Beth’s offered a new payment plan to continue her education

Two and a half years of riotous living had finally caught up with Beth. She had always thought that life simply came to beautiful people, and if that adage were true, then certainly Beth could expect a life of ease. For starters, the perfectly smooth, pale skin she was born with hadn’t aged at all as she entered her 20th year. Other girls would have killed for her chin-length straight bright blonde hair, and one could get lost in those deep brown eyes – that is, if her luscious red lips and shiny white teeth didn’t trap you first.

As for her body, it was flawless, the envy of all the girls in her school and the desire of all the boys. She stood at 5’5″ and sported a C-cup rack, flat stomach, tight ass, slender legs and perfectly cared for feet and hands. She also knew how to dress that body, having a keen sense of fashion with her stylish tops, sexy skirts and high heel shoes. Coupled with her fun-loving and clever personality, Beth was easily the most popular with the girls in school and the hottest to the boys.

Beth never had trouble getting dates throughout high school and, once she was ready, getting laid in college. She was able to further her education thanks to the hard work and generosity of her parents who trusted Beth enough to simply give her the money to pay for her books and tuition. Beth had always been responsible growing up and continued to be so through her first couple year of college, so there was no reason for them to doubt her.

However, the temptations of campus life soon began to tug at Beth, whose beauty gave her access to any social circle she desired. Despite the confidence one would expect a girl like Beth to have, she struggled with the same need to fit in and to try new things with which most college students are faced. In her sophomore year, she started drinking underage and realized quickly that she could easily flaunt her attractiveness to get a drink, though she wasn’t 21 yet – even if it meant flashing a boob here and there. By the end of her second year of college, Beth was going out every weekend and spending more and more of her parents’ money on things that were not related to her education.

It was by the end of her sophomore year that Beth started to go off the rails. She wanted badly to retain her status as the most popular girl in school, which meant to her that she needed to experiment with drugs and sex on top of the alcohol. Soon she was spending all her money on substances while letting any attractive guy fuck her at parties. It was at a party, in fact, that she took anal for the first time, and though it wasn’t terrible for her, it wasn’t her favorite. However, the college boys’ worshiping her was more important to her, and offering her ass on occasion certainly helped her to that end.


By the start of Beth’s junior year the young woman didn’t have enough funds between the money Beth, now 20 years old, was making at her part-time job at a restaurant and what her parents were giving her. She couldn’t possibly face her parents with the fact that she didn’t have money to pay for her tuition. If they knew that their daughter was no longer the innocent, responsible woman they had known her to be, they would certainly cut her off, curtailing her education and lifestyle, which would cause her social status to plummet irreparably.

Naturally, with Beth’s popularity came plenty of connections. After weighing all her possible options, Beth knew Greg, an older man her dad knew, had cash to spare and would likely be happy to loan her some dough. The problem was Greg creeped Beth out with how he would stare lustfully at her for the past couple years as her young body came into its prime. She hardly knew him and didn’t trust the way he looked at her. He certainly wasn’t the kind of guy to whom she wanted to be in debt.

Without better options though, Beth confided in Greg, a man twice her age, about her money troubles. She didn’t tell him about the drugs and drinking but she knew Greg could read between the lines. Greg agreed to loan her what she needed to stay in school and also to say nothing to her dad. He only asked that she repay the money by the end of this semester, which gave Beth four months to save up from her part-time job. It wasn’t a very reasonable deadline, but if Beth were the responsible girl she knew she could be, she would be able to do it.

Yet there she was four months later with hardly a dime with which to pay Greg back. It turned out that Beth found partying and her popularity too important to restrain herself. She would tell herself that Greg would give her more time if she were just a little short, that he would realize his time frame hadn’t given her much of a chance. Eventually, as the semester went on and Beth scarcely began to exhibit self-control, she figured she would keep going down the same path since she obviously wasn’t going to pay him back this semester. While she did manage to step down the drug use, it was the drinking, entertainment and shopping that still took most of the money she made from her job, and it wouldn’t be for another few weeks before her parents gave her next influx of cash – which would be necessary for next semester anyway. Beth was truly in a bind and at the mercy of Greg, whom she figured would tell her parents, and it would be all over.

