Indian brother-sister sex story

Indian brother-sister sex story, incest story, I was horny boy, thinking about girls and sex all the time. I used to do all sort of pervert things, which 18 year boy could do like sneaking on girls and women around, trying to get glimpse of their luscious body. Making out what under garments they are wearing under their cloths, watching adult movies or blue films, Reading normal sex magazines etc. etc. I was lusting after older girls in the college, female teachers, women and girls walking on the street, our neighbours and even some of my female relatives.

One day I saw my sister in just bra and panties while she was changing her dress and I was delighted what I saw. First I felt ashamed that I should not look at my own sister that way. But the fact that I never felt so much excitement and tingling sensation in my body before while watching her in half nude state.

Then afterwards I started to watch my sister interestedly. One time I got one hardcore sex stories magazine in Hindi language and read it. I found so many stories about sex relations between close relatives including brother-sister. I relieved myself saying that these types of sex relations do exist in the world that I’m not only one who thinks about own sister sexually. My sexual feeling about my sister increased after that.


My sister was six years older than my 18-year-age. She wasn’t like sex bomb or knockout figure. She was typical middle-class girl with attractive face. She had figure, which would defiantly drove, me crazy and caused me to masturbate every day. Living in same house with my sister gave me every other opportunity to explore my sexual feelings without knowing her.

For my sister I was little kid brother but for me she was sex goddess! Being her only kid brother, she loves me lot. She would hug me or give peek on my cheeks every other time. I was apple of her eyes. We would play together, laugh together, and make fun together. We were very close. We were just like close friends rather than brother/sister and we even agreed about that.

My sister was treating me like small boy so she never hesitated to change her cloths front of me. I always secretly watched her in her under garments and she never noticed that I am looking at her lustfully. When she would change cloths front of me I would talk with her about something so while taking I could boldly watch her sexy curves. Sometimes She even would tell me to zip up her dress or to button up her blouse at the back.

I have done all sort of things to satisfy my desires like touching my sister’s luscious body parts while walking around the house, feeling her breast and buttock while hugging her or standing near her. Watching her secretly while she dressing or undressing to get glimpse of her bra clad breast or panty covered ass. Our house was small so everybody sleeps together in the hall. I used to sleep near my sister and in the middle of night I would slide near her. I used to feel her breast, thighs or even her pussy while she was fast asleep or some time used to hug her to feel heat of her body.

Whenever I would get chance, I used to play with my sister’s undergarments, dropping her panties over my cock and rubbing the bras over my face and body. Sometimes when I was alone in the house, I would find her used panties in the washing cloths, and sniffs them, that really made me wild. I would fantasise about touching her and fucking her and would bring myself to orgasm into her panties.

My parents or even my sister never suspect my true feelings about her. I would take care not to know anyone about my perversion. Even though I lusted after my sister and fantasies about having sex with her, I knew that fucking my own sister or intimating all sexual acts with her was just fantasy and imaginary, it wasn’t possible in real life. There wasn’t any way I could fuck my sister or she would allow me to fuck her. So I never actually made any move on her or let her know about my true feelings. I only watched her or dreamed about her.

When my sister became 25, my parents fixed her marriage with 35-year-old man who was in our relation. My sister agreed for marriage and after marriage she went to her husband’s house. I wasn’t too happy about her marriage. First thing her husband was much older than her, I doubt whether he would keep her happy. And second important thing was missing my sexy sister to be around me. But I knew some day she would get marries and would leave our house.

After that I kept my sexual desires satisfying with memories of my sister’s sexy body and some of her old used bra and panties, which she left in our cupboard. She used to visit our home occasionally for festivals or special days and would stay for week or month. All the time when she was back at home I would stay around her, talking and laughing, telling her stories and making fun. This way I was watching her secretly and touching and feeling her sensuous body parts without knowing her. After marriage she was looking more beautiful and sexy. Still, I was masturbating in the bathroom sniffing her panties and bra.

