Newspaper article brings Ben & his mother together

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Mom and son incest stories, Newspaper article brings Ben & his mother together, “Hey, look at this.”

I had been idly scanning the columns of the Saturday newspaper over breakfast and had come across an article with some pictures of a woman and a young guy.


“Look at what?” mum asked glancing up from her plate of cereal.

“I’ll read it to you.”

“If you must,” mum said, reaching out for a slice of toast.

“It says here, ‘Thirty three year old Josephine Taylor was sentenced to two years imprisonment for engaging in sexual intercourse with her son aged fourteen. Ms. Taylor is pregnant, her son being the father. The son who has been taken into State care says he loves her and they will get back together again when she comes out of prison.’ What do you make of that?”

“Is she married?”

I scanned the rest of the story.

“She was but the marriage broke up two years ago.”

Mum crunched on the slice and in a slightly toast muffled voice said, “Its bit hard on her being sent to prison when she’s pregnant.”

“What else could the judge do? All the stuff that’s in the news these days about incest, I suppose he didn’t want to appear to be too lenient.”

“Yes, you could be right…crunch.”

“You know mum, I think this is the first case of incest between a mother and son I’ve ever read about. It’s always about men and their daughters and usually seems to involve violence and abuse. Do you think it happens often between mothers and sons?”

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“I don’t know; perhaps mother and son incest is hushed up. I wonder how they got caught?”

“It doesn’t say. Perhaps they made it too obvious, or maybe the son told one of his mates, you know boasting, and word got around. Anyway, it seems neither of them denied it when they were questioned. Have a look at her picture.”

I handed the paper to mum who studied it for a few moments then said, “She’s quite nice looking, don’t you think.”

“Yes, and he looks older than fourteen. What do you think about it mum?”

“About what?”

“About those two…about incest.”

She brushed some crumbs from her housecoat and looked thoughtful.

“Well, it’s against the law, and the religious people say…”

“Yes, but what do you think?”

“It all depends.”

“On what?”

“Well, if it’s done in love…you know…if it’s…it’s between consenting adults – oh, but he isn’t an adult is he.”

She took another slice of toast and smeared some marmalade on it.

“You don’t seem to think it’s so bad.”

“Well look at the situation; it sounds like the two of them were on their own, she probably didn’t have a man around the place, and he’s at that stage in life where he…where he…you know.”

“Where he gets horny just thinking about a female?”

“Yes, but you needn’t put it so crudely.”

“Who do you think did the asking?”

“Crunch…crunch. Well, if I were to take a guess probably she did. Perhaps he fancied her and she could see he did and she…she…”

“Had the hots for him?”

“Yes, if you must put it that way. I read somewhere that sons often have fantasies about their mothers and…”

“Sigmund Freud,” I interrupted.

“All right Mr. University Bright Boy, if you say so; but what I was going to say was, mothers sometimes have…er… feelings about their sons…oh damn…”

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