Innocent college girl has wild sex after Halloween show

I was forcing myself to read a painfully dull book for my political science class, only because I was dreading studying for statistics even more, when the landline phone in my off-campus apartment rang.

Glad for any distraction, I picked up with a too-perky “Hello!”

“You are way too excited for 9 a.m. on a Sunday, Lily. I can only assume that you have had another boring weekend and were in bed by 10 p.m. last night,” Eve said. “If things are that slow, why didn’t you drive down here? We could have had a lot of fun.”

I had not seen Eve since we had a wild night a couple months earlier, starting at the strip club where she worked and ending up in her bed. It was my first girl-girl experience, and it was amazing and a little nerve-wracking. I went back to campus for the start of my junior year a few days later. She had called me, begging me to spend a weekend with her. But I was a serious student. I was worried that I would enjoy going to see her too much, and end up falling behind in school or worse.

“Well, I did get to bed early, but only because I have three tests this week,” I said. “I would have loved to have seen you, but I needed to study.”

“I figured you were busy, or you would at least claim you were busy,” Eve said. “No worries, we will definitely see each other next weekend.”

“I doubt I can break away then, either,” I said. “I am sorry Eve, but I may not be back in town until Thanksgiving.”

“That’s why I am coming to you,” she said.

I was surprised and nervous, but excited about the prospect of being with Eve here. I imagined waking up with her in my apartment, wrapping my legs around her long, brown limbs and kissing her neck as the sun came up. I was getting damp thinking about it.

“Really?” was all I could muster.

“Yeah, ‘really.’ Some guys I know are putting on a show at a huge Halloween sorority party near your campus Friday night,” she said. “I am coming to emcee. And to see you. Maybe we can even go trick or treating together. Or do something even naughtier.”

I looked up at the 1992 calendar on the wall. Next Saturday was Halloween. I had been so focused on school, I had not even thought about it.

“Oh my gosh,” I said. “That will be exciting. I can’t wait to see you.”

I was genuinely excited, but nervous about hanging out with Eve around campus. Many of my friends were very conservative. I was pretty prudish myself, at last I was until the last few months, during which I had a bit of a sexual awakening. Of course, most of my friends knew nothing about my erotic adventures, and they would be shocked if my stripper girlfriend(!!??) showed up.

But I was also very eager to see Eve again. And talking to her reinforced that.

“What kind of show are you emceeing?” I asked.

“Well – now don’t judge – but these guys are dancers. Strippers. Like Chippendales,” she said.

“Oh my,” I said.

“A sorority is having a party for two members who just got engaged. They rented a club Friday night. It will be a Halloween-themed male revue. I will be the ‘hype woman,’ keeping the energy up and encouraging the girls to loosen up and party.”

“You definitely are good at that,” I said, remembering how Eve had persuaded me to do some wild stuff I never would have considered without her prodding.

“It helps to have women onstage,” she said. “It makes the crowd feel more empowered and keeps them laughing. You should come, too. You could help me like you did at the club. Don’t worry about a costume. I will bring you one.”

“I don’t know Eve,” I said. “That was in a dark club with no one I knew. These women go to my college.”

“That’s why you need a costume. I’ll make sure it comes with a mask,” she said. “I will call you Friday. See you soon Lily. Think of me when you use your vibrators!”

Before I could respond, she hung up. My head was spinning with fear, nervousness and desire. I liked the idea of seeing Eve, and having a weekend to forget about schoolwork. But she made me push my boundaries, and that felt great but made me a little scared.

I sleepwalked through the motions of the week, constantly distracted about seeing Eve. At night, I would toss and turn and fantasize about her. I would think about taking her dark nipples into my mouth, about her tongue against my clit, her fingers pressing into me. I grabbed a vibrator that she had picked out for me, pulled my panties to the side and rubbed it against my clitoris.

The memory that turned me on the most was having my face between her coffee-colored thighs, licking her labia, feeling her walls contract around my fingers as she came. I loved using a strap-on to fuck her while I fingered her clit. I could almost taste her. A small orgasm rolled through my body, and I covered my mouth to hold back the moan.

By Friday afternoon I was a mess. My roommate had gone home for the weekend. I cleaned the apartment, tried on four different outfits and spent way too long on my hair and makeup. I jumped when I heard the knock on my door.

There was Eve, in her typical dressed down look, her perky tits straining against a thin T-shirt. I didn’t know if we would hug or kiss, but she immediately kissed me. I was nervous one of my neighbors would see us, so I pulled her into the apartment. My mind may have been worried, but there was no doubt how my body felt about Eve. I could feel my pussy open and dampen from just one kiss.

I wanted to pull her to my bed, but she stayed near the door.

