Innocently Enough

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Our night started . The three of us met up at a local restaurant for drinks and dinner. He was the native, so I asked him to choose. She readily agreed the food was wonderful there – and they carried her brand of scotch, so, bonus.

The three of us looked like an interesting combination – two thirty-something’s taking a forty-something out for a night on the town. Little did the hostess know what would be going on later. As we sat at our table, I studied him – the man that had won her heart – the man I was so happy she’d stumbled across. He was a good-looking guy. He had an energy and presence that instantly made me comfortable. It didn’t hurt that his taste in motorcycles and women closely matched my own. She was dressed to kill in a skirt and blouse – goodness she was a beautiful woman. I was dressed in my best daddy outfit – a nice button up with cufflinks, suit coat and jeans. I felt like a million bucks, but they looked like a trillion.

As we sat, we conversed, random conversation with no particular destination in mind. I was my usual quiet self, adding to the conversation when I had a something salient to share. As we chatted I studied her – this woman who’d captured my heart and helped me become the man I was becoming. I could tell they were very much in love, her touch never seemed to stray far from him, nor did his. They made a great couple.

I noticed during dinner that he seemed so be doing something under her skirt on occasion and judging by the little almost inaudible gasps – it was something deliciously salacious. During one particularly loud gasp she noticed me noticing and blushed quietly, then closed her eyes and enjoyed his touch.

After dinner was finished, we quaffed the remainder of our scotch; the fire settling nicely in our stomachs and the smoke of the fire ringing on our taste buds. I suggested a group photo so we could remember tonight as I felt it would be extraordinarily special to all of us. The waitress happily obliged as she brought the bill.

“Shall we head to the hotel?” I asked.

“Let’s do it!” he answered, a grin reflecting in his eyes, anticipation wetting his lips.

She shyly peered up at me, those eyes drilling into my heart and mind – shining with happiness and excitement and nodded, unusually quiet for her.

We strolled the city streets headed to the hotel, them arm in arm, with her occasionally reaching out to grab my hand as well. Each touch was the culmination of dreams, some dry, most wet.

We entered the hotel and went up to my room – I’d requested a suite away from the hubbub of the other rooms and they’d provided nicely. Two rooms, with a nice shower big enough for three. King sized bed with those high count egyptian cotton sheets I love so much.

She squealed with excitement when she saw the room, the couch with the arm positioned perfectly for recreational activities, the window overlooking the city which sparkled below us.

As we entered, I asked her to start a playlist on the portable speaker and she happily obliged. She then excused herself to prepare for the evening to come.

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