Unfortunately for the young blonde, while Greg was willing to forgive the monetary debt, he would not do so without something in exchange. He did, at least, promise not to tell Beth’s dad, which assured Beth of retaining at least her education as well as her standing with her parents and friends. It would cost her only her dignity, which Beth, like a lot of 20-year-olds, didn’t value as highly as maybe she should have. Instead, Beth found herself walking out in the cold late in December to an unfamiliar but fairly nearby neighborhood. She was walking instead of driving because she was behind on her car payments, and it’s not like she could have afforded gas anyway. She didn’t explain her transportation issue to her parents, though. All she said was that she liked the exercise.

The reason she was going anywhere is because she agreed that if Greg would not require the money back and not tell her dad, Beth would have sex with Greg without telling anyone. Beth hated herself for making the agreement and dreaded every step closer to the small ranch house more than two miles away from her own home, but she didn’t see another option that allowed her to continue not facing the full consequences of her chosen lifestyle.

For what it’s worth, Greg wasn’t horribly unattractive to Beth for a 40-year old man. He was tall, had a full head of dark hair with just a touch of gray and clearly worked out, evidenced by his fitness. However, Beth had never thought of having sex with an older man, at least not until she was faced with the reality of this situation. Greg was old enough to be her dad, though, and he literally knew her dad. She wondered what kind of pervert would fuck his acquaintance’s daughter. She never realized how making herself such a sex symbol transcended her own generation and was now backfiring on her in such a gross way.

Beth didn’t dress up for the event. It wasn’t the most pleasant walk, so she dressed warmly in sweatpants, boots and a heavy jacket over her sweater. She wasn’t too eager to show off for this older gentleman either but she also didn’t need to put thought into her attire. Greg had asked her in advance for her sizes and promised he would have something picked out and ready for her by the date of their tryst. He did, however, insist that she came prepared to do her makeup. As much as Beth wasn’t thrilled with trying to please this degenerate, she knew she was at his mercy so it was not wise to disappoint.

Beth arrived at Greg’s house a little before 8 o’clock on a Friday night. Greg had told her to be a little early, and she obliged because she didn’t want to test him. When she showed up, she figured the reason Greg had money to spend was that he lived below his means, as evidenced by his humble, small home with a plain lawn. Greg didn’t have a wife or kids either, of course, a setup which both saved him money and allowed him to carry out the degrading act he was planning tonight. It wasn’t at all the type of location one would expect to find Beth on a weekend, but, then again, Beth’s life in general hadn’t been quite on track with her expectations lately.

Greg welcomed Beth into the house, a sly grin unable to come off his face. Beth forced a smile but was panicking inside. She tried to tell herself that if she was going to go through with this depraved act that she may as well try to enjoy it. Maybe it would be fun, and no one would have to know about it. After all, she had never been with an older man before, and Greg wasn’t that bad looking; plus, maybe with his age came experience that she would find very pleasurable.

Greg led Beth into the bathroom and handed her a bag that contained her outfit. He told her that she could even shower first if she wanted to. A shower was a good idea, Beth thought; anything to delay something for which she would never be ready. She spent the next half hour soaking herself in hot water, thankful that Greg gave her privacy as she cleaned herself. When she was finished, she took a look in bag to see that Greg had picked out a schoolgirl outfit, furthering in Beth’s mind the image of Greg’s being an old pervert. Beth couldn’t help but sob for just a second as she pulled out the red and blue plaid miniskirt, followed by a white, sleeveless, button-down top, a lacy white bra with a matching thong and ridiculous six-inch silver stripper shoes that caused Beth to wonder how she’d even be able to stand. How had her life brought her to this point, Beth questioned.

Beth got herself together and put the outfit on. She had to admit it was really sexy on her and made her feel good. With just a bit more confidence now, she did her hair and makeup, being rather pleased with the result. If she was going to have sex with this guy, she thought, she may as well look good doing it. Once she was finished, she threw her other clothes into the bag Greg had given her and left it on the sink. Then she opened the bathroom door and stepped out. She had a little trouble balancing herself on those silly shoes which exposed most of her feet and didn’t support her ankles too well. She was glad, too, that she had the sense to get her toenails done a bright red shade prior to tonight so they looked good and added to her confidence, which was hard to come by tonight. Then she made her way toward the living room as she had been instructed, her shoes clacking against the hardwood with each step.

