I have to take Dad’s Place – 4

Hello Everyone, I am niyar Borah back with my love life with my mom. Thanks for your valuable feedbacks and so much of love. If anyone missed my previous experiences then go through them first to better understand my life.

I have to take Dad’s Place 3

The night when mom revealed creepiest secrets of my Dad and aunt, sufferings of my mom, it lead me into tears. I am trying to wipe mom’s tears and make her comfortable but inside I am crying more than her. I am not unhappy about Dad being Bisexual, I respect everybody’s sexual orientation but one can’t make another person life miserable due to his personal pleasure. How can he done that much harsh thing with mom. If he has no love for mom then why he forced her to elope with him. It’s not acceptable to me and I made my mind to confronts him.
Life goes on like a routine, One fine morning mom waked me up and gave me a kiss on my forehead. She was holding my head and guiding it towards her breasts. She pressed my head tightly. She was wearing a light pink lace bra with same colour panties. Her hairs are draped in a towel and I can smell fragrance of her shampoo. I hold her tightly with both my arms and pressed my face in between her chest. This was a divine moment, like eternity. Then she said to me.


Mom: Honey, can I ask you one favour?
With my face in-between her breasts I uttered.
Me: Give me your Command, My Lady. You are my Queen, I am at your service.

She giggled at my words and kissed my forehead. She was blushing and her chick became red.
Mom: Honey, from some days I am thinking……………. You & me already married, our love is blossoming and its increasing day by day. I love you more than myself and can’t think about a life without you and I know you love me more than yourself too. So, I am thinking about guiding our love towards a stable future.
I interrupted her words, Her words her making me confused.
Me: Swapna, What are you trying to say? Please say it directly naa.
Mom: I am thinking about………………. You and Me can plan…………….
She paused her words then kept silent for some time. The suspense is killing me. What she is trying to say……..Is she trying to separate herself from me? Is she planning to leave me? Her words made me completely blank.
Me: Babe, please complete your words. Otherwise I am having a heart attack. Please cut short this suspense. Mom, what are you planning with me. Are you going to leave……..
She put her palm my lips and cut short my words.
Mom: Honey I am not leaving you…………. Don’t even think of it. You are my soul. I am planning to settle our life………… and I need a big favour from you.

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Is she trying to ask me to marry another girl? What the meaning of settling in life. There was many questions and I don’t have answers ………its full of suspense.

Me: Swapna, Are you trying to ask me to marry another girl? If so, Its not going to happen.
Mom pushed me on bed lightly and jumped on me.
Mom: You are such an idiot, Your wife is asking you to settle down on life…..giving you so much of hints still you are not getting her. You are so innocent, That’s what I love about you…….. you are totally a momma boy.
I hugged her and kissed on lips.
Me: Please, Swapna tell me what you want. I am not getting your hint.
She looked at my eyes and smiled.
Mom: I want a baby from you…….. I want to feel like mother again. I want the pleasure of raising my baby with my husband by my side. You have given me every pleasure a woman needed in life. Please fulfil my this dream also.
I remain spell bounded to her words.
Mom: I know this is a big favour to ask. Our married life is just started and I am asking you for a baby. I know its early but I am old, With every passing days I am growing older. Please do me this favour. I promise, I will try my best to be best mommy and I will not ignore you after childbirth. I will balance between my duties.

I remained silent. From inside I am happy to know that mom want a child from me. She want our relationship to grow stronger to tease her I hide my excitement and acted calm.
Mom: Honey, Please fulfil my wish. I know you are young and you want to enjoy your love life. I assure you, I will not deprive you from sex. You will have ultimate pleasure by loving a pregnant wife. During pregnancy women get heavenly beauty, Her body became fuller, Her skin became brighter and glows. You will get ultimate happiness by fucking pregnant me. The moment you will hold your child on your hand, you will the happiest person. The Child will be half you and half me. Our love will get a physical form. Child will call you Papa and me Mommy.
She Looked at me and blinked her eyes in her trademark “accept my wish” manner. She knows I can’t resist her no more. I gave her a smile of acceptance. She was so excited, She kissed my lips and put her tongue in my mouth and started to dig her nails on my back. I sucked her tongue…….she always taste good. Her right hand probed my short and held my dick. She was stroking it slowly and tenderly. Her strokes are slow and long.
Mom: I am the happiest girl in this world. You are my dream man. You fulfil all my wishes. I want to promise you one thing……… From today you can use my any hole you want. I know you love to fuck my butt and I denied you many time. From today I completely surrender myself to you. You can fulfil your Kinkiest and dirtiest desire with me. Just one thing, Don’t try share me with anyone like your father. I can be your Hottest, Dirtiest and kinkiest wife you can imagine.
Me: Mom, I am so happy today. Finally you asked me about this. Having a child with you is my ultimate dream. I am so excited. I want a copy of you…… A junior swapna from you.

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Mom looked at me with artificial sadness and punched my chest. She was making a sad face although I can sense her smiling eyes.
Mom: Why Junior Swapna?……Why not a junior Niyar.
I hold her face by chin and deep looking into her eyes I said to her
Me: I Love this pretty girl…… I love you. You are an wonderful lady. I want a junior pretty lady as my daughter.
Mom laid her face on my chest and patting her right palm on my left shoulder said to me
Mom: Honey…..why you appreciate my beauty so much. I am happy that you find me desirable, Beautiful.
Me: Swapna, You have heavenly beauty….but I love you as person more. I love your inner self.
Mom: Now someone is trying to flatter his old wife.
She teased me.
Me: Mom, you are not old. You are mature. Your beauty can surpass young girls. Only blinds will not appreciate this beautiful lady. I am happy that this beautiful lady belongs to me.
Mom: Oh…honey. You always make me feel loved and wanted. In your arms I feel like a Queen.
Me: That’s what husbands are for. To make their lady feel like Queen.
I slowly grabbed her in my arms and tried to smooch her but she pushed me aside and ran away.
Me: Swapna, What happened? Why you left me.
Mom: My dear hubby, Get ready for office. You can love me whole night. We will play test match today.
I just smiled to mom’s words. Her excitement for today’s night made me happy.
In this new office, People are not so friendlier. Everybody tries to create hurdles for everyone. Boss is a divorced woman in her mid thirties. She is a headache for everyone. She seems to be unhappy with life and gaining no success in dating. Her sexual frustration turned her into an ill mannered person. As I am new to this office, her behaviour is bitchier towards me. Every day she tries to put me into tasks near impossible. As usual she called me into her cabin.
Me: May I come in Madam.
Boss: Come…Come… don’t keep me waiting.
Me: You asked me to come to your cabin………….
Boss: No…No.. I ordered you to come to my cabin.
Me: Sorry, My Mistake.
Boss: Don’t Be sorry, You men always think about women as inferior to you. So, don’t be sorry. As I am inferior woman I can wait my lord
I just remain silent, I can return the favour but that will ruin my professional life.
Boss: Hey you, Filthy pig…. Don’t remain silent. Answer me, why you men think us women to be inferior to you. We are not toys to through after use.

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I remained silent but my mind is not calm. In my whole life I respected women, A woman sacrificed her whole life to make my life brighter and I always respect her as my goddess. She is most important in my life…… more important than my own life. After some time, boss became calm and asked me to complete site works. In evening, She came to me somewhat embarrassed and asked