If my sister would not come for long time I used go to her house to meet her. Her husband’s house was in other town, which was an eight-hour journey from my place. I used to stay at her home for 2/3 days or one week. There also, I used to be around her all the time. Although I was talking with her or helping her with anything, my main goal was to get glimpse of her sexy body through her sari and blouse or to touch her here and there without her noticing. She never noticed my true feelings. How could she imagine her own little brother is lusting after her?

Within a year of her marriage my sister got pregnant and she gave birth to baby boy. After 3/4 years passed she never had any child and I guess she was happy with her husband and only child.

Mean time I finished my education and started working with one company. I had some girlfriends and had romantic relations with few of them. I actually fucked one or two girls and enjoyed sex life with them. But still I was masturbating thinking about my sister. I kept my lust and desire for her all this years. Throughout my life I kept hope that some day one miracle will happen and I would get chance to fuck my sister.

My sister and I used to talk about anything and everything including some romantic subjects. I came to know that my sister wasn’t happy with her old husband and their marriage life wasn’t in good terms. Her husband was more interested doing his business than her.

I always feel bad about my sister. So I always keep her cheering up. I used to make jokes with her or tell her funny things etc. I always make her laugh and keep her mood happy and pleasant. Whenever she comes to our house or I would go to her house, I always try to make her happy by taking her out for shopping, movies or picnic. We used to go to nice restaurant for dinner etc. I was doing all sort of thing to make my sister happy, which her husband supposed to do.

One time when I got back from office my mother told me there was phone call from my sister that she wanted to come for Deewali festival and asked me if I have time to go and bring her. I was always ready to go to my sister’s house because whenever I go to her house, her husband would stay in his office all the time and her son in the school. Most of the time my sister and me used to be alone in the house, which give me more freedom to watch her.

My sister would careless about her sari, pallu, which gives me enough glimps of her cleavage and buttock. She would take afternoon nap front of me while I watch television. She used to wear sari and blouse whole day and gown in the night. Once she got in to deep sleep I would watch her sexy body boldly. I would slide her pallu off her breast and watch rhythmic movement of breast while she breathing or flat belly with deep navel. Some time I would slide her sari up her legs exposing her sexy legs and ample thighs.

So when mother asked me I immediately agreed to go to my sister’s house. It’s been six-month since I saw her last time. Next day early morning I got in the bus to go to her town. By the afternoon I reached in her town. I did not inform her that I was coming because I wanted to surprise her. I reached her house and knocked the door. When she opens the door and saw me, she screamed in surprise and hugged me right there. Taking full advantage of that I also hugged her tight pressing her big breast in my chest. She welcomes me in the house and makes me sit in the sofa.

She was taking afternoon nap and her sari and pallu was disorder. She went in the bathroom to get fresh and after came where I was sitting. We started talking about news back at my house while she peeled off her sari and started wearing it properly front of me. Although I was talking with her I was observing her sexy body.

I could see how her blouse was filling her round full breast. Blouse was such a tight that button on the front was straining making gap between two buttons, exposing glimpse of her black bra and white flesh of her breast. Her navel seems to be more deep and sexy. Petticoat was hugging her round buttock tightly. God! She became sexier now.

Taking pallu on her shoulder She finished wearing sari. Then she started to make out her hair while talking with me. Every time she would raise her hands to brush her hair, her breast would giggle up and down. My cock was hard looking my sexy sister like that. All afternoon and evening I stay with my sister talking with her while she was moving around the house, doing daily house core. I asked her about my nephew. She told me her sister-in-law took him in her house for 1 or 2 weeks, as he is very fond of her kids. Her sister-in-law was living in the same town and she told me to go and visit her house if I want to see him next day.

In the Night, my sister’s husband came home from his work and greeted me. We talked about here and there; he enquired about my job, everybody, and me, back in the house. I told him I’m planning to stay their 2/3-day and after take my sister at our home for one week. He was fine about that as their son was in his sister’s house so he doesn’t have to worry about him. All the time when I was there in my sister’s house I was watching her secretly and dreaming about fucking her. I knew that wasn’t possible but that was my kink, my favourite time pass, my desire through out my life.

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