“I can’t wait to hang out, but I have two carloads of male dancers waiting for us,” she said apologetically. “We can come back here later. Maybe watch some scary movies and have a great Halloween weekend.”

I smiled and kissed her again. Then grabbed my bag and followed her to the parking lot.

“This is Adam and George,” she said, waving at two gorgeous men in the first car. “But climb in the back of this car with Kolten and me. Luis is driving, and that’s Titus next to him.”

I slid into the backseat next to Kolten, a muscular Asian guy whose thick thighs took up half the car. Eve got in beside me.

“Hi Lily,” the guys said in unison.

I chatted nervously with the group as we drove, enjoying the sexy guy on my left and the beautiful woman on my right. We parked behind a dance club that I had been to a couple of times. We piled out, and the performers all grabbed bags of gear. Eve was almost giddy.

“I can’t wait for you to try on the Halloween costume I got for you!” she squealed. There was no dressing room in the small backstage area. There was a small changing screen, and Eve and I went behind it to get into costume. She pulled out a bag, and thrust it toward me. “This will be perfect,” she said. At the same time, she started putting on her own costume.

She quickly stepped out of her shoes and pants, and I stared at her long, brown legs, which led to an impossible-to-resist bottom. I couldn’t help it. I stood against her, placing both hands on her butt cheeks and stroking her. She smiled, and kissed me softly.

“There will be plenty of time for that later,” she said. Then, as if to test my control further, she took off her T-shirt and turned her perfect nipples to me. She looked incredible, wearing just a thong. I touched her breast, and she smiled again. But when I moved to take her nipple into my mouth, she spun away delicately. “Not yet, you impatient slut.”

I couldn’t believe how damp my pussy was just from looking at her body. I couldn’t imagine waiting hours to get her in my bed.

She slipped the outfit on and wiggled her chest at me teasingly. It was strapless, just covering the top of her breasts. It was red with a black border around her chest, and two black vertical black stripes going down from where her nipples were, leading to a frilly skirt portion. The bottom of the skirt was mesh with a thin red border, showing everyone her gorgeous rump. She spun around.

Then she pulled out the accessories, a hair band with tiny devil’s horns, a tiny red pitchfork, black thigh highs that I helped her pull over her long legs and a red mask covering her eyes. Of course, we had to put on her hair extensions first. She was the vision of temptation, and I knew I couldn’t resist this little devil. She also showed me her ridiculous heels, but padded around in bare feet until the show.

Then it was my turn. She pulled it out and put it up to my chest. It was all white and strapless like hers. But my outfit was clearly picked to show off my larger breasts. It was cut lower, and had a cut out down the middle to give peeks of my tits to the world. I blushed. The rest of the shape was like hers, it flared out into a barely-there skirt, which was mesh at the bottom to show off my ass. I was a little self conscious because I didn’t have as prominent a rear as Eve. My costume had white thigh highs, a hairband with a halo, wings on the back and a white eye mask.

“You and I know you aren’t really innocent,” Eve said. “But this look suits you.”

I took off my shirt and bra quickly, presenting my erect nipples to Eve. She took the hint, and flicked her tongue teasingly over each of my nipples. She gently sucked one and then the other. I moaned.

“Shhhhhhh,” she said. “We’ll get to that later. We have a job tonight.”

I let out a disappointed whimper as she pulled her mouth away from my breasts. I pulled my pants off, and she looked disparagingly at my underwear. “Luckily for you, I bought you a thong,” she said. “You can’t get away with regular panties with an outfit like that.”

I slipped my panties down over my feet and stood before her naked. As she handed me the thong, I grabbed Eve’s wrist and pulled her hand to my slit.

“Please. Just touch me a little. Feel how wet I am,” I said. Her fingers ran up my moist labia and found my clit. She rubbed for just a few seconds, and I finally felt some relief. She gently inserted her index and middle finger between my folds. My muscles contracted around her and I squeezed down.

“You are supposed to be a good girl. You wouldn’t last long as an angel acting this slutty,” she said. Then she mercilessly pulled her fingers away. She put both fingers on her lips and then into her mouth, tasting my wetness. Then she put the fingers in my mouth and I greedily sucked on them. She cupped my breast, and I loved the way her dark hand contrasted with my pale skin and pink nipple. “Now be patient and we can do everything you want and more later tonight.”

I pulled on the thong and put on my angel costume. She had also brought me some white heels, but she knew to make them shorter than hers, or I would be wobbling around awkwardly. We adjusted each other’s hair and masks and checked ourselves out in a mirror before coming out from behind the screen.

We found the five dudes in various stages of undress. George and Adam were both shirtless, and Adam was rubbing oil onto George’s lean and defined shoulders.They both looked like the statues of Greek gods.

