My Father in law

Working as a dancer i always had back pain and i would get pain pills from my father in law when he hot them in every month.

I had been hurting for days when he called to tell me he had his meds. He asked how many and I told him he then said you can come by and pick them whenever but I suggest today before they are gone. I told him I would be by in about an hour and he said that was fine but if waited any longer then he may not have them.

As I pulled up and honked like normal he opened the door and waved for me to come in. As I walked in the door he stepped over to his bedroom and asked me again how many. I then told him again as he counted them out into a bottle. He held the bottle up instead of just taking the cash and handing me the pills. He kinda smirked at me and said if you want these your gonna have to give me something I want.

I told him I have the cash to which he replied I want something else. I asked him what he was wanting. You know my little friend i normally trade she got arrested the other night so about this.
He gave me a choice either head, a hand job fucking him or letting him go downon me while he jacked off.
I stared at him and I said No i have the cash and he stated either give me what I want or go home empty handed and hurting.

I thought for a minute and figured the fastest least intrusive thing would be letting him go down on me. I said fine you can eat my pussy.

He said while I jack off. I said yes while you jack off.
I told him it would have to be quick because I needed to get home. He said then you should be dropping your pants and sitting on the bed.
I grabbed the bottle from him so I knew I had them I took one as I sit down on the bed. As I went to lay back I undid my pants. Before i could He began pulling at my pants and panties as I was trying to prop up to pull them down. He pulled a blanket over and told me to fold it up under my butt saying he needed my ass higher. I folded it up and As I stuffed the blanket under my butt he pulled at my pants and panties. He took them completely off and threw them on the bed beside me before sitting back and undoing his pants. After undoing the button he stood up in front of me to drop his pants to his ankles. His cock was already half hard. He was uncut about 8 inches so he didnt need any lube to jack off.
Before squatting back down on his knees in between my legs he said are you sure you don’t want to suck my dick instead. I said No it was him eating my pussy or nothing at all. He said fine and got down on his knees dick in hand. He said open up your legs more so I can get to that little tight pussy.

I bent my legs up putting my feet on the edge of the bed and spread my legs wider.
He smiled and said try to keep it down wouldn’t want neighbors hearing you. I thought no problem but didn’t say anything.

He lowered his face down into my legs and started licking and sucking on my pussy. I flinched as he did this so he wrapped his free hand under my legs up onto my hip pulling me closer. Caused my feet to come off the bed onto his shoulders. He continued to forcefully hold my hip as he began eating my pussy. I could see his other arm moving so I knew he was massaging his cock. He was rocking back and forth and pushing his head and face into my pussy. As his arousal rose his speed and intensity became more forceful. And i came. He was running his tongue up and down my pussy in and out of my tiny little hole as i came again. I could hear him grunting and slurping as his breathing got hotter and heavier.
I could tell by the forcefulness of his tongue and mouth to he was getting close to coming as he was trying to make me get off again.

. He began tensing he was losing grip of my hip. He released my hip and moved his arm out from under my leg. I felt his hand come up the inside of my leg. He reached up and began rubbing on my clit before sucking on my clit and inserting his finger inside of me. I tensed as he did this and he started moving his finger inside of me. Making me climax again I could tell he was enjoying this because his other arm was pumping his shaft faster and harder. His grunting and breathing became harder more labored as he came. He sit back on his floor and said thanks as he wiped his face. Just love how your sweet juice taste when you cum.
As he moved back away from me I grabbed my pants and panties putting them back on. I stood to pull them up to leave and he put his hand out in front of me and said here. He handed me a few more pills and said see you next time.

It’s been almost a month since I seen him. He called last night to let me know he would have his meds in couple days. A few days later he called and told me to come by and pick up the meds I wanted but would have to be within the hour.
I told him I would send someone over and he said No you come yourself.

So a few minutes later I headed over to his apartment. Upon arrival I honked and he came to door and opened it then walked away.
I already knew he was going to want me to come inside. I already know he is gonna want to do something with me . As I put the car in park killed it the excitement of doing something im not supposed to with the chance of getting caught did really turn me on and excite me but i would never let e.c. know that. My pussy was already alittle wet as I got out.

As I walked in he said come on in. He was sitting on his bed and stood as I walked in.i was starting to wonder if you were going to come in or not. He grabbed his meds and asked how many I answered he put them in a baggy and said now for what I want. I have the money right here. Come on denise you already know if i wanted the money i would have came outside and got it. You know i want something besides money.
I said I have to hurry and get back so he would have to wait. He said okay well come back and get them when you have more time if I still have them.