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About halfway down the hall, Beth heard a noise behind her. She turned around and screamed. There was a tall black man who must have been around the same age as Greg making his way down the hall right behind Beth. Beth’s frantic brain wondered what another man was doing here. Beth turned around and stumbled toward the living room, panicking as she attempted to distance herself from the stranger, those six-inch heels not aiding her in her endeavor.

“There’s someone else -!” Beth started as the living room came into view but she promptly stopped when she realized there were four men already in the room, including Greg. Soon it was five men, as the black man joined them. It was apparent that they were all very, very pleased to see Beth in her slutty schoolgirl outfit. “What’s going on?” Beth asked, confused.

“Damn, Greg,” another 40-something guy not nearly as attractive as Greg said as Beth’s heart pounded in her chest. “I thought you were full of shit.”

“Whew,” said another middle-aged guy, this one scrawny and balding. “Better than advertised.”

“What the fuck is going on?” Beth repeated.

“I told you,” Greg said, that same sly grin on his face. “I’ll forgive the loan and say nothing in exchange for your cooperation.”

“B-b-but all these?” Beth stuttered, barely able to form words.

“I never said it would be just me,” Greg said, still amused. “Now you can leave if you want, but I’ll have a couple phone calls to make. Your choice.” Beth was devastated. Her mind reeled with what she would decide, but she knew already what she was going to do. Her education and popularity were too important to sacrifice for her dignity. Beside, no one needed to know, it would be just one night and she would have the whole weekend to recover. How bad could it really be?

“How do you want to start?” Beth said quietly. The five men clamored excitedly and sat up, immediately beginning to undo their pants. Greg stepped up and took Beth by her soft white hand and pulled her gently to the middle of the room.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “We won’t make you do anything,” he added with a wink. “We will do all the work.” He laughed. “You just relax.” Beth didn’t like the way his words sounded. Greg then slowly pushed Beth to her knees. “Maybe unbutton that blouse though,” he said. Beth forced a fake smile and undid her shirt, revealing her lacy white bra as five middle-aged men surrounded her, a few of them with their hard cocks already exposed.

Beth had never had group sex before. In this moment, she didn’t even allow her mind to conjure up the possibilities of what five cocks could do to her body. Instead, she just reached up with both hands, grabbed onto whichever penises were there and began to stroke them. Initially, something inside betrayed her as she liked the affirmation of the men’s moaning as she beat them off. While she jacked off two guys at once, Greg stepped up and stuck his thick, long phallus into Beth’s perfect mouth and ordered her to suck it. Beth whined but was stifled by the meat and then just obediently rocked her head back and forth and sucked on her creditor while her beautiful bright blonde hair swung back and forth. Now pleasing three dicks at once, Beth was showered with hoots, whistles and praise as she resolved to keep up with the weighty demands of her audience.

Beth made her way around the circle, sucking off a few of the guys and switching her hands onto others as well as she got turned around. The men continued to worship her as five pairs of hands played with her hair, rubbed her skin and fondled her breasts, which were still beneath the undergarment. Then, suddenly, Dwayne, the black guy grabbed Beth’s waist and pulled her up to her feet, bending her over while she still sucked the prick of some guy she didn’t even know. Dwayne reached under Beth’s skirt and literally ripped the thong off her, leaving a red mark on her leg and eliciting a cheer from the men who surrounded the sexy young college girl.

All but two of the men stepped back, leaving Beth sucking Rick, a nasty looking guy with a beard and a pot belly, holding his cock in her hand as Dwayne shifted Beth’s legs apart, lifted up the skirt and prepared to be the guy who would give the 20-year old her first ride of the night while his buddies watched on.

“Yeah, man, give it to her good!” one guy shouted. Beth’s heart sank, and the girl closed her eyes to hold back tears as she prepared to be humiliated even further.

“Wait a minute,” said the guy whom Beth was blowing, “shouldn’t Greg get to go first?” Oh my gosh, Beth thought, still with this nasty dick in her mouth. Just get is started already so we can end it, she silently pleaded. Greg waved at the guys to proceed, but his friends would not allow it. Dwayne slapped Beth’s ass, making the girl cry out around the meat, and he stepped away, deferring to their host. Greg then saddled up behind Beth, putting one hand on her lower back and holding up the skirt while using his other hand to guide his thick erection into Beth’s tight, young pussy.

