A wife tempted to fuck her brother-in-law

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A wife tempted to fuck her brother-in-law, As I lie there approaching yet another orgasm I can’t help but reflect with complete disbelief that I am in this situation. I have my brother-in-law’s cock in my mouth fucking my face roughly whilst his brother, my husband, is cleaning my well-fucked pussy, that has two of his brother’s loads slowly oozing out, with his tongue.

As the most powerful orgasm ever begins to take control of my body I feel, at the age of 52, more alive at that moment than I ever have in my life.



I think I had better tell you how I got into such a sexy, slutty, dirty predicament.

I am Jayne. I am, as I have already mentioned, 52. I am five foot six with long blonde hair and quite slim with a relatively toned athletic body. I work hard to combat the onslaught of age.

I am married to Dave. He is six foot and sort of thin with greying hair. Dave is 51.

About four hours ago we arrived at a very swanky hotel for Dave’s parents’ golden wedding anniversary. It was a plush affair; lots of champagne and high class canapés.

I always felt uncomfortable at these big family events for two main reasons. Firstly Dave’s parents believe the lie that I have prevented them from having grandchildren. They believe that I have refused to get pregnant. I have always been happy to hide the truth that Dave is ‘firing blanks’ to save his embarrassment. The downside is that his family have never really accepted me into their family circle so I always feel like an outsider. I accept this to support my husband.

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Secondly is Dave’s obnoxious younger brother John. He is also six foot but he is very muscular and athletic. He is also only 30. Dave’s parents thought they could not have another child after Dave and so they felt very blessed when, six months after their first child had left home, they fell pregnant again. Since then John has very much been their number one son.

John has always creeped me out. When I first started dating Dave he was fourteen and kept on staring at me whenever we visited the family nest. As he grew a little older he would start to ‘accidentally’ burst into whatever room I was in just at the moment I was getting changed so that he could see me in a semi-undressed state. I never told Dave as I did not want to cause a fuss and put him in a difficult position. Maybe that was mistake.

Anyway, John is the only one who knows the truth about why we have never had kids and he uses this information at every opportunity. Over the last five or six years he has obnoxiously and mercilessly made fun of Dave about it whenever they meet. He has also started to get a tiny bit physical with me. When no-one is looking he will grab my ass or my tits for a split second and whisper something crude in my ear; usually something about how he would have no problem making me pregnant.

I feel helpless in these situations. I cannot complain as it would cause a scene and no-one in the family would believe me as their golden boy can do no wrong and I am the cold bitch who refuses to give Dave children. So I suck it up and try to ignore it.

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