I asked him just what was he wanting and he said well last month i gave you head so how about you give me head and then we are gonna fuck to. I said no can do and he said either you want them or you don’t if not then that’s fine but I will also be telling my son what has already happened. So yes or no? I just stared at him. Look e.c. i dont have time to do both right now.

He smiles and said i get one or the other and you get half the pills. You come back when you have more time and do the other you get the other half.

I finally agreed and he said you can sit on the bed. I said you have to hurry I do have to get home. He stepped up in front of me and unzipped his pants reached in and pulled his dick out. I didnt like his dick it had foreskin. He put it to my mouth but when I didn’t open he said thought you had to hurry and wanted those pills.

He pushed is cock up against my lips harder until I opened my mouth. As i did he pushed his head into my mouth and He began moving back in front and pumping his dick in and out of my mouth. I put my hand up to brace against him so he couldnt try push his whole dick in my mouth. He continued fucking my mouth for what seemed forever. He stopped moving and told me to use my tounge and suck. I did as he said.
Oh yeah just like that keep doing that. He started pumping his cock back and forth i could taste the precum on my tounge and knew it wouldnt be much longer. I wrapped my hand around his cock and started pumping him as i sucked. A few minutes later he came in my mouth before stepping back and removing himself from my mouth. He said dam denise your good john sure is lucky. I pushed him out of the way ran to his bathroom and spit his cum in the sink.

When i came back in the room he handed me the baggy with half the pills. Now you come see me when you want the rest.

After dancing all week my back was killing me and i knew i wanted the rest of those pills but i also knew i would have to fuck him to get them.

I needed a reason to leave the house without john going with me so I told john i needed to go by and see my granny for alittle while and he told me bye.

Okey i didnt want to be at e.c’s place longer than i had to he had to many people come over.
I stopped and called him to make sure he was home and still had the pills which he was and said he did. Told him i was on my way.
Parked the car and knocked on the door. He answers smiling ear to ear. Come on in here.
I see you found some time. I tell him to shut up and this better not take long.

We walk over to his bed as stands in front of me he reaches out unbuttons my pants. Starts pushing them and my panties down.
I step out of them and
He turned me around and push forward on the bed. He told me to stay on my knees.

I heard him spit on his hand then felt his wet cock against my lips trying to push inside of me.. It took a  few tries before he was able to force inside. Before I even knew he started pumping in and out of my pussy. It hurt i told him im not even wet yet but he was listening and when I tried to move he stopped me. I attempted to pull away but it just made him pull me back by my hips and his cock slide in deeper. I was afraid he was going to bruise me. I stopped trying to move because it just made him ram inside me harder which hurt. Stop a fucking minute e.c he stops and says you said to hurry up. You have to let me get wet asshole. He starts moving slower After a few minutes i began getting wetter, he pushes his 8 inches all the way inside me and he began moving thrusting faster and harder. And i came as he rammed into me. His grunts and groans were only exasperated by his heavy panting. He pushed in deep as he could holding still As he began pulsing and throbbing inside me his body tensed. He told me he was about to come then thrusted back and forth a couple more times before pushing back inside me deep. I could feel his cock head swelling up and i told him not to cum inside me but it was to late i felt his first shoot as he grunted pulling my hips back against him. He held me in place till his cock strated going soft then he stepped back. I felt his cum coming out and ran past him saying ass hole as i washed up in the bathroom.
I pulled my pants and panties back on and went to leave. He handed me the baggy and said I added a few exfra thanks for coming by see ya next time.

I sat in the car took a pill and told my self i needed to find another way to get these pills cause i would not be coming back here.

The month flies by fast and i had no luck finding someone else to get the pills from. Ofcourse e.c calls and says he got his in today and if i wanted them to come get them. I wondered what he was gonna want this time.
I tell john i was going to pick them up and then go take granny to the storehouse. He didnt care.

I get to e.c’s and knock and this young looking Mexican girl opens the door. I ask for ec and steps up behind her. This is megan come on in.

Dont worry about her cone in if you want the pills. I sit on the bed. Megan just looks me up and down. She tells ec ok shes cute.
He ask me how many i was wanting and i tell him. He counts out the pills and then keeps counting. An extra 30.
He says all these are yours. I ask him and how much. He smiles and says well i figure lets say my dick sucked till i cum, you eat her she eats you and i fuck you both.

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