Journey full of drama, love & sex : Inside train

It’s a dark night as I am waiting for a train at Jaipur junction but dark is natural and too many light lamps have been put at junction as Rima ,a 26 years married lady is alone in a AC waiting room. So my parents have left for home at 11:00 night as my train will depart at 11:45 midnight and will reach Lucknow at 03:00 pm ,a coolie have been arranged for me as luggage is too heavy and while sitting on chair with my legs crossed ,I am thinking of my journey as my last 4 years of married life is too hot ,romantic and dynamic also as I have never expected romance with other guys infront of my hubby Ankit and he have changed a lot as his love cum lust for me always remained on peak but it’s now my addiction of enjoying physical relations with other guys.

What will happen during journey as inside AC-2 coach there are several ways to put things on place but it’s not easy also if each and every passenger are there ,so it’s 11:15 pm as my mobile starts ringing


“hi mom
(She)are you inside coach means train
(Me)mom ,train have not arrived yet
(She)ok after boarding ,call me
(Me)sure ,talk you later Ankit is calling me ,I received my hubby’s call ……..”hi ,not slept yet
(He laughed)soon but after you will call me as train will depart from Jaipur .”

Maid in heaven

And there as our talks ended , announcement for train Jaipur Lucknow express made me think to walk away with my trolly bag but as train is arriving on same platform where I am waiting inside AC waiting room ,I am bit confused as booked coolie will put my luggage inside train . So as I stand from my chair and my eyes are on main door of waiting room ,after a while coolie came there as he hold my luggage and put it on his head ,so I walked with him as train is still moving to stop at this platform .

Now coolie entered the coach as I followed him while putting my purse on shoulder and my modern outfits of brown coloured leggings with a short tops is not too vulgar as I have put it on my body due to heat and as coolie put my luggage inside berth ,he walked away after getting money and I am too relaxed as I hold a packet of bedsheet with towel and put it near my right side .so I can see a lady entering in my coup and a guy put luggage there and lastly left the lady ,may be in her mid thirties with a tall figure of 5’6 – 5’7 feet as she smiled while looking at me and than a guy came there with his luggage as he stares at me and put his luggage under berth and sits opposite to me .I am waiting for train to depart as I am bit tired and it’s a midnight as eyes are showing their stiff resistance ,so first I starts putting bedsheet on berth as I put blanket and pillow near my head side and than I can see lady talking with a young guy………

“if you change the berth as I am bit heavy and moving up & down is a herculean task for me
(He smiled)sure aunty ,no problem while sleeping on top.”

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And his eyes are gazing on my nude tummy to waistline as I am feeling too shy but it’s a flirty mind that’s making me bit confused as guy is young with a smart personality but he is also a stranger for me ,let’s see what’s happening tonight ! so train moved as both lady get laid on berth and guy moved up as he have put his bed in place from the as train starts ,I just took out my mobile and called my hubby as well as mom and than put my mobile in silence mode . so lady starts putting curtain of her berth on place as TTE came there and checked our tickets ,now lady have put himself behind curtain as I am straight on berth with my nude tummy to deep belly giving him (guy)a nude look . So I am eyeing at him but it’s he ,who is gazing at my sexy body and my tight leggings have given him a nice figure of my soft thighs while short tops have made my upper parts too sexy.

Now I closed my eyes but I have interest in him ,so I haven’t put curtain to make myself aloof from him ,let him enjoy my sexy body first ! Than I will see where things go and after a while ,I turned to my right side as he is in upper berth in opposite direction ,so our eyes are looking at eachother easily and my flirty mind is reflecting her desires on face but let’s be cool and no need to be impatient as our journey is of 14-15 hours and still 5-6 hours is in place for a night pleasure. Lastly ,guy took a bold chance as he moved to ground and as I have turned my body to left side ,I am just waiting for his love or sexual activities to get started.

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So I can feel him sitting near my legs as coup’s curtain is on place with bulb switched off but dim light is coming from lobby’s night bulb giving me ample lights to see his face but I am flirting with my eyes as it become closed and than opens also and there stranger guy took me by surprise as he starts moving his hand on my butts ,now I am scared , hot and confused also as my mind is thinking of some fun but it’s not a safe place and with a stranger ,it’s too risky but let’s do that !so his hand is measuring my butts circumferences and like a sleepy lady ,I just turned straight with my yawning voices but soon as he starts rubbing my thighs ,I hold his wrist and opened my eyes as I looked him angrily ,wake up on berth and he is too frightened

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“mr.i am watching your activities ,want to go jail
(His hand in my hand )sorry ,I just get attracted to you ,leave my hand
(I just put his hand on my breast)do it as I want otherwise I will complain to railway police ,ok
(He)yes madam ,what to do ?
(Me laughed)call me rima and just do what you have imagined for last half an hour .”

And now he is too hot as he just put his both legs on berth and put curtain in place ,so behind curtain he hold me as I sit on his lap with my legs wrapped on his waist and my soft boobs are pressing hard on his chest as he is kissing my neck while rubbing my back and my hand is moving inside his shirt as I love nude body to play .so guy hold my long hairs as he put his lips on my Rossy lips and kissed hard as I have hold me tight ,now both starts kissing eachother’s face and his hand is rubbing my nude part of back as he is trying to push my tight tops to neck and what’s in his mind ? can be assumed easily ,so as I took his lip in my mouth to suck ,he is looking bit aggressive and his sexual activity is showing his inability but than I left his lip as I shoved my long tongue in his mouth and he is sucking it hard as my tops goes up and my brassier’s strings have been hold ,I know it’s his desire to make me nude but I am curious to enjoy oral sex only and as my eyes get closed with breaths in heavy mode ,I felt my brassier’s strings opened as my cunt is too sticky but it’s not a cum or semen that have made it wet but it’s the heat with a cotton panty making my vagina sweating I pushed him back as I felt bit shy but as my front straps brasserie have been opened ,I took it out comfortably and put it in my he is in his jeans and I asked him

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