Fucked my sexy cousin

This is the story about fucking my sexy ass cousin Megan. I’m 16 years old and she’s 21. We hardly even get to see each other but I’ve always fantasize about having sex with he. We meet up occasionally for family occasions and stuff like that for Christmas and crap. And one time we were having a random conversation on Instagram and she sent me a meme about Alabama and having sex with your cousin. I replied with a bunch of laughing emojis and skull emojis and stuff like that and replied with “I love those” she said that she also liked them too. And she asked me would you ever fuck your cousin? I said LOL IDK how about you? She said ” LOL yeah if you weren’t my cousin I’d fuck the shit out of you” I replied saying same. Then on Christmas Eve of 2018 we had a family meet up with pool in the garage and TV setup and everything like that. IDK how the situation came up but we started talking about the upstairs and Megan said I haven’t seen any upstairs in a while. My mom said why doesn’t somebody go show her what we’ve done to the upstairs and I immediately said that I will. We immediately looked at each other and she had a big smile on her face and so did I. Everybody else went into the garage while we headed upstairs and she flaunted her ass at me through those tight jeans. I slapped it on my way up and she let out a giggle before we went in my room. We heard the door shut which means everybody else was outside and I threw her onto my bed. She laughed and I smiled as I ripped her jeans off. She immediately ripped off my sports shorts and started sucking my dick. It was the best feeling ever. she started gagging and choking on it and tearing up and it was awesome. I had no choice but to reach over and smack that fat ass that she has. After about three minutes of her sucking my cock I flipped her over and we started doing doggy. Where ass was so nice when I was fucking her it kept clapping and it was the sexiest thing ever she was moaning the whole time. After about only 30 seconds of me pounding her tight little pussy she squirted all over. She laughed with tears in her eyes as I lay down my back and she got on top of me. She put my cock in her pussy and started riding me cowgirl it felt awesome. Only about a minute later she scored it again all over my dick while she was riding me. Couple minutes later she got up turned around and started riding me reverse cowgirl. I was rubbing and smacking her ass the whole time I couldn’t help it. After about 2 and 1/2 minutes of reverse cowgirl I was ready to cum. I stood up on the carpet while she was sitting on my bed with her tongue out, mouth wide open. This is a vision I’ve only dreamed of as I sprayed my huge load all over her pretty face and on her tongue. No surprise she sucked every last drop out of my cock like little whore she is. There was no doubt in either of our minds that we would keep doing this a lot.

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