Mother, sister, and brother satisfy each other

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Mother, sister, and brother satisfy each other, Maybe to some people, what we’re doing it’s wrong, I don’t care!

It works for us — we like it; it feels good and as far as we’re concerned, that’s all that matters.


No one is forced to do anything they don’t want to do; we’re grown adults for Christ sakes! There’s no hassle about sex in our lives and there are some definite advantages to what we do.

Anyway, let me go back a little and tell you how it all started.

About two years ago I had some pretty serious financial problems and I had to move back home with my mother. Mother’s name is Julia (and she prefers to be called that). She’s a widow and she has a large home that has five bedrooms, a big living room, a family room, a game room and an outdoor swimming pool that she tried to use almost every day to swim laps. She’d lived in the house alone for at least five years before I asked her if I could move in until I got things back together she said that she’d be glad for the company.

I always wondered why she never went out much; for a woman her age she was still good looking and took good care of herself. Her obsession about swimming every day showed in her slim body. There were a lot of subtle indications that she was very sexual when she was younger but naturally we never really talked about it.

Sometimes in the mornings she’d wear nothing more than a long T-shirt and sandals. The T-shirt covered everything but it was pretty obvious that she wasn’t wearing anything under it. I admit that a couple of times, as she moved around the kitchen, she bent over a little too far or sat at the table before crossing her legs and I could feel myself getting a mild hard on; but I always managed to hide it.

After I’d been living with her for a few months we’d gotten into a pretty good routine of living our own lives, and not bothering each other.

One Friday night I’d been reading in bed before going to sleep. I had a hard time concentrating on my book because I was horny. It was late and I put my book on the bedside table before turning off the light. I lay on the bed trying to decide whether I wanted to jack off or just go to sleep and jack-off in the morning. I remember thinking about a woman at work and I was trying to imagine what she’d look like naked. The more I thought about it, naturally, my cock started to get hard and in moments it was fully erect. I’d stroked it a few times then stopped so things would slow down a little before I’d start stroking it again. I always sleep in the nude. I pulled the bedcovers back so there was plenty of room for my cock to stand up. I lay there playing with my hard cock just because it felt good. I still hadn’t made up my mind if I was going to jack off or not but very soon I started to imagine what it would be like to fuck the same woman at work that I’d been thinking about. I closed my eyes and imagined her lying on my bed with her legs spread and her pussy wide open as I got between her legs so I could push my cock into her sex-hole and we could fuck.

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