The men cheered louder and louder as Greg sank into Beth, and they exploded with hollers once Greg began to thrust in and out, fucking Beth’s pussy like so many guys half Greg’s age had done over the past couple years. Beth pulled away from the other cock for a moment and couldn’t help but moan as her benefactor pumped in and out of her, her blonde hair swaying back and forth with each dive into her. Meanwhile, Rick pulled Beth’s shirt off and quickly removed her bra, exposing her pale, round boobs which also swung forward and back as Greg rocked her from behind while Rick now moved away and allowed their host to enjoy a solo run with the college girl who wore only a miniskirt and high heels now. Of course, the men cheered some more at the sight of Beth’s gorgeous boobs and began to call for more clothes to be removed.

“Holy shit!” said Ted, one of the most attractive of the five older men. “She really is smoking hot!”

“Yeah, man,” added Larry, the scrawny, balding one, “Give it to her, Greg, give it to her!” In response, Greg grabbed both of Beth’s wrists and pulled, thrusting his hips hard into her again and again. Beth didn’t hate the feeling of that thick cock pushing her pussy walls, but the shame of being on display for all these gross men while they prepared to take turns with her made the experience almost unbearable right from the beginning.

Next, Dwayne stepped up in front of Beth while Greg was still railing her and put his dick in her mouth, pulling her hair as he did. The other three men encouraged their friends to go to town on the young blonde as Greg and Dwayne split-roasted her while she stood up bent over in front of them all. Greg continued to pummel Beth’s tight twat as the girl moaned around Dwayne’s dick, sweat on her forehead and just a trace of tears leaking from her eyes. After a couple minutes, Dwayne stepped aside and allowed Ted to take that spot, giving Beth just a moment to cry out in humiliation as her loaner still made love to her. Greg and Ted proceeded to fuck either end of Beth until Greg, who kept pumping faster and faster, bottomed out in Beth’s cunt and came hard, moaning and cursing as he did. His buddies roared with approval as Greg held still and strained, unloading the contents of his balls deep inside Beth’s vagina, while Beth’s reeled from the thought that this older man’s seed was now deep inside her.

As soon as Greg was finished, Dwayne shifted back over to Beth’s backside after patiently waiting his turn and shoved his long, black dick right inside that wet, used, cum-filled cunt. Larry took Ted’s place in Beth’s mouth, and the two men lowered Beth to bring her hands and knees to the carpeted floor before they went right to pounding both ends of her hard before the girl had any chance to process what had just happened to her. Dwayne held firmly to Beth’s waist while Larry had a vice-grip on the girl’s head as he drove his cock up and down Beth’s throat. Tears now began to trickle from Beth’s eyes, and the college girl’s normally pale skin was beet red as these men essentially raped her in this unfamiliar house. Any pleasure Beth had allowed her body to feel at the very beginning of this exploit was dissipating by now, as she just wanted it to end and hope she never found herself in this situation again. Little did she know, the men were just getting started.

Dwayne fucked Beth doggystyle for a few minutes before pulling out and shooing Larry away from Beth’s mouth. Larry went to switch to Beth’s pussy, but Rick was already inside Beth’s twat before Larry could even get there. Meanwhile, Dwayne was back to fucking Beth, this time in her throat and sternly saying to her, “Suck that cock until I cum. That’s right, suck it. Oh yeah! Fuck!” At last, he pulled out and said, “You want this cum on your pretty face, right?” Beth knew to nod, but it wasn’t enough for Dwayne. “Say it!” he barked.

“Cum all over my face,” she managed to say meekly while Rick was going to town on her cunt behind her, pushing her forward toward Dwayne with each thrust. Beth’s words were loud enough for everyone to hear, though, and the men cheered, including Greg, who had already been spent, and they watched on as Dwayne beat off and moaned loudly, at last releasing his load and shooting thick spurts of jizz all over Beth’s cheeks, nose, eyes and forehead, coating her face.

A sob escaped Beth’s lips as the man juice dripped down her face and stung her eyes. Part of her was relieved, though, as two men had been satisfied and one more would be done in a couple minutes, she thought. Perhaps the worst was almost over, she hoped. Unfortunately for the girl, she was dead wrong.