Titus was doing push-ups in a Speedo that barely contained an enormous, flapping bulge. Luis was shirtless and fixing his hair while adjusting what looked to be a Zorro mask and hat. Kolten was wearing just a thong, and I leered at his strong legs, thick forearms and perfectly round butt.

“Hey Lily, can you help me out,” he said, holding a razor and shaving cream. “I can feel some stubble on my back and shoulders. Could you just run the razor over where I can’t reach.”

I put some shaving lotion on my palm and rubbed it over his unbelievably muscled back. My hand could almost disappear between his defined shoulder blades. I rubbed down to the small of his back and carefully ran the razor up and down. We were by the sink, so I cupped some water in my hands and let it fall down his back and then dried him off. It was intimate and sexy. Honestly, I didn’t know who was turning me on more, Eve or Kolten.

I looked around and George was now helping Adam with his oil. I finally figured out they were a couple by the way they were staring at each other. Luis was putting the finishing touches on his Zorro outfit. And Titus was completely naked. With what looked like a double-thick, black garden hose hanging where a dick should have been. Then I noticed that Eve was cupping his balls! She was trying to shave his thigh for him, and I guess she had to move his enormous testicles out of the way.

Titus caught me staring. “The ladies like it smooth, Angel. And Eve is a master with the blade.”

Eve smiled at me. I wasn’t actually turned on by his massive member, I was in shock. And seeing Eve holding his balls made me a little jealous. That was crazy, of course. We weren’t a couple. I wasn’t really a lesbian, although I clearly was very curious. I was pretty sure Eve was bisexual, but she definitely liked guys, too. But still, I wanted her to myself, at least right then. I went back to shaving Kolten and tried not to look over.

Finally the boys got dressed, living up to racial stereotypes with their costumes. Adam and George were both police officers in tight shorts and sunglasses. Luis was Zorro, complete with black pants, a shirt that would come off early in the dance, and even a cape. Titus was dressed in super tight football pants and a jersey from our school team. Kolten, thankfully, had avoided a culturally insensitive costume. Instead, he went all in for the “Halloween” theme. He had a Michael Myers mask and a jumpsuit that he could quickly shed to show off his thong.

A woman from the club came back and told us that we had 10 minutes. I walked up on stage and peeked out. A handful of sorority girls were filing in, all laughing as if they had been pregaming for a while. They were dressed in a hundred varieties of the same outfit – heels, short skirts, tight tops, and some type of accessory. There were slutty Halloween costumes of nurses, schoogirls, cheerleaders and several characters from “Batman Returns,” the big summer movie that year. I saw several Catwomen, a couple female Batman outfits and even a female Penguin, really just a hot coed in a short skirt with a top hat, a cigarette holder and an umbrella.

“OK. Our job is easy,” Eve said. “We make sexy comments about the boys, we make the women feel comfortable and empowered, and we keep things light and funny. You can play the innocent one, like everything is shocking and nasty, and I’ll encourage them to get even nastier. Here, drink up. It will loosen you up.”

She had a tray of vodka shots, and we both took one. The boys did, too. And then Eve and I each had another, giggling at how silly we looked.

Eve turned to the boys. “Remember, this party is to celebrate the engagements of two of the girls. They will be in the center seats up front. Pay them special attention. Don’t be too forceful with any of the ladies. Go with willingness. Don’t try to talk some shy girl into having you shove your sack in her face. We don’t want the clients upset or worse. Now let’s have fun.”

The lights went down and the music was pumping. Eve came out first and told the ladies that they were going to get a “parade of Grade A man meat” and some other silly stuff that had the sorority women screaming.

I came out and played my role: “Remember, you are proper ladies of this university, and it would be sinful and improper to paw, grope or pinch these professional dancers.”

They all booed me, and Eve egged them on. “Tonight, ladies, on the night before Halloween, let your devilish side take over. Follow whatever temptation you have. And speaking of temptation …”

The boys came out all at once. They danced in their costumes for most of one song, and I was impressed at all of their moves. Some of them flirted with the crowd. A couple times Kolten and Titus pretended to try to grab me or thrust their pelvis toward me, while I acted offended. The women were screaming, and grabbing at whatever guy came close to them.

The show went by like a blur. The most impressive moves were by Titus and Kolten, the two strongest guys. Once they stripped down to their thongs, they each lifted the newly engaged women onto their shoulders, so the women were straddling the strippers’ faces. After a few seconds of that, they spun the women upside down, so now their barely covered crotches were in the women’s faces, like a standing 69 position. The crowd went insane.

Eventually, the engaged women were put on chairs on the stage and got lap-dances from each guy. They kept the last covering on, although Titus’ penis almost escaped several times. Luis brought out a towel and covered himself from the crowd, like a matador with his red cloth. He pulled his thong off, but remained hidden to the women, and then flung the sweaty thing out into the masses. Of course, the bride-to-be could see him in all his glory, and Eve played along.

