Mom sees a sleepwalking specialist and sparks fly – Part 6

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I wasn’t so tied to Dad’s departure the next morning. I was taking my car because Dad was taking the afternoon off to take Mom to see Dr. Jaffrey about her sleepwalking episodes. Dad was going out the door when I came down the stairs. I sat down on a barstool and Mom pushed a cup of coffee across the bar. I took a sip and it was too hot. Mom caught an ice-cube from the refrigerator ice dispenser and dropped in my cup.

Mom put her elbows on the bar and intentionally let her robe separate. She grinned when I looked down at her exposed tits. As always, my dick reacted and pushed hard against my zipper. Mom didn’t bother to check. She reached inside her robe and pushed her big tits together and pulled them up to her lips. I groaned and pushed my erection to my left hip.

I was a little surprised that Mom was feeling so frisky this morning considering she was going to see a doctor that afternoon for her sleepwalking and the things she does. I would have expected that she would be a little tense about it. She didn’t seem to be though.

Mom grinned at me and said, “If you didn’t have to get off to work soon, I’d be inclined to get you off.” I chuckled at her phrasing. I asked what time Dad was picking her up to go see the doctor. She said that he would pick her up at twelve-thirty for a one-thirty appointment. I took a long sip off my coffee cup. Mom pulled her robe back together and leaned back against the edge of the sink.

I said, “Are you nervous about today?”

Mom said, “A little bit. I know the doctor is going to want to talk about why I want to engage in sexual activities with whomever interrupts my sleepwalking. Have you ever stopped me at night and then I did something sexual to you?”

I was honest with her because we have a sexual relationship now. I said, “A few times, but only once at night. When Dad was gone, you didn’t have an episode at night. You did have some during the day though.” That information seemed to rock her a little. No one had said anything about day time sleepwalking to her. I wasn’t surprised, I was probably the only one who was around when she had one. I told her about the times on her bed and in the bathroom and the one at night when she gave me a tit job and then Dad caught up with her and she did the same to him.

She grinned at me and said, “Wow. That sounds pretty hot. I’m sorry I missed it.” We both laughed. I had to go and I finished my coffee and Mom came around the bar and hugged and kissed me. “Don’t worry about me Dex. We’ll still be able to get our fun when the time is right. You’ve got something going with June and Julie anyway and you need a nice girlfriend.” I smiled because I had one in mind.

I commented on how it looked like she and Dad were closer. She smiled and said, “Your father is being very supportive with this crisis, as he calls it. He hasn’t been like this for a long time. He’s even initiating sex.”

I laughed and said, “So I heard last night. I was wishing it was with me.”

Mom laughed and said, “You little pervert. I was wishing the same thing. It’s not that your father is a bad lover, because he isn’t. This new job weighs heavy on him and his interest is waning. He has never paid much attention to what I want in bed.” I got the sense that she was going to go on, so I kissed her in a long tongue searching embrace and then I told her good luck with the doctor this afternoon. I waved as I drove off.

At eleven o’clock, I was at my desk, pecking away on my computer when there was a soft knock on my open door. Sylvia was standing at the doorway until I invited her in. I offered her a seat but she declined. She said, “I only stopped by to tell you that your father has been on the phone all morning talking with corporate big-shots. They are going to continue at one o’clock to discuss his negotiations last week. He asked me to ask you if you could take your mother to her doctor’s appointment in his place?” I hope it’s nothing serious.”

I said, “Sure, I can do that. It’s nothing serious but it’s hard to get appointments and she was lucky to get this one.” I leaned back against my chair.

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