Shortly after Dwayne finished on Beth’s face, Rick pulled out of Beth’s pussy but didn’t give up his spot in line, instead pulling the skirt down those smooth white legs. Beth cooperated with letting the man remove the clothing, which left her in only the stripper heels, quite a pleasing sight to the surrounding spectators, as evidenced by their shouts of affirmation. Then, without warning, Rick put one arm around Beth’s waist and pulled her against him as he re-positioned onto his back, holding Beth on top of him. Beth thought it nothing more than a change in position, but her nerves ratcheted up when Rick asked her, “Have you ever taken it in the ass, honey?”

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“I have,” Beth answered, her voice shaking. While she didn’t mind letting one of her hookups give her anal under the right circumstances, Beth had been hoping for none of it tonight. Apparently she had no luck at all right now.

“Good to hear,” Rick grunted as he pushed his prick into Beth’s dark hole, causing the young schoolgirl to scream in pain as that thick cock penetrated her ass. More hoots and hollers poured into Beth’s ears as Rick held Beth upright on his cock and began to slide the poor girl up and down his penis immediately, stretching out her asshole each time he lowered her back down and giving it no chance to adjust first. Beth planted her heels on the floor on either side of the stranger beneath her and reached behind her to rest her hands on his stomach while he continued to lift her up and down, plundering her ass that was even tighter than her young pussy while she gritted her teeth and bore the discomfort. Before long, though, Beth cried out and moaned with pain as that cock pushed into her sorry shitter over and over again while her boobs and hair rocked up and down in rhythm with her body and a stranger’s cum was still trickling down her cheeks. All the while, four other men cheered their buddy on.

“Fuck her ass, bro! Fuck her!” yelled Larry.

“Yeah, look at that bitch take it in her ass,” Dwayne added. “Fuckin’ slut!” Beth tried her best to hold back tears as she endured her humiliation, though no one would have been able to distinguish the tears from the cum on her face. She resolved in that moment to get her life together after this night and get back on the track she was on before she let her pride govern her decisions. Then, just as she once again thought she had endured the worst, Ted stepped up and suggested what Beth’s mind hadn’t dare consider until now.

“Let’s DP her!” he said, standing in front of the couple. The boys shouted out some more exclamations of approval, and Rick complied by pulling Beth down so that her back was lying against his chest.

“You’re going to make a delicious sandwich,” Rick said into Beth’s ear. Beth bit her lip, bracing for an impending discomfort she had never before experienced and muffling the wails that were nearly escaping from her mouth. She wished she could be like a pornstar and go along with this degradation but she felt too miserable to fake it. She was barely able to keep her eyes open as Ted spread her legs and lifted one up around his waist while stepping over the other and aiming his dick for her open vagina. Meanwhile, Rick was still balls-deep in her ass and holding the girl in place by her boobs as he allowed his buddy to top off this sex sandwich.

When Ted pushed his cock into Beth’s pussy, Beth cried out in more pain, unable to keep her mouth closed. “If you relax,” Ted said, “you’ll like it. I know girls who do.” Maybe so, Beth thought, but she was in too much turmoil to relax. Truth be told, Beth had often thought in the past that it would be hot to be double-teamed – even double-penetrated – by two hot guys at a party or something, but not like this, and not with these men. If she were going to try group sex, she wanted it to be on her terms, not by a group of horny, middle-aged men to whom she owed a debt.

Once both men were sheathed inside Beth, Rick moved his hands to Beth’s arms, and Ted lay on top of Beth, smushing the pale blonde between him and his buddy, pinning one of her legs between theirs while her other leg poked out from the mass of flesh. Bracing the pain, Beth sank both hands into Ted’s back and awaited what was to come. She had never imagined being this full, and her mind couldn’t come to grips with the fact that both her ass and pussy were stuffed. As a result, an animal-like noise that Beth didn’t know she could make emerged from her throat, further embarrassing her.

“Damn, that’s hot,” she heard Greg say.

“Fucking DP slut!” said another.

“Sandwich that bitch!” shouted the other. As all these exclamations poured out, Ted and Rick got right to work, each thrusting into his respective hole, the two men sawing in and out of the gorgeous blonde as she writhed and screamed between them. Her body was now covered in sweat, as her own mixed with that of the two men who pinned her tightly between them. Her fingernails dug deeply into Ted’s back as she took their cocks in and out of her holes, the men taking no care to form any kind of consistency in double-fucking her but rather just hammering her ass and pussy to their hearts’ content. Beth’s legs bounced wildly amid the Beth sandwich as the men pumped in and out of her, stuffing her holes and stretching out her taint while her fans cheered her on.

