Man moves in with girlfriend’s family – meets her hot Mom.

Both of my parents were obese and lazy. They were self-centered and never cared much about me, their only son. Our trailer was always dirty and in need of repair and growing up, food, apart from beer, chips, and Twinkies, was always scarce. As a teen, the desire to be nothing like my parents and to get as far away from them as possible had pushed me to learn to eat well and to work out. In high school I had excelled academically and physically. These factors, plus our family’s extremely low income, had allowed me to get a full scholarship to a prestigious private university on the other side of the country and to leave this part of my life behind.

I was a junior at this well-known university when I had met Jane, a local sophomore, during a class we shared. Although Jane didn’t play varsity sports like I did, she was very athletic and in great shape. Jane was a natural blond, and she was tall and thin. One date led to another and we continually discovered more common interests.


Physically, Jane was a knockout. She didn’t dress to show it off, but you couldn’t hide such a great figure in an athletic girl. Jane’s breasts were a nice size, 34B I think, and they fit perfectly into my hands. Her areola were small and pulled up to around the size of a nickel when the nipples hardened into little pencil erasers. The nipples would harden often, whether due to chilly temperatures or sexual suggestions. I soon discovered that a few light caresses or licks on those pointy nubs would cause her pussy to moisten immediately. She kept her pussy lips shaved bare but left a nice, neatly trimmed pubic patch.

I worked out regularly with the varsity lacrosse team. I was in great shape and worked hard to keep myself there. I had a nice sized cock that I learned was termed “a show-er”. It hung soft, about five inches long and about two thick. When hard, it was a little over seven inches long but didn’t get any thicker. There were a few in the school locker room whose cock was more impressive flaccid and a few of my buddies teased me jealously about it. In reality, I know for a fact that some of the guys’ cocks were larger than mine – you wouldn’t have guessed it though from their soft little dicks in the shower. There are show-ers and there are growers.

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Jane and I started dating pretty regularly, and since Jane was local, I had a chance to meet and know Jane’s family too.

Even though I had my own place on campus, I had roommates and the space wasn’t ideal for a girlfriend. Jane’s house was an old Victorian style and pretty large. I ended up spending quite a bit of time at their house and got to know Jane and her family very well. I had hit it off right away with Jane’s Mom, Mary, and I got along fine with her younger brother, as well as her teenage sister. I never had a chance to meet her father who had passed away some years prior (apparently leaving the family well-covered through a generous life insurance policy).

I could see that Jane got her genes from her mother. Mary, although about twenty years older than me, was in fantastic shape. She had had Jane young, freshly married. Mary looked like she could be Jane’s older sister, instead of her mother. Mary, I noticed many times, had much larger breasts than her daughter. They were probably C or, likely, D cups. And Mary was a little more adventurous in her fashions than her daughter who preferred comfy over sexy. Mary chose tight tee-shirts and blouses that accented her cleavage with frilly lacy bras holding up those orbs. Jane favored sports bras to hold her tits in place

After we had been dating a while, I ended up basically spending every weekend at their place. They had a pleasant habit of eating lunch all together every Saturday and Sunday and chatting (or arguing) about the latest topics. Jane brought me there when we had first started dating and I soon became a regular. Mary was an excellent cook and her kids liked this weekly opportunity to spend time together.

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Mary had what I thought was a very flirty way about her, in general, and specifically, towards me. At the table, she would press her breasts against my back and shoulders and ask me if I’d like seconds. Many times I could feel her hard nipples press against me. Jane rolled her eyes and told me that was “just Mom being Mom…”. I learned to accept that it was “how Mom was”.

After a year, they had accepted me warmly into their family. Mary even let me kind of have a room there in their home so I wouldn’t have to keep going back to my place every Saturday and Sunday. I actually ended up spending many weekdays there too. It was a better study atmosphere than my dorm. I could occasionally have sex with Jane, and Mary would cook me great homemade meals. I would help her brother, Mark, with homework and I taught him how to play lacrosse. He even made his high school varsity team. When Jane told me that her teenage sister, Sarah, had a crush on me, I made sure to playfully tease by flexing when she was around. This made Sarah blush and Jane and I laugh. I even called her my “little girlfriend” to Sarah’s friends. They all swooned.

There was one strange thing though. I learned quickly that this family was very liberal in their ideas towards privacy. Bathroom doors were never locked. It was common for someone to come into the bedroom or bathroom to retrieve something when you were already occupying the space. They thought nothing of it.

At first I found this very awkward. After various interruptions by all family members, I still had difficulty to accept it as normal. “We’re all just family” they’d say, forgetting that I wasn’t.

There were times that I felt weird. Sarah and Mark were teens and I was an adult. Plus, Sarah was deep into puberty, physically developing, and unintentionally flirty like her mother. I learned my lesson walking past her room once and seeing her undressed. After that, I was to be very careful to avoid her bedroom with its open door. It was awkward, but the house was large and I didn’t need to walk past her room to get to mine or the bathroom. Once, Mark came in to the bathroom to brush his teeth while I was taking a dump. I couldn’t help but ask if he couldn’t wait for five more minutes. Continuing his brushing, he replied the same as they all did. “The other bathroom’s busy. We’re all family here. We’ve all seen it before. Plus” rolling his eyes,”- dya think I care about staring at your ugly ass while I brush my teeth?” And went about his brushing, finished and left. It was cool, I guess – just a little weird. Whatever. Apart from this, they were great.

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This was their way in their house so I tried to go with it. Except, I wasn’t family. Maybe they could overlook each other’s nudity because, they were all related. I wasn’t related though. And this made it…interesting for me at times. Many times, I had walked past Mary’s room as she got ready for bed or changed her clothes, door open, in her bra and panties. How could I not stare? Other times, I’d be studying at night and Mary’d come in, dressed in a vaguely appropriate but still too sheer nighty which allowed her breasts to shift freely beneath the material. “I’m going to bed but I made you a coffee, dear, since you’ll be up late.” She’d say sweetly and sincerely. I’d follow her ass cheeks out my door and then quickly tiptoe to the door to watch her firm ass-cheeks jiggle slightly as she escaped down the hall.

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