Not just the blind lust-fuck she usually has.

She clears her throat as she relaxes her grip on his shirt. “Do you want something to drink?”

“No, I’m ok.” She loves his voice. He’s so nervous and adorable. God, and tall. She didn’t realize how fucking tall he was online. She’s going to go crazy, she just knows it. He hasn’t even touched her and she’s soaked and frazzled. Fuck it. She can’t pretend anymore. If she doesn’t touch him right now, she may go blind from lust.

She crawls into his lap. It’s way too much, way too fast, but she can’t help it. Its way slower than she usually goes. She leans down, her lips only a whisper away from his and slides her fingers into his thick, dark hair. It’s like touching a live wire, her pale, smooth skin against his darker olive.

His hair is so soft under her fingers and she can taste his breath with every exhale. Her skin is on fire, burning everywhere he’s touching her, which, right now means only on her hips, through her shirt and jeans. Normally a guy would be hell bent on getting her naked. Holding her head and forcing a deep, wet kiss but not him. Not Nick. God he’s so innocent. It’s like a drug. She wants to take this sweet, adorable guy and make him crazy, fucked up on lust. She wants to see him lust like her.

She can’t. If she kisses him now, it’s all over. Nothing special. She fights the haze in her brain and forces herself to ask him what he wants. This isn’t about her. next time, later, maybe, but not now. Not his first.

He gets that look on his face. The one that says he’s not comfortable. His mouth opens and closes, but no words come out.

“Do you want to stay here and kiss, or go upstairs?”

He seems much more comfortable with choices. She should have started that way. She bites down on her lip to clear the haze a little more, but the pain makes it worse.

“We can go upstairs.” It’s almost a question.

“I asked what you wanted, Nick. There’s no wrong answer.” She’s so damn frustrated. He just seems so…

Her haze clears. No wonder he seems uninterested. He is. He has to be. Nobody stays this cool with a girl like her in their lap. She leans back and plays with her hair so she doesn’t have to look at him.

“I want to go upstairs.” It’s what she wanted to hear just moments ago but now… now it seems hollow. A loss, not a victory. Still, she takes his hand and leads him up the stairs. The feel of his big hand in hers sends a little twinge over her skin, but only distantly. Not like the fire of before.

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