Son fucks mom with his friend – part-1

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My mom Ramya is 44 old busty lady whose hips and navel like actress Tamanna. I’m Saran 21 year old guy studying in college in other city with a college friend. I usually go to my home during study holidays. As I wasn’t well, she and my dad came to see me. I introduced my parents to my friend Rajan. He continuously kept seeing my mom parts. As I was sick i didn’t ask him. My parents went then I got well and asked him 2 days later.

Me: You idiot, I noticed you were seeing my mom boobs ass and hips. How dare you
Rajan: Common man relax, she is sexy.. isn’t she ? She had awesome parts what’s wrong in seeing it ? She shows side hips and wearing transparent saree below her navel just to expose her navel and let others see it. So I’m enjoying it.
Me: It doesn’t mean you can see it.
Rajan: I will, do whatever you want. I will see as long as she shows. If you want you too see it.

We let it off. She came again with dad to check if I’m alright. I was sitting in floor. As her purse fell on group she bent to take it, me and Rajan looking at her big melons covered with blouse and I seen her slim hips. Rajan noticed I’m watching her assets. He smiled at me. My parents left.

Rajan: You fucker, that day you spoke so much, but you are seeing your mom boobs and hips with lust.

Me: Yes yar, as you said it’s sexy.

Rajan: Oh yeah it’s great to see her assets covered with dress, how awesome it will be so good if we see her nude.

Me: Yeah I’m getting hard. I want to see her nude too.

Rajan: It will be great if we get a chance to see her nude and fuck her.

Me: What ??? Fucking my mom ? How dare you say this.

Rajan: Don’t act idiot. I know you are interested in her and willing to fuck her. I have an idea, if you are ok we shall fuck her.

Me: Oh yeah go on.

Rajan: I will call your mom and say that you are not well again. You act like you are feeling very cold. Make her sit beside you and hold her hand.

Me: Ok then ?

Rajan: Still say you are feeling very cold and shake your body like you are freezing. I will create tense situation by saying if it continues he will get drowsy and health will be worse. I will also act like giving you heat.

Me: Then ?

Rajan: I will act like calling doctor and after call I will tell her that he needs should stop shivering within 5 minutes else he will go to unconscious. She will get tensed then.

Me: How will she fuck then ?

Rajan: This is where I will make her to fuck you. In the tended time I will tell her that the only way to stop your son shivering is through transfer of heat through body to body. You keep act as shivering. She will have no option then.

Me: Wow wonderful idea

Rajan: It’s your talent to continue it. I will tell her to have sex with you so her heat can be transferred to you.

Me: Nice idea. When shall we execute it ?

Rajan: Did you call your mom today morning ?

Me: No

Rajan: Let’s execute now then.

Rajan calling my mom and said

Rajan: Hi aunt, Saran is not well from this morning. If possible can you come aunt ?

Mom: Oh what happened ? Ok I will come with his dad by evening.

Rajan: Can you come quickly aunt he needs your support.

Mom: Ok I will come alone now, let his dad come evening and we will stay there.

Rajan: Ok aunt I will inform to Saran.

Rajan turned to me and signalled me that my mom is coming alone now. Distance between my room and home is just 3 hours travel. I can’t wait to fuck her.

Rajan: Once you done fucking her, I will fuck her too.

Me: Yeah you can fuck her if she agrees. I have no issues.

Rajan: If she agreed ??? Then I will tell her that I will give heat transfer to you along with her.

Me: What ??? Ok relax dude. How can I say her to fuck you ? Say some idea.

Rajan: In the process of your mom giving you heat, I will tell her that if I can touch her more head will be transferred to you.

Me: Ok done. Let’s fuck her.

Mom came as planned I acted as I’m having severe shivering. She was wearing blue transparent saree. Her navel is well visible in it.

Mom: Saran my son what happened to you ?

Me: I don’t know I’m feeling very cold.

Spoke with shivering

Mom: Rajan what happened to him ?

Rajan: I don’t know aunt he was not well from morning.

Mom: Don’t worry Saran mom will be with you.

Me: Hold my hands mom

Mom: Rajan did you give him any tablets ?

Rajan: No aunt.

I kept acting as shivering getting high. Mon got tensed seeing this.

Mom: He is shivering a lot now.

Rajan: Oh my god, wait my brother is a doctor I will call him up.

He kept his phone in ears without calling anyone. He gave shocking reactions while on call.

Rajan: Aunt my brother said that if he don’t stop shivering in 5 minutes from severe then he will feel drowsy and goes unconscious.

Mom started crying and felt tensed. She constantly rubbing her hands with my hands.

Mom: I don’t know what to do. Let’s take him to hospital.

Rajan: But there is no hospital within 5 minutes aunt.

Mom: Oh no. I want to save Saran. I don’t know what to do.

Rajan: My brother said one idea, but I don’t know if you will do.

Mom: I will do anything tell me what your brother said.

Rajan: To stop shivering he said our body heat should be transferred to Saran.

Mom: I’m rubbing his hands for heat transfer only.

Rajan: My brother said body to body heat transfer is best to stop shivering.

Mom: Ok I will hug him tightly. Let my body heat transfer to him.

Rajan: Body heat won’t be transferred if we hug with clothes aunt.

Mom: I don’t have issues to hug Saran without any clothes but you are here.

Rajan: Aunt let’s both give our body heat to Saran and save him.

Rajan started undressing saying this. Looking this mom said

Mom: Rajan you are very good friend. You are doing everything you can to save my son.