“Well ladies, that towel is hiding a real gem. I’m not sure she’ll still get married after seeing this up close and personal,” Eve said.

Luis grabbed the sorority sister’s wrist and made it look like she was jerking him off. She shrieked and laughed. Then he put the towel in front of her head, and created the illusion that she was blowing him.

“Oh my,” Eve said. “I wonder if she does that for her fiancé?”

I jokingly tried to interrupt. “Oh honey, think of your husband-to-be. Don’t give into the temptation – all 8 inches of that thick, hard, dark, veiny temptation.”

The crowd hooted and hollered.

“Luis, how is she doing?” Eve asked. He threw his head back and pretended like he was coming. “Oh wow, she swallowed it all!” Eve screamed.

The women shoved cash into the guys’ g-strings and threw hundreds onto the stage.

For the grand finale, all the men ripped off their coverings and gave the crowd “the full monty.” Money rained onto the stage. I looked down and noticed most eyes ended up on Titus, who had at least an inch or two on the other men, all of whom were well-endowed.

The curtain came down and we all went backstage, laughing and exchanging high-fives. Eventually Eve went around to talk to a couple of the girls who had arranged the party, and a handful of the women wandered back to flirt with the guys. They didn’t get anywhere with George or Adam, but the other three guys, now in jeans but no shirts, loved the attention.

Eve came back smiling, saying she was sure the guys would be getting offers from sororities all the time now, after that successful show. She split up the money and we changed. As we were leaving, Titus came around the corner. “I’ll meet up with you later at the apartment,” he said. “I think I’m gonna hang with these ladies for a while.”

Eve frowned. “Titus, I am not a pimp. You can go have fun, but our financial dealings are over. Don’t get arrested, and don’t get me in trouble.”

“Don’t worry about me. I’m a professional entertainer. That doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with fans,” he said.

Eve seemed more upset than she should have been, and I wondered about how physical and/or emotional her relationship with Titus was.

George and Adam announced that they were driving back to the city for a late-night Halloween party. Eve, Kolten, Luis and I headed back to my apartment, but first we stopped at a Blockbuster Video (back in 1992, we had to pass three on the way home) and picked up a couple scary movies.

We all showered and changed into our night clothes and piled onto the floor with popcorn, pizza and a bottle of wine. Eve put “The Hunger,” an 80s vampire movie into the VHS. I’m pretty sure she knew it had a scene would get me going.

Eve was lying down, with her head resting on my thighs. I’m sitting up with my back against Kolten’s chest, his legs open around me. Luis is spooning Eve, his head in my lap. We were all drunk, happy and comfortable.

On screen, a young Susan Sarandon comes out of the shower and starts making out with Catherine Denueve. Soon, Susan is on the bed in just her panties and I can feel my pussy opening up and moistening. “Wow, her tits are almost as perky as Lily’s,” Eve says.

“Yeah, but smaller,” Kolten says. I can feel his cock hardening against my back.

Deneuve takes Sarandon’s nipple into her mouth, and I can’t hold back an audible moan. I was wearing just a long T-shirt and guys’ boxers, my typical college “pajamas,” and Eve moved her hand up my thigh, her finger just brushing my moist slit. That was all I could take. Onscreen, Deneuve was turning Sarandon into a vampire. I was standing up and leading Eve to my double bed. I closed the door on the boys.

“Awwww. What are we supposed to do out here?” Luis said disappointingly. “I’m not blowing Kolten. No matter how sexy this movie gets!”

Eve and I laughed and collapsed onto my double bed. I pulled her shirt off and quickly took my own off. Her head was on my pillow and I sat up staring at her and smiling. “I have been picturing you in that position for weeks,” I said.

She pulled my head toward her and we kissed deeply. For minutes, we made out and explored our upper bodies with our hands. I took my time, finally uncoupling from her mouth and moving down her body, kissing her neck and shoulders before lingering over the top of her breasts. I kissed around her areolas flicking my tongue along the edges but not touching her nipples. She pushed her chest forward, begging me to put my mouth on her erect nipples. I placed my lips just above her nipples and exhaled deeply. She moaned and pushed up again. I gave her the lightest kiss on her nipple, and she let out a whimper of relief. I teased her with a light flick of my tongue, and she grabbed my ass tightly and pulled me closer to encourage me. Finally, I enveloped her whole nipple in my mouth, circling it with my warm tongue. “That’s it Lily. Oh God that feels good. Please don’t stop.”

I pulled the boxers down so I could feel her against my naked body. I moved to her other nipple and gave it the same long tease, followed by intensive sucking. I spread my legs and positioned my crotch so her strong thigh was against me. I rubbed against her, leaving a trail of wetness on her leg. After a long stretch of nipple teasing, I slid down, trailing kisses down her underboobs, her ribs, her abs, navel and hips. I kissed a sensitive spot above her hip bone, sucking her skin into my mouth as she squirmed. My hands teased her quadriceps and thighs, occasionally reaching under her and kneading her ass.

