Lust escalates and overcomes two married couples

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Gia and Van had thrown a fantastic party. They had invited all their friends up to the big cabin up in the Laurel highlands. It was a perfect mid-winter get-together with lots of beer and food and good company. There had been tasty venison that Van had hunted himself and roasted on a spit, and a second bonfire. Everyone had had a great time with great conversation and laughs, but the day was getting long, and dark was coming on, plus it looked like a snow-storm was headed that way. Everyone had gone home except for Brendan and his wife Heidi, who offered to help clean up.

After about ten trash bags were filled and full dark had come on, it was time for Bren and Heidi to go, but when they opened the door, a frigid blast of air and snow blew in.

“Whew! We stayed too long! That’s a hell of a blizzard out there!” remarked Heidi. “I don’t think we should drive in that.”

Bren was ever the hard-ass and wanted to try, but Gia would have none of it.

“Look, we have plenty of space. You guys can just stay here til morning. You are not driving out in this! I’ll make us some drinks and we can watch a movie or something.”

So it turned into a cozy evening on the big couches. Somehow, Gia ended up next to Bren and Heidi next to Van. And somehow, Heidi and Van inched closer and closer to each other. Van was solid and strong and smelled warm and spicy. Heidi’s mind started to wander to places no happily married lady had a right to think about. And it was not helping that Van kept accidentally touching her thigh and arms with an innocent touch here, a gentle nudge there. Her eyes kept wandering down to the bulge in his pants.

Van was not doing much better. Every time he moved, Heidi would lean into him with her soft, feminine body. He wanted to touch her and found excuses to do so. He loved Gia with all his heart, but tonight Heidi was soft and inviting, and he knew Gia wouldn’t mind so much if he indulged in a little flirtation. So his touches were not as innocent as Heidi thought.

Heidi looked over at Gia and Bren and noticed that they had both dozed off after the long day. The wind was howling outside and they were just coming to the end of some weird movie about porn stars locked in a remote cabin where Ron Jeremy’s dis-embodied penis was going on a murderous (yet hilarious) rampage. Heidi was just about to say something scathing about the actions on screen when the wind kicked up ferociously and the electricity – along with Ron Jeremy’s penis – went out. The cabin was mostly dark except for some glowing embers in the fireplace.

“Whoops,” said Van. “That’s not likely to come on again any time soon. I think we have some candles in the bedroom, maybe a lantern.”

Heidi looked over at her and Van’s sleeping spouses. “I’ll come with you. That wind is creeping me out. I don’t want to be the only conscious one in the room.”

As they turned the corner into the hallway, Van took Heidi’s hand and laid it on his arm. It was pitch black once the fireplace was out of sight, so the movement made sense, but Heidi’s heart skipped a beat. Since she couldn’t see, Heidi’s other senses starting to go into overdrive. The fuzz on his arm was so soft. It made her wonder what other fuzz on his body was soft. The softness contrasted nicely with the smooth muscle of the arm underneath. His scent was so close in the darkness, her head started to spin with it (and the drinks Gia had served). Heidi’s inhibitions were slipping.

They reached the bedroom and Van steered Heidi toward the bed. “Here, sit for a second while I rummage around.” He found the oil lantern he was looking for and the matches he kept next to it. He lit it, and as he turned, the natural glow fell on Heidi’s face. The light glinted off her long blond hair and her wide eyes. But he didn’t notice that; all he could see in the split second before she looked down was the look of raw desire in her eyes – a look pointed directly at him. Or, more accurately, directly at his crotch, which gave an instinctive twitch in response. The night was getting more interesting by the second!

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