Men Now My Wife 1st time sex story

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Zu's gripped Muz like a silken vise as he began to move, slowly at first, then with increasing urgency as her moans and sighs spurred him on. The sensations were indescribable, better than anything he had imagined. He grabbed her hips, plunging into her with powerful strokes, possessed by a primal need to claim her as his own. Her nails raked down his back, urging him to thrust harder and faster.

Hours passed in a haze of and sensuality, exploring new peaks of ecstasy together and shattering one another's innocence. Muz whispered things in Zu's ear to intensify her pleasure, lightly her behind from time to time. Her oozed with honey, allowing Muz to slide into her depths with ease now and pound into her with wild abandon.

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When he could no longer hold back his climax, they came together in a frenzy of passion, screaming each other's names. Utterly spent, they lay entwined, waiting for their pounding hearts to slow. Again and again, their arousal would ignite, and they would join as one, no longer nervous virgins but eager consumed by a hunger only the other could satisfy.

They woke the next morning with radiant smiles, wrapped in a tender embrace. Their had been consummated at last, in an outpouring of love and lust they would always remember. A lifetime of exploration lay before them, and as Muz gazed into Zu's eyes, he knew that no matter what came next, they would face it together – two souls now bound as one for eternity.

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