I kissed around her tiny triangle of pubic hair, licking along her inner thighs. She wiggled around, trying to connect her engorged clit or wet pussy to my lips. I kept teasing her, kissing all around and moving my tongue just millimeters from her opening. “Please,” she begged.

Finally, I pressed my finger against her labia then traced it around her damp lips. I did that several times as she writhed, trying to force my fingers against her swollen clit. Finally, I gave her what she wanted, rubbing her clitoris rhythmically with two fingers, just the way I liked, while I pushed the index finger of my other hand inside of her folds gently. I loved feeling her open up wider around my finger, and I slowly slipped a second finger inside of her, pushing upward toward her spot. I could feel her inner walls clamping around my fingers. Then, when I moved my hand from her clit and replaced it with my tongue, she started moaning loudly.

I found her spot to push against gently with my fingers, and I moved from licking her clit to sucking on it. Now she was wriggling beneath me, and I felt confident that I could make her come soon. I looked up at her face, and I reveled in her pleasure. Then I noticed she was looking at something behind me. I regretfully pulled away from her pussy and turned around.

I saw Luis and Kolten staring at us, both naked and stroking their erections. I went back to my work, loving the idea of making Eve come in front of the two horny guys. Seeing both of their dicks hard made my pussy jump and open wider. Something in Eve’s face must have read like an invitation, and suddenly Luis came over and took her nipple into his mouth as I ate her. She gasped loudly, and her vagina clamped harder around my fingers. I felt Kolten pull my underwear off, and his fingers found my clitoris. His gentle rubbing sent shivers up and down my body. “Yes, yes, yes,” Eve said, as her body flailed. The contractions squeezed against my fingers, and fluid leaked out of her. She arched her back and her thigh muscles quivered. I sucked on her clit hungrily, pulling the last spasms of orgasm out of her. I pulled my fingers from inside of her, and took several long licks along her labia. She shook and spun away from me, super sensitive to every touch. She pushed Luis away from her nipples so she could recover from an earth-shaking orgasm.

I sat up and slid up her body to kiss her. Her tongue explored my mouth and she ran it over my lips, tasting her fluids. “Thank you baby. That felt so good,” she said.

Kolten was still gently rubbing my clit. Luis was hovering over us, stroking his olive cock. Eve sat up. “Boys, you can watch, but this is a girls’ party.” She pushed me onto the bed, and started on my nipples. She didn’t tease like I did, she went right to work, kissing, licking and sucking my nipples, which had been aching for attention. Then she moved down my body and I could feel my clit swell even more anticipating her skillful touch and tongue. “You’re so wet,” she said.

Her fingers were so soft and delicate compared to Kolten’s. She massaged my labia gently, rubbing my fluids around and onto my clit. Then her fingers were in me, pushing just into my entry first, and moving up millimeter by millimeter as my walls widened to accept more. When her lips touched my clitoris, my whole lower body tingled. Without being told, she sensed the perfect rhythm of her fingers pushing in and out while her tongue drew circles around my clit. Then she would switch perfectly to sucking softly on my clit. I closed my eyes and focused on the growing pleasure wave. I only opened them when I felt someone sucking my nipple. It was Luis, hungrily licking and slobbering over both my tits. His hard-on kept bumping into my ribs and stomach as he awkwardly moved from breast to breast.

I looked over and Kolten was rubbing Eve’s clit as she ate me. They matched each other’s movements. When he pressed his finger into her, she thrusted into me. The mix of sensations had my head swimming. “Come for us Lily. You’re so beautiful when you come,” Eve said.

That sent me over the edge. My tits, my clit, my pussy, all were being manipulated expertly and the orgasm lasted at least 2 minutes, my walls convulsing tightly against Eve’s fingers and my thighs quivering uncontrollably. It was so intense, tears welled up in my eyes. Luis cradled my face and kissed me, speaking to me romantically in Spanish. Eve rubbed my legs and kneaded my ass as my orgasm drained away. She used her tongue for long, slow strokes of my now sensitive labia, and it felt wonderful.

She sat up on the bed and calmly pushed Kolten and Luis onto the floor. They were both lying on the carpet, hard cocks begging for release. She straddled Luis’ face and lowered her pussy inches from his lips. He stretched his head upward and licked greedily. I rolled out of bed to get a better view, my juices leaving a wet mark on the mattress and leaking down my thigh.

“So thanks for the nipple play boys,” she said. “Lily, they did help us come harder. Maybe we should help them.”

