My Sister in law the prostitute.

This is a true story and it was unexpected. I’m 30 married man but horny as hell. So I went to a highend brothal to full full my urge. I was seated to view the girls and about 3 girls in I had the shock of my like. It was my younger sister in law with pair of red thongs and half cut bra. Her nipple were almost out. She looked stunning with make up and hair done. She looked taller than I remembered because her high heels. Even she was shocked and panicke when she saw me. I held her hand and told her I’m taking her for 2 hours. I paid the reception and was guided to the room by Cindy, stage name of my SIL. I closed the room door behind me and immediately kissed her lip. She replied with a passionate kiss without even a word spoken. While kissing I remove her bra. No wonder she has bigger boobs than my wife cos she’s done boob job. They looked amazing. I pushed her on the bed went on my knees and removed her tiny red panties. What a beautiful shaved pink pussy. I ate her for nearly 10 mins. Then she told me to sit on the bed. Those were our first words. She removed my pants and took my dick deep in her throat. About 10 mins I came in her mouth. She swallowed the entire load and cleaned my dick. Looking at her body in know time my dick was up again and centred right between her milky thighs. She spreader her pink lips for me to entre. For the first time I entred my sexy sil’s pussy. It was warm and I was fucking a prostitute with no condom. I was turned on and kept ramming in her pussy. Soon in no time I came all over her pussy. I we fucked 5 times. Once she put my dick in her ass and let me anal fuck her. She was so turned on every time and was screaming in pleasure. Before I told her I need to see her again and her secret is safe with me. Ever since then I’ve fucked her 5 different occasions at a motel. She is a sex goddess. More stories to come

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