My transformation from a Friend to Step-Mom

Hello guys I am Richa, I am 26 yrs. old. Today I am going to tell you my real-life story of how my relationship with my friend changed from a friend to her step-mother.

Well, I have always been an independent girl as I was never restricted by my family in any sort of way I was free to do anything so this incident took place when I was about 21 yrs. old, I was in a B.Tech college at that and I had a friend named Shazia she lived near my PG so I used to frequently go to her home for studying and spending time, in her house there were only two members she and her father Rahish, he was a very friendly guy whenever I used to go to her house he used to always be so generous.

It happened on that fateful day, I was as usual at Shazia’s house for spending some time we were discussing different things and I had to go to the washroom and went to their washroom, the washroom’s door was open so I thought no one would be in there and I directly entered in and to my shocking Rahish uncle was inside nude, we both got shocked and I immediately turned over and uncle also in confusion picked up the towel to wrap around his waist. I said,

“Sorry, uncle I didn’t know you were inside.”

Uncle: It’s ok beta it was my fault that I didn’t close the door.

I hurriedly left the washroom and waited till uncle came out, when he came out there was a very weird awkward moment between us. After that when I went back to my PG I was very unrestful because when I saw uncle nude I had a clear glimpse of his dick and was engraved in my mind like nothing, it was so big that I was getting horny and horny, and to cope up with the feeling I tried to masturbate by watching a few porn videos but it was just temporary. The next day when I went to Shazia’s house and saw uncle I was constantly imagining him nude as I saw him, and it was getting me hornier and hornier it was extremely hard to control my emotions but somehow I controlled myself that day. The next time I was about to go to Shazia’s house I had made my mind that I will convey my feelings to uncle and so I made sure that Shazia was not at home, I wore a bit exposing dress and went there and knocked on the door and uncle opened the door,

Uncle: Arey Richa how come you came here at this time, right now Shazia is not at home.
Me: Oh hi uncle, its ok then I will wait till she comes, no problem.
Uncle: Ok then come in.
I went inside and sat on the sofa, uncle brought a glass of water, I drank the water and uncle sat in front of me and we had a short talk,
Uncle: So how are you, how is all going?
Me: Alls fine uncle.
Uncle: Well about that day, I am sorry, you didn’t tell anything Shazia, right?
Me: Yes uncle I have not told her anything.
Uncle: Well that day I saw you were not that much frightened by the incident instead you were shocked.
Me: Ummmm.
Uncle: Don’t worry be frank, it will be among us only.
Me: How can I tell uncle.
Uncle: Why? What’s the problem?
Me: Nothing uncle, let it be I am going now.

As I got up, uncle got up caught my hand and pulled me towards him, and hugged me, I was happy but how can show that to him so I showed some hesitation, he said “It’s ok Richa I know what you were shocked and amazed by that day, you are young and your body has its own needs, it’s ok.” Listening to it I was a bit silent and hugged him, as soon as I hugged him he got excited and started kissing me I was also kissing him.
Then he lifted me and took me to his room and then placed me on his bed and again started kissing me as he was kissing he started removing my clothes one by one soon I was in bra and panty, he started pressing my boobs over my bra I was completely into that moment and moaning in pleasure, then he got off and took off his shirt and asked me to get down and take off his pants, I got on my knees and pulled off his pants and underwear and his long circumcised dick popped up in front of me, It was so big around 8-9 inches I was shocked I took it in my hands and I started stroking it and then after a few strokes, I took it in my mouth and started sucking it its taste was different and it was addicting, I kept on sucking it for a very long time during which he came in my mouth once and I drank all of it and continued sucking it.

He then picked me up and laid me on the bed took off my bra and panty, and started licking my boobs the way he was licking was making me wet even more and then he went down to my pussy and started licking it and fingering it I was getting mad with moans and started moaning more and more loudly I came nearly twice and then he stuck his dick at my pussy and then tried to push it in, well I wasn’t a virgin I had sex with my ex-boyfriend three to four times but still, uncle’s dick was not able to go in he then applied some spit on it and then put his hand on my mouth and with full power pushed his dick in and it went piercing me inside and I moaned loudly but the hand stopped me from moaning and he started pushing his dick in and out and then slowly increased his pace the pain had now turned into pleasure and I was moaning like a pornstar and as my moans were getting more and more his speed was also increasing and then he came in me luckily he had worn a condom that day he came in my pussy like three to four times.

Then after we were done he asked me to come and stay with them, I thought it would be a great idea and told him to suggest this idea to his daughter, the next day Shazia asked me if I was comfortable to come and stay at their home I said yes and then moved in with them, now uncle and I were more close than ever our sessions started getting more and frequent it was almost every night we had sex, and one night Shazia caught us we were shocked to see her and were afraid, we immediately wore our clothes and then uncle went to calm her down, she was not ready to listen and then I also went and tried to confront her, after a lot of pleasing and sorry she understood but still, she was not completely agreed with our relationship, then this continued for a year, I had shifted from a different room to uncle’s room we were living together.

One day Shazia asked me whether I was happy with her dad, I said that I was happy, then she asked me whether I will marry her dad or not? I was speechless and said nothing, but then after a few days uncle asked me the same thing, at that moment I was confused about what to say and said yes and then everything was arranged and we got married without knowing my parents, they got to know about all this when I and Rahish went to meet them, they were shocked and furious but looking at what had happened they were helpless and unwillingly accepted all
And now I am married to Rahish as the step-mother of Shazia.

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