Beth continued to moan and sob while Ted and Rick brutally fucked her, Ted repeatedly kissing Beth hard throughout their double-penetration sex. At one point Beth felt someone grab the ankle of her free leg, but she could hardly make out who it was, not that it mattered. As her fuckers grunted and moaned while they filled her ass and pussy, she felt this other guy put her foot to his mouth and lick the tips her toes before putting it back down and rubbing her toes against his cock instead. Then he backed away just as Justin, the scrawny, balding guy, stooped beside her left side and coaxed her into taking his dick in her mouth. Beth couldn’t fathom how she could take three cocks at once, but the boys were doing all the work, just like Greg had promised. Turning Beth’s head toward him, Justin slipped his penis into Beth’s mouth, sealing off her only remaining hole and making her airtight as Ted and Rick continued to plunge in and out of Beth’s other holes.

Only Greg and Dwayne were left to watch on, and the fact that they had both already climaxed didn’t seem to diminish their enjoyment at all. Instead, they still praised Beth as she took a cock in each of her holes. The poor girl was starting to feel terribly sore all over, and she was dreadfully uncomfortable with sweat all over her body and drying cum mingled with tears on her face. On the bright side, she thought, with all three of the remaining guys fucking her, it should be over pretty soon.

At last, Ted groaned and yelled that he was ready to cum. He pulled out of Beth’s pussy and got off her while Justin pulled out of her mouth and stepped back. Rick then lifted Beth’s ass off his cock and stood up with her, briefly kissing her sloppily before ordering her to her knees. Once Beth was in position, Ted and Rick stepped on either side of her and beat off, both of them pointing their manhood at her wrecked face.

“Oh yeah!” Ted shouted. “All over your fucking face!” He then erupted, splattering the right side of Beth’s face with his seed just a moment before Rick did the same to the other side. The other three men cheered as loudly as they had all night as the blonde schoolgirl dressed in only high heels had her face doused with two loads of cum at the same time. About halfway through his cumshot, Rick pointed himself down and shot off his remaining few spurts on Beth’s perfectly round boobs while Ted finished up on the girl’s forehead.

As the two men came on her, Beth was shocked to realize she was actually grinning a little. In fact, a giggle even escaped her mouth as the warm semen plastered her smooth albeit brutalized flesh. After all the trauma she had undergone for the past hour, being used as a cumrag was almost amusing to her for some reason. Of course, she didn’t want the men to think she enjoyed this treatment, so she quickly wiped the smile off her face and looked down at her tits to see Rick’s cum streaming down them while she felt the same substance dripping from her cheeks and chin.

Justin was the only one left to be satisfied, so before Beth was even able to wipe the cum from around her eyes, Justin had pulled her on top of him as he lay on his back, Beth’s boobs hovering over him as she held herself up by her hands and knees. Justin slipped his cock into Beth’s sore pussy and went right to fucking her hard and fast so that his balls were slapping up against her flesh. Relieved in thinking Justin was the last one to get off, Beth mustered enough motivation and strength to grind back on him, as sore as she was, in and effort to get him off as soon as possible and bring an end to this God-forsaken night.

Beth’s payment, however, wasn’t quite in full yet. Beth was surprised to feel hands on her ass behind her and shocked to feel someone’s pushing his cock into her asshole while Justin held her still from beneath her. Beth yelped and looked over her shoulder to see Greg double-penetrating her, his cock as hard as it had been when he had finished inside her pussy not that long ago.

“You got me hard again, baby,” Greg said as he sank balls deep into the blonde, who was now double-stuffed again. “And it looks like you’re having such a good time!” Beth’s heart sunk for the tenth time tonight. Her luck had truly run out.

“Oh, baby!” shouted Justin. “You were tight before, but with that cock in your ass, mmm!” Once Greg was settled, he and Justin began to saw in and out of Beth, fucking both of her holes as the girl could no longer contain her misery but instead broke down and sobbed. Maybe there was a shred of decency in the men, because shortly after Beth began to cry, Greg and Justin started to go more gently, taking turns inside her so that she wasn’t fucked as roughly as the last time she was sandwiched. As the men took care to double-dick her properly, Beth was surprised to find that she almost enjoyed the feeling of taking a cock in both her ass and pussy at the same time. Had her holes not been so sore from all the abuse she had taken up until now, she may have liked this treatment.