My mindvoice “yeah bitch he doing everything so we can enjoy your body”

Rajan: No time to speak aunt let’s transfer our heat.

Hearing this mom started undressing. I’m enjoying this feast of her undressing without blinking eyes.

As Rajan undressed before my mom starts undressing, he removed my dress quickly. By the time he undressed me, she was standing with just blouse and petticoat. He helped her remove clothes by unhooking her blouse, petticoat, bra and panty.

We are all nude now. Mom looked me and Rajan looked my mom.

Rajan: Common aunt, let your body touch his body.

Mom: I am doing all this for my son. Sorry Saran.

My mindvoice “No sorry, I should thank you for this”.

She came near to me, I’m really getting shivering and feeling heat because of her.

Rajan: Start kissing him aunt, that will give him good heat. Then let your whole body touches his. I will help too.

My mom started kissing me in forehead cheeks nose eyes and she paused a second before kissing in my lips.

Rajan: Good aunt keep kissing in lips.

I was lying on bed she is bending down and kissing me.

Rajan: Saran out your hands on aunt body it will give you heat.

I turned to her and placed my hands in her boobs. Her eyes became wide but she kept kissing me in lips.

Rajan on the back was smooching my legs just for acting as he is helping. He slowly came up and kept his hands in my mom hips and said

Rajan: Sorry aunt, this will give you my heat and you can give more heat to Saran.

She was silent hearing this, meaning she agreed to let him place his hands on her hips.

I slowly started pressing her boobs one by one. Rajan noticed it and indirectly said

Rajan: Saran move your hands and give moment to your hands wherever you place. Don’t just keep it without any movement.

I then pressed both her boobs continuously. My mom started getting mood now but couldn’t expose it.

Rajan: Aunt sleep on top of him.

My mom lay herself on top of me. My cock was already erected. She slept on me and I hugged her tight and placed my hands around her waist.

Me: Mom it feels heaven to me now.

Mom: I love you son.

Rajan: Saran we are saving you. Please put your whole body into your mom so her heat will be transferred to you.

Mom: Help me Rajan, is that not the reason you are here ?

Rajan: As you are lying on Saran let me put my hands on your body aunt.

He started kissing her foot and came to kissing her knee and thighs. I’m pressing her hips at this time. She is feeling my cock between her legs. Her big melons were crushing my chest. Rajan kissing her back thighs.

With all these mom couldn’t control her sexual mood and started moaning with low voice. Hearing her moan, Rajan came up and placed his hands in her ass and started squeezing it. She is enjoying his touch. Rajan signalled me to keep my hands in her ass and let him squeeze her boobs from top of her. I allowed it as same and kept my hands in her ass and squeezed it.

Rajan: Aunt I will sit on top and help you.

Mom was silent. He put his hands in between my chest and mom boobs so he can get hold of her boobs. As expected he got her full melons in his hands and started squeezing it. With his hand movement I can sense how hard he is squeezing her boobs.

In thrust of mood I spanked my mom ass. She shouted and I said sorry mom. Out of cold I did. She nod her head. I put my right finger into her ass hold slightly. She shake her head but I kept it moving inside. Once it went in, I slowly moved my single finger in and around her ass hole. She was aroused. I took back immediately. I signalled Rajan to stop and move away so I can make my mom sit on my cock.

He moved aside, I placed my hands in her armpits and lifted her. Rajan helped my mom to bend her knee.

She was confused what we are doing and looking me and him.

Rajan: Aunt let him inside you, no heat transfer is higher than sex.

She was shocked hearing this.

Rajan: See Saran shivering reduced little now. He will be better if you allow him to let his penis inside you. Remember aunt it’s to save him.

She agreed in order to save me. She bent her knees and was about to sit on my cock. I can’t believe if it’s true or dream.

She made herself comfortable and adjusted my cock to let it go inside her pussy.

Wow my cock went into her pussy slowly and I felt her soft smooth pussy. Rajan was smiling from her back.

Rajan: Aunt can you move up and down.

Mom nod her head and slowly moved her body up and down.

Rajan kept his hands on her shoulder saying that he is supporting her for balance.

I was seeing a view of bouncing melons and her mangalsutra was jumping to her right and left boobs.

Rajan slowly moved his hands down and placed in her boobs again and squeezed it. She lifted her head up. I spank her both ass saying

Me: Mom I feel good if I spank your ass.

She is silently enjoying.

I told Rajan to take off his hands signalling it’s my turn to enjoy her. He took off his hands.

I put my hands in my mom shoulder and pulled her towards me. She is almost fell on me. I took back my hands and placed in her both boobs. Started pressing it and squeezing it hard while fucking.

She moaned and I pulled her further and took her nipples in my mouth. Wow it was smooth and sweet. I licked and sucked her both nipples one by one. Meantime pressed her boob too.

I sucked her nipples for around 10 minutes then made her fall on my completely. I lifted my legs and was hitting her back and forth. She is moaning heavily now. I speed it up.

Mom: Oh Saran youuuu areeee makinggg meeee… I don’t know if this is correct…

I kept speed up

Mom: Keep doing I like it… Don’t stop son…

Rajan now came near to my head and kept rubbing his cock in my mom mouth. She opened her mouth and took in his cock and sucking.

She kept sucking for 5 minutes.

Me: Rajan take off your cock from my mom mouth.

Rajan: Why ? She is enjoying let her do.

Me: I’m gonna turn her down

Mom and Rajan thought I’m done fucking her.

Part 2 to be continued

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