My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 4

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Thank you for all your messages, please read the previous part so you can enjoy better…

I went to my bathroom and jerked off again. I was very happy that I was able to eat her pussy and ass. Neetu too enjoyed it and wanted it more often. Surely lady luck was shining on me bringing my fantasy closer to reality.

I put the hall camera on live, she was talking to Raja on the phone saying “darling come quickly, I want to enjoy with you again”. The door bell rang within 10 minutes and she ran to the door. I switched to the entrance room cameras, when Neetu opened the door Raja froze looking at her.

She pulled him inside closing the door and both locked in a smooch. After the kiss he was still digesting her sexiness and said “dear, you read my mind. I always fantasised you dressed like this and you made my fantasy come true”.

He was dressed in a bright printed pant shirt and she was already rubing his crotch. She took his hand and went to her bedroom and sat on the bed. I switched to her two bedroom cameras to continue watching.

Raja said “your son was going to be at home all day, how did you manage to send him out”? She said “darling he is still at home busy working in his room on the second floor”. Raja stood up in shock saying “are you mad calling me home while he is around “?

She said “darling don’t worry, he will only come when I call him for lunch, so we have 2 hours to enjoy”. She unzipped his pant taking out his semi erect cock which was still quite big. She pushed him on the bed and knelt between his legs sucking his cock.

Neetu was deep throating his big cock and he was soon fully erect. She pulled her panties to the side getting on top and started riding his cock in her pussy. She said “Raja since you left today morning my pussy has been on fire longing for your cock”.

While she was riding him he held her waist thrusting from below. He said “dear you should have let me fuck you much earlier, how much we could have enjoyed all these years”. Neetu said “forget the past and fuck me now”.

He tried to unbutton her top and she herself removed it. He said “your big bouncing boobs are driving me crazy”, he cupped them over her bra pulling her towards him. He tried to open her bra and with some effort managed to remove it.

He was sucking her nipples while she continued jumping on his cock. After a long while he stopped and lay her down. He removed all his clothes and knelt between her legs. He put his mouth to her pussy eating her while his hands massaged her boobs.

Neetu was moaning loudly and he tried to cover her mouth to silence her. She removed his hand and said “don’t worry, no one can hear us”. He continued eating her for a long while and she trembled like crazy with another orgasm.

He mounted her pushing his cock in her pussy saying “the door is open, your son is around and I am fucking you, this is so thrilling”. She said “fuck me harder with your cock”. He went full speed fucking her for a long time.

He got her on her knees pushing his cock in her pussy from behind. He resumed fucking her with powerful strokes rocking her body with every stroke. Her big boobs were swinging like pendulums in rhythm with his thrusts.

He continued for another ten minutes saying “dear I am going to cum”. She said “darling cum in my mouth”. They switched positions and he pushed his cock in her mouth. This time too he released a big load which she swallowed without spilling a drop.

Neetu made him lie on her bed and got in 69 making him eat her pussy while she started sucking his cock again. Raja said “dear, don’t you want some rest before doing again”. Neetu said “we have less than 1.5hrs left and I am not satisfied yet”.

I was surprised seeing her so eager for more without rest. I knew Raja can do three times back to back like he did this morning. But this was his second time today in a gap of four hours so I was curious. Neetu continued sucking his cock while Raja was tongue fucking her ass.

He said “dear you seem to have specially prepared for me”. She paused sucking and asked “why darling”. He said “today morning when I fucked you there was lots of hair on your pussy and ass. Now they are shining clean, even your legs are looking so sexy”.

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