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“Yeah, that’s it!” Greg said and then laughed, noticing that Beth was coming around. Beth was sorry she had made it that obvious that she was adjusting, but she had been so miserable until now that she couldn’t help but cling to whatever positive she could take from it. “You like being DP’d, don’t you?” he added. Beth didn’t answer but just lowered her head, still holding herself up halfway between the men. “Don’t you?” Greg said again, demanding an answer.

“Yes, sir,” Beth said, thinking to hell with it. “Fuck your young slut.”

“That’s more like it!” Greg said as he pounded Beth harder while Justin alternated into her pussy. Without even realizing it, Beth laughed as she felt Greg’s manhood penetrate deep and hard into her ass. Justin grinned and matched the intensity of his buddy’s thrusts, pushing deep into Beth’s pussy as the men sawed in and out of the sore girl who at last was beginning to embrace her fate. The men watching the spectacle enjoyed the show all the more as Beth’s head rocked back and forth as she took two cocks in her, the girl not even sure why she was smiling. Perhaps she was just so delirious and traumatized that her body was confused.

Before she knew what was happening, Dwayne came over and ordered the young girl to suck his cock, which was hard again after being satisfied once already. Beth’s newfound spurt of energy took a hit at that point as she wondered just how many rounds these men had in them. As anxiety set in again, Dwayne shoved his member into Beth’s mouth, Beth now sealed off airtight for the second time tonight as three older men took their spots and hammered all three of Beth’s holes in unison. Soon Beth felt overwhelmed again, as it was harder to breathe with that cock in her mouth, and her overworked body began to sweat profusely. All of a sudden her ass and pussy felt really sore again, and her mouth was tired. Panic gripped her heart, and she could feel the tears welling up in her eyes again as she dug her fingernails in the carpet. Her mind swirled with the worst possible scenarios ahead of her tonight.

Fortunately, this time the worst was pretty much behind her. The three men gangbanged her together for just a few more minutes while these frantic thoughts swam through Beth’s brain. Then, cussing and moaning, Justin came in Beth’s vagina, going still as he did. Dwayne then pulled out of Beth’s mouth, allowing Beth to gasp for air as she whined and cried for just a brief uncontrollable minute while Justin was still unloading his cum deep in her twat. Just as Justin was finishing up, Greg had his second orgasm tonight, this time shooting off in Beth’s round ass so that both of her holes were filling with cum.

The feeling of cum shooting in both her holes was surprisingly delightful for Beth as well, making her grin a little as she felt the fluid seep inside her. It was like she was bipolar these past couple moments. While overall she felt degraded and humiliated, she couldn’t help but find some of the events that transpired to be at least amusing if not enjoyable. Her only concern now was that all these men would require a second run at her like Greg had just had, and Dwayne at least certainly wanted to go again.

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Greg pulled out of Beth’s cum-soaked ass, and then Justin pulled the used girl off his cock, his juice dripping from her pussy as her legs shook. Then, even though she could see it coming, she screamed as Dwayne grabbed her and put her on her back before spreading her legs and holding them up in the air while managing to poke his dick into her slick womanhood. Beth yelped again as that long, black prick penetrated deep inside her, and Dwayne, undeterred, began to pump in and out of her again.

Dwayne fucked Beth on her back for a few minutes before leaning over, giving her a long, sloppy kiss as he wrapped his arms around her and then picking her up so that she was pulled off the ground entirely as Dwayne stood up, Beth still affixed to his dick. Catching a look from Dwayne, Ted, who was also hard again, shuffled over to the couple, ready for his second turn as well. Beth whimpered as Ted put one hand on her shoulder and the other on his cock as he pushed it up into her ass, which accepted Ted fairly easily this time, thanks to the use it had endured already, as well as the remnants of cum still in there. Once Ted and Dwayne had Beth suspended in the air and stuffed in both holes, Dwayne supported Beth by her thighs, while Ted held tightly to her ass, and the two men immediately began to lift her up and down in a standing double-penetration.