I stopped the action for a moment, making everyone get up so I could pull a soft, old blanket from under my bed and put it over the carpet. The boys lay on the blanket next to each other and Eve sat on Luis’ face again.

She leaned over and gently stroked his cock. Her dark skin and his olive complexion made a sexy contrast. I lied down between the guys legs and stroked Luis’ balls, which were perfectly smooth and shaven. They were tight to his body and felt full.

I joined them on the blanket, putting my face near Luis’ balls. I kissed his scrotum and I could hear him moaning while still licking Eve’s cunt. Eve and I kissed each other over his cock. I ran my finger over the head while she stroked the shaft. I spread his precum around the tip, and then licked the tip, focusing on the sensitive hole. His hips jerked forward, and I pulled back. “Don’t be so eager,” I teased.

He had a beautiful cock, and although I loved the orgasm from Eve’s fingers and tongue, I ached to be full. I did have a strap-on and a dildo, but it seemed a shame to waste a perfectly good hard-on. Two, in fact.

Eve was stroking him hard, and just as he started moaning, she released his cock. I stopped teasing the head, and he whined. I turned to Kolten’s beautiful dick. It was the first Asian cock I had ever seen, and it broke every stereotype. It was as long as Luis’ but slightly thicker. I rubbed my palm over it roughly, and Kolten pushed up against my hand. I grabbed the head and stroked down. I imagined what it would feel like inside of me, and that turned me on too much. I sat up and straddled his muscular thigh, rubbing my soaked cunt against him while I jerked on his cock. I kissed the tip, and he let out a whimpered, “Please.”

I put my lips just over the head, flicking my tongue along his sensitive opening, and then tracing circles around the head. I tasted his salty fluids leaking out, and I rubbed my pussy against him harder. I lay on my back and spread my legs, inviting Kolten between them. I reached under my bed into my box of masturbation supplies and handed him a tube of lube. “You’re so thick,” I said coquettishly.

I had been on the pill for a couple months, and I wanted to feel an unsheathed cock inside of me. Eve had told me that, despite the boys’ part-time stripping job, Kolten and Luis were actually not that sexually active, so I wasn’t as careful as I should have been about STDs. But she had warned me to stay away from Titus.

Eve had moved onto all fours, presenting her soaked vagina to Luis, whose cock was swollen and shiny. Kolten took a huge glob of lube and threw it to Luis. Eve’s body was at a right angle to me, and she put her face to mine. We kissed deeply as the boys lathered their cocks with lubricant, then put used their fingers to spread it around our walls and inside of us. I felt Eve exhale hard as we kissed, and I pictured Luis’ thick head going inside of her, gently at first. She got used to the feeling and continued our kiss, then paused again as he slid deeper, stretching her pussy around his cock. She broke the kiss when as he thrust deeper, and I looked over and saw that his balls were pressing against her clit.

Meanwhile, I felt Kolten pressing his head against my opening. I spread my legs wider, pushing my feet into the air. Kolten was on his knees, trying to angle down to my opening. Despite Luis’ hard thrusts, Eve was watching Kolten, too. She kissed me again as he pushed his mushroom-like head into my folds. Kolten moved slowly, pulling out, and pushing the head back in until I loosened around him. Finally, he thrust hard and his whole length was in me. I felt full and I liked the angle he was hitting as he moved his hips back and forth. Eve and I kissed and we could feel the rhythm of each other’s lover. “Rub my clit,” she ordered Luis, and I could feel her respond to his manipulations and continued stroking. “Lily, I’m gonna come so hard.”

Luis moaned and thrust harder. I put my hands around Eve’s face, wanting to revel in her pleasure, even as Kolten’s cock was filling me. I felt her shake, and she broke our kiss and collapsed on my chest, holding my shoulder for leverage as her whole body vibrated with orgasm. Kolten paused to watch, as Luis declared, “I’m coming,” filling her with his seed just as she was orgasming on his cock. I heard fluids squishing and held Eve’s head against my chest as she squirted.

The whole scene seemed to put Kolten in a frenzy and he pushed harder. Eve recovered from her orgasm and kissed me as he fucked me hard. She leaned down and reached between my legs, just above where Kolten and I were connected, and started rubbing my clit in a circular motion, her pace matching Kolten’s strokes perfectly. It was too much, I pushed my ass off the ground to force Kolten deeper inside of me, and I wrapped my feet around his ass, pressing my ankles into his cheeks to force him against me even harder as my nerve endings fired and my vagina walls contracted against his cock. I held him there for a long time, as the waves of pleasure rolled through my body.

I couldn’t believe he didn’t come, and I was about to force him to pull out so I could finish him off with my hand or mouth. But he would not be denied. Just as my orgasm was waning, he started pushing again, harder and deeper at a different angle. My pussy and clit were so sensitive that it was almost too much. I felt a second wave (or was it just one long extended orgasm?) rock my lower body. Kolten pushed so deep, and I was still coming as I felt his hot cum inside of my walls, the first man to ever come inside of me without a condom. I loved the sensation of his warm liquid spreading inside of me.

