My transformation from a Friend to Step-Mom

Hello guys I am Richa, I am 26 yrs. old. Today I am going to tell you my real-life story of how my relationship with my friend changed from a friend to her step-mother. Well, I have always been an independent girl as I was never restricted by my family in any sort of way

How I fucked my busty childhood married friend

Hi guys. This is Akbar Hussain. I am a 6’3″ tall, 90 kilos muscular sculpted man with a rough thick beard and long black hair. I am 35 and unmarried. I live alone in Mumbai in a lavish apartment. I have a childhood friend Krithika who is 2 years older than me and she is

How Rashmi became the ultimate cuckoldress

Hello everyone, This is Raghu and this is my second post about my short, heavily busty wife Rashmi. In my last story, I had mentioned about how Haroon Rasheed, our college buddy fucked Rashmi in front of me and made her pregnant. Today, Rashmi is a loving mother to her son, but her sex drive