Beth did not find this position all that comfortable and wailed as her perpetrators rocked her hard and fast on their cocks, their whole lengths pumping deep into both her holes at the same time, filling her to capacity each time they lowered her down. Her boobs and hair rocked up and down with each thrust, and Beth couldn’t help but throw her head back and moan from the slightest bit of pleasure but mostly pain, her straight blonde hair flying back in Ted’s face. She started out by clinging to Dwayne’s shoulders, but Ted eventually pulled one of Beth’s arms over around his neck so that her lovely boobs were on display for their buddies who were watching and cheering as Beth rode up and down those two cocks. Then Dwayne and Ted just kept grunting and moaning while occasionally throwing out praise at the young college girl who had no choice but to take the hard fucking in her sore, abused holes while her high-heel-clad feet dangled helplessly over the carpet.

After a few minutes of mercilessly pumping the girl up and down their dirty cocks, Dwayne pulled out of Beth’s pussy, giving it just a moment of respite, and Ted let her down, evacuating her ass. Unintentionally, Beth collapsed on the floor, whining as she did, unable to stand for the moment because she was too exhausted and sore. Undeterred, Ted positioned Beth on her back and knelt in between her legs, resting Beth’s ankles on his shoulders and putting his dick right inside her pussy, plowing into her hard while Dwayne knelt now by her chest and soon stroked out his second load of the night onto the young schoolgirl’s breasts, which bounced up and down as Ted fucked her. Dwayne finished up, this helping not quite as generous as his earlier one, and left Ted to nail Beth hard in her sore pussy for a few minutes until her pulled out and leaned back, letting Beth’s legs fall to the floor. Then her removed each of her shoes, the only clothing that had remained on her, and held her feet together with his cock in between them.

“You have cute feet,” Ted said as he pushed his cock back and forth between them. Beth had to admit to herself that it was kind of sexy to see that long, hard cock push between her dainty feet with her bright red toenails shining in the overhead light. Ted held her by the base of her ankles and thrust his cock hard, fucking her feet until they brought him to the brink of another orgasm. At that point, Ted released Beth’s ankles and shuffled forward, masturbating until he came on Beth’s tits and stomach, adding the final load of the night onto the blonde’s reddened but otherwise pale white flesh.

Ted stood up, and the rest of the men hollered and cheered. As Beth lay on her back completely naked in front of them, her chest heaved up and down as she caught her breath. Her flesh felt hot and filthy because of all the sweat, cum and even tears that covered her chest and face. She couldn’t even imagine how messed up her hair was. Meanwhile, her heart was pounding ferociously and her brain was going a mile a minute as she felt used and broken inside. Paradoxically, though, there was wicked part of her, a part she didn’t know she had, that felt proud of what she had endured – assuming she had reached the end of her marathon.

Beth had, in fact, fulfilled her payment at last, which Greg told her and then began a round of applause for the girl. Hardly flattered but definitely relieved, Beth lay on her back for a few more minutes as she recovered from the gang rape, as she considered it, while her assailants got dressed. Once the men got themselves cleaned up, a couple of them helped Beth up to her feet and bid the naked girl farewell, praising her and telling her they had had the best night of their lives. Once the rest of the men were gone, Greg took Beth back to the bathroom to shower again and get dressed in her clothes. As Beth took nearly an hour to clean herself, she was silent. She didn’t feel like she needed to cry anymore but she also wasn’t thrilled with what had transpired. She felt ashamed, humiliated and sore as hell. She even felt like she had a couple small bruises. At least now she had a clean slate and could get her life back on track. When she finished with the shower, she hurried out the front door without Greg’s even realizing it.

One would think Beth had learned her lesson. While the experience changed her, she still found her lifestyle hard to release. In fact, about a month later, Beth’s parents were out of town, and Beth, closing in on her 21st birthday, decided to throw a party at her parents’ house, footing the bill with the money that was supposed to be used for her schooling. Not only that, but as the night went on, she led two lucky boys up to her bedroom at the same time. Beth didn’t walk right for a week after she was gangbanged, and her holes were a little sore even after that week, but she was feeling better now and, while getting fucked by five guys was pretty extreme, she never stopped thinking about what it felt like to have two boys inside her at once and what it would be like to do it again on her terms.

“How can you afford this party?” said one of the boys as they closed the door to Beth’s bedroom, sealing the three of them in there.

“I have my means,” Beth said as she took her shirt off and then reached around her back to unhook her bra. “I’ve got a backup plan I can always rely on if I ever run out of money.” She was grinning now, her boobs hanging free and captivating the college boys. “It’s a real pain in the ass, but it’s nothing I haven’t handled before.”

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