But it wasn’t Kolten I kissed, it was Eve. I stared into her eyes as his cum filled me. “You’re amazing,” she said, her hand on my cheek. Kolten eventually pulled out and I wrapped my legs around Eve, feeling our fluids leaking over our thighs and legs. The boys spooned us from the outside.

At some point, Eve and I got up and cleaned off a little, then piled into my bed, leaving the men on the floor. We fell asleep in each others’ arms.

Around 2 a.m., I felt another body in the bed. Luis was spooning me. “It’s cold down there,” he said. I liked the feeling of being surrounded by two sexy, warm bodies. Luis strategically started rubbing my shoulders and back, then my thighs and glutes. Eventually his fingers found my still wet and cum-filled vagina. I spread my legs to invite him in. He stroked my clit gently, and I moaned. I couldn’t believe I was still horny, but the whole night had been so erotic, I wanted more.

Eve woke and quickly realized what was happening. “You are insatiable,” she said. But I wasn’t sure whom she was addressing, me or Luis. She smiled and played with my nipples, gently kissing them while he fingered me. His erection had been rubbing against my back and thighs, and he gently pressed my legs wider, so the head of his cock was against my slit. He slipped in easily, thanks to my fluids and Kolten’s. He pushed and Eve moved her hand between my legs to stroke my sensitive clit gently while Luis thrusted. I felt full from the angle, opening my legs wider so he could go deeper. I came quickly, just a tiny orgasm compared to the explosions from earlier, but it felt good. Then Luis burst inside of me, filling me with more warmth. “Mmmmm,” was all I said, and fell back asleep in a post-orgasm daze.

In the morning, I woke and Eve was out of the bed. I padded into the kitchen still naked looking for her. Then I heard the shower. I walked into the bathroom, imagining fingering her to orgasm as we cleaned up. But I heard the unmistakable sounds of sex. The room was steamy and loud, with the fan running and my contacts out, so I couldn’t tell what was happening until I got closer. Eve’s back was to me, pressed hard against the glass shower door. She was in the air, with her legs wrapped around the back of a huge man who had his hands cupped under her ass. He was lifting her completely up, and then pulling her down hard onto his cock, and she moaned loudly every time. “You’re so fucking big, Titus. I’m coming so hard.” A guttural moan followed. The shower door opened and they nearly fell out. Titus spun her around and leaned her over my sink. He spread her legs. Her face was turned toward me, but she looked helpless. “Oh God, Lily. I’m sorry. He just gets me so excited.”

I was staring at Titus, who was so tall that his cock was practically at my chest level. I felt my nipples harden at the sight of his smooth, dark member, erect and slick with Eve’s juices.

He pushed it down to get the angle right, and I watched at least 8 or 9 inches disappear inside my lover. And he had not bottomed out. I stared at her labia, stretched beyond what I thought possible. He pulled back and got deeper, and she groaned. He pulled back again, and then disappeared completely. “Oh Eve,” he screamed, then pushed harder. They came together, her legs shaking uncontrollably, a stream of fluid spurting onto my bathroom tile. His huge balls pulsating and filling her. He finally pulled out, a string of sticky white fluid stretching from his head to her pussy for at least a foot. Then thick cum dripped from her swollen labia, leaking onto her thighs.

I was staring at his cock. “I can get hard again in a minute if you want a real cock,” Titus said, looking over my body.

“No,” Eve yelled. “She’s not for you.”

She reached her hand out to me, and I helped her up. “I’m sorry Lily. He just came in complaining about being teased by those sorority girls all night. I was just going to give him a handjob, but one thing led to another. And you know I love a big cock.”

I kissed her. “It’s OK baby. This doesn’t work if either of us are the jealous type.”

But in truth, I was jealous. Of Eve, or Titus, I wasn’t sure. But I wanted to get fucked that hard and to feel as full as she felt. And I wanted to make her cum that hard and uncontrollably.

I walked out of the bathroom a little dazed, and nearly fell over Kolten, who was still asleep on the floor. I curled up next to him and reached under the blanket covering him. He was fully erect. “Sorry. Morning wood,” he said.

“Don’t be sorry,” I said. “That is exactly what I need.”

I stroked him and kissed his strong shoulders and chest. He moaned and grew firmer in my hand. “Fuck me again Kolten. Harder this time.”

He didn’t hesitate, lifting me easily into the air. I spread my legs, and he aimed my opening toward his thick hard-on. I reached below and grasped his mushroom-shaped head, lining it up to my dripping pussy.

