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Hey this is utsav from mumbai….i have been a fan of sex stories from a long time and always wanted to tell about my experience to each and every one….this is my first time so please forgive my mistakes ….and i stay in borivali mumbai so any aunties girls who want to enjoy and have secret relations are welcomed….so let me tell you some thing about myself i am working in a bpo and have an cock who can fullfill the thurst lets move to the queen of the story her name is riya she stays in my neighborhood since my childhood to be frank i always had an eye on her as she is having a figure for whom any man will die to have her in the bed….so it a day of holi … started and my friends came to play with colours and normal things were going ….

Then we friends went for some weed and were enjoying our holi everything was normal till the time riya came in the society i was amazed for the white chudidar she was wearing aa my parents were their i didnt give much reaction but i had decided to try my luck on her as she knows that i am not in the sences (guys riya has caught me while having weed last year’s holi) so at the movement kids from the society poured water on us the black bra was visible and her boobs were trying to come out from bra i was in the heaven even my friends started commenting on her which i ignored as she had done which she might have avoided…..i asked her to come aside and asked her weather she wanted to have a beer …. She was like everyone is here i told her you dont worry i will make the arrangements on terrace she was glad to accept the offer….i went and got beers and strong beers although i know that she has only mild beer then too i just wanted to have sex i got the beer to take the advantage ….. As i entered the society she had a smile on her face i signalled her she followed me and we were at the terrace were mostly no one would come because of holi…..ww opened beer and were discussing casually talks about life as the beer was showing its effect i tried to touch her which i think she felt but she was ok i got this thing as a green signal and moved my hand to inner thight she was aroused by my move and was comming closer our eyes were meeting and we started to kiss we started enjoying i was shocked that i am going to have the best fun for my life we were getting wild and crazy…i started pressing her boobs she made the kurta loose from back side and she was now only in bra her black bra was making me crazy she started touching my cock which was already very hard …i unhooked the bra and the best thing i ever seen in my life was their i started kissing them very badlyy and i gave her love bites all over the boobs….slowly she took off my pants and started giving me blow job omg i was feeling like wtf i was very happy she was having it life lollypop and waa enjoying my 7 inch cock even i wanted to taste her juices so i asked her for 69 which she readilly accepted…i was biting her pussey lips and she was stroking and giving me a hard blow job we did this stuff for around 20 minutes….then i got a plan as i was already high i wanted to try something new i took her to the stairs and asked her to law down on stomack she hesitated as theur some one can come because of noise i assured her no one will com only w e will have fun she came and layed i went on her and was pressing her boobs hardly and had inserted my 3 fingers in her pussey she was enjoying it and she came then i got my possion and started to stroke from behind she was enjoying my strokes and as i was having strokes i saw a black till on her asa which made me crazy and i started fucking her really hard and these was my favourite possition…i fucked her for more 15 minutes and then i was about to come she said if you are about to come release it out i took my cock out and released on her ass i love asa people i am crazy for it….then we had 3 more rounds and after one week we had anal which i will share next time when i will get your reverts for where i need to improve in writing stories please any girl or lady who is unsatisfied and want to try new things but want to keep it secret please mail me on [email protected] and please give your precious feed back guys …Thank You!!!!

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