My mom fuck by worker

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Friend i m back …. I m abhi kumar presenting a new story of my mom minati…. Who is widow and fuck by a worker ..

Now discription of my mom her name is minati Paul a bengoli women …. You all know bengoli women r so sexy… Same way my mom has a sape of 36 28 40 perfect sexy figer boobs r good in size and but round and her ass… Uffff when she walk Market all man look after her ass
Mom use to wear saree which is below her nevel and sleveless blouse … Mom always cleen her under arm to wear hot deep blouse … 50 % of clivage can be seen


Now back to story at that time I was completing my gaduation…. Kolkata college … We live in a house outside of city not much population .
Out house we have 4 rooms and a bathroom and we’ll is in little distance ….. Near our house a iron cutting workshope is there …. Abhit 16 17 people work there

In my family my dad died 3 year age so we got a good ammount in L I C so mom use tho do tailering and i do part time job …. Life is going good…

One day mom told me she want to have a smart phone so we oder one
Mom use to busy … In that making video reel and happy … One fine day i say at night i m going toward bathroom … A sound caming from mom room
I saw mom lift her nighty and she finger her pussy eyes open watching porn in mobile ….
And she sound like ummmmmmmm ufffff fuck me….. Ahhhhh … She was continually licking her pussy..
Her pussy is black and hairy …thn after few time she slept…
I matrubate and went to sleep…

Next day i woke up and saw the workshop is extending his area so huge iron piller put near our well in there boundary ….. And they r making basic stucture of rooms by using iron rods
So a lot of sound comming due to that… Mom got irritate and went to our stairs and at roof … Mom try to look what they r doing …
So at a very distance they r cutting there rods … Mom does not find any one to stop this sound..
At that moment mom from the top saw bathroom were worker took bath …. There a wel build man bathing …(bathroom there is no roof it is open from the top) so mom can esyly see the bathroom..
So the man was bathing naked and mom was just going to call him and complain him but before that … Mom saw the that work while bathing took her long dark hairy penish which coung be 9 inch…. And top of the penis is is huge …mom stop fro the moment ..and start eating
The worker first clean her penigh ther wash her body and put oil on his penigh start massaging and the cock became full hard … Ager a long time mom saw a full ejected penish which is black in colour … Mom bit her lips and start pinching her nipples….nipples got hard ….
Thn worked looked up and got shocked and said … What the hell r u doing by covering his penish…
Mom with embarrassing situation said I was here to say… What loud soung comming from workshop plz …. Do don’t make large soung i m getting head pain
.. worker i will inform my co worker… Not to be loud
Thn mom came back… But mom was so excited she went to bathroom … And start fingering and then she took bath and came back…
Next day
At the same time mom intentionally went to our roof to see the worker …. And again worker is bathing this time …. Worker with his thif eye saw mom but pretend not to see her and he took her penish out start oiling it… And he sit in such away thatmom could see her full ejected pending and was start mastrubat … Mom was enjoying the view of worker penish and his hairy body… Chest … Mom was now pinching her nipple and press her boobs little … And give soft morn ..

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