Titus and Eve, both wearing just towels, were in the doorway staring. “Yeah. After seeing my cock, girls go crazy,” Titus said. Eve punched him in the arm.

I ignored him, although he was telling the truth. I concentrated on Kolten’s cock, the top of which was pressing against my opening. I anticipated him slowly gliding me down, allowing me to adjust to his thickness. But Kolten pulled me down in one motion, his dick piercing deep into me in less than a second. It took my breath away, but I had no chance to recover. He lifted me completely off of him, and his cock popped out of me. The sensation of going from completely full to empty so quickly was overwhelming. Then, he pulled me down again. I screamed. He bounced me up and down quickly, my pussy spreading to take on his thickness, and then tightening again as he pulled out or almost out, just the tip remaining inside of me. I reached between my legs and stroked my clit while he fucked me.

As I was getting close to orgasm, he lifted me again, placing my knees on the ground in front of him. I spread my legs and pushed my ass toward him. I rested my head on my hands, knowing that this would give him an angle that I enjoyed.

Again he didn’t hesitate, immediately thrusting hard. This time, I didn’t need to rub my clit. Each time he pierced me, his balls pressed against my clitoris. I was concentrating on the thick dick inside of me, but I heard Eve’s voice behind me. “Give me that lube.”

Then I felt her greased finger pressing against my rectum, and suddenly she was inside my ass. Every time Kolten thrusted, I clamped down on his dick, and Eve’s finger. I felt completely full.

In seconds, a huge orgasm unleashed inside of me. My legs quaked, my pussy and ass muscles contracted around cock and finger, and liquid spurted from me. I screamed, and pushed Kolten away as I squirted on his legs. I put my hand over my sopping pussy, unable to take any more stimulation.

But Kolten had not come, and he was hovering over me desperate for release. I recovered my senses, and pushed him down so his back was on the floor. I took his cock, slick with my juices, in my hand, stroking hard and fast. I put the tip in my mouth, tasting the strange mix of my wetness and his precum.

“Yes, Lily,” Kolten moaned. I stroked faster and suckled the top, wrapping my tongue around his head. I figured he would come in my mouth in seconds.

Then I screamed in surprise. My super-sensitive pussy was suddenly fuller than it ever had been. Titus had moved behind me and his monstrous cock was inside of me. He grabbed my hips and pushed, and I screamed in a mix of pleasure and pain. Despite the hard fucking Kolten had given me, Titus’ cock stretched me even wider. I turn around and mumbled, “It’s too big.”

Titus laughed and said, “No baby, it’s just the right size to make you come hard.”

Kolten was stretching upward, begging for my lips back on his dick. After a few half-thrusts, my body was adjusting to Titus’ enormity, and he was hitting deeper spots than any man had ever hit. I wrapped my lips around Kolten again, bobbing up and down and stroking. Titus found a rhythm, and his pushing was giving me new sensations with every thrust. His enormous scrotum hung low and hit my entire clit every time he went deep.

I couldn’t believe it, but Titus was correct. Another orgasm was welling up inside of me. I sucked harder. Three orgasms hit almost simultaneously. First, Kolten exploded in my mouth, his salty and bitter cum hitting the roof of my mouth and coating my tongue. I sucked harder as I felt Titus’ cum hit my cervix and spread inside of me. My pussy contracted around Titus’ huge cock, tightening my grip around him as he came. He pulled out and I felt empty. I rolled up in the fetal position, still shaking from multiple orgasms, cum leaking down my thighs and sliding down my throat, with a few drips on my chin and neck. Eve wrapped her body around me, rubbing my back and shoulders.

Eventually, she helped me up and took me to the shower, cleaning me off gently.

She asked me if I was OK, and I nodded and smiled, without enough energy to do much more.

Within an hour, the whole party was packed up and about to get on the road.

Titus grabbed my ass on his way out the door. “I’ll see you soon, little Lily.”

Luis gave me a peck on the cheek. Kolten hugged me and kissed me on the lips. He whispered that he left his number and address in my room, and that he would call me. I kissed him back.

Eve and I embraced tightly.

“You won’t come to the city with us for just one night? We’ve got another Halloween show,” she said.

“No I can’t. I have to study, and I promised some friends I would go to their Halloween party tonight,” I said. “And, I think I’ll need a couple days for my body to recover from all that.”

“Well, I’ll leave you the slutty angel costume then. That will get you lots of attention,” she said, making me blush.

She kissed me on the lips, and I held her too tightly. She broke away, and got in the car. They pulled out waving to me.

Seconds later, my next-door neighbor was pulling into a parking spot.

“Oh are your friends leaving? Shoot I didn’t get to meet them,” she said. “I had the craziest night. You wouldn’t believe how wild this Halloween party I went to was. How was your night?”

“Nothing special,” I said.

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