Loving couple deals with a husband’s high sex-drive

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I’ve been married for 20 years. It didn’t take my wife Tammy and I too long to figure out that I had a much stronger sex-drive than she did. Frankly I have thoughts of sex about 5 times an hour and my wife has the same thoughts about once every 5 days. I’m sure it is a rare occurrence when two married people have the exact same desired level for sex. The way we solved the problem with me wanting constant sex and my wife ‘not being in the mood’ at the same time was with a shared handjob. Nowadays we think we have perfected the mano experience to a fine art.

Our perfect handjob includes the following two aspects.

1. A loving and understanding wife’s participation

2. A self-administered well-lubricated masturbation session.

When my wife is not in the mood for sexual intercourse she definitely doesn’t want to put much physical effort into getting me off. Luckily I possess a vivid imagination and my kinky side lets her take my mind to the places it needs to find release.

Shortly after our marriage we discovered I was submissive and she was the dominate one in the bedroom. Over the years my submissiveness has morphed into many different avenues of sexual variations for us.

We started with the usual diversions. Strap-ons, spankings and Tammy always being in charge as far as sex goes. These games progressed into her dressing me in panties and lingerie on the occasional nights we played in bed. Then there was the Mistress/slave relationship and most of the aspects those games include.

Recently my mind has wandered to what I have found to be one of the most popular fantasies of many married men; watching your wife have sex with another man. These cuckold fantasies have definitely taken my handjobs to a totally higher level of sexual and mental release.

Before we go too much further let me tell you about Tammy. Her youthful appearance fools many into thinking she is much younger than her 40 years. At 5’5″ she has one of those perfect MILF bodies that many men lust over on the internet. Her firm rounded hips and trim waist leads to soft and full natural C breasts that I love to play with. Her short blond hair helps her portray the dominant look. I lust over her body as much now as I did when we first met.

We decided a long time ago that it was not healthy for a relationship if either party was to become sexually frustrated. So we felt direct communication was the best course of action for a strong marriage.

I’m allowed to get a handjob anytime I want one, all I have to do is ask. Sometimes I get them in the daytime, but most of them I get at night.

Many nights I’ll simply say, “Hey honey I’d love to get laid tonight or sweetheart, how about some sex tonight. Or a similar version thereof.”

Most of the time I’ll hear this response, “Handjob baby!”

The house rule is once I’ve asked, then I have to recieve the handjob. If I try to back out or try to coerce her into having sex, she is allowed to deny me sex for as long as she wants.

A while back while investigating the Hotwife websites Tammy discovered that orgasm-denial was fairly standard Hotwife training for submissive husbands. So one night when it seemed that my handjob might not be as pleasurable as usual and I tried to bargain for another time, Tammy used her rights and denied me sex for a whole month. Opps!!

I know it kind of makes me seem like a sissy to not push my wife into having sex with me. But I guess my submissive side really likes the fact that Tammy controls the sex we do have. And in actuality, when faced with a handjob or no sex at all, I guess I am no different than any other red-blooded American male. Settling for a ‘perfect’ handjob is really not such a bad bargain.

Of course I hear ‘handjob baby’ at different times besides the ‘getting ready for bed’ moments. There’s the ‘middle of the night’ times when I wake up at two in the morning after some sexy dream and start petting my wife’s butt hoping to arouse her sleeping passion. At these times when I have woken her from a sound sleep she usually slowly rolls over and coldly says, “Handjob you little fucker and you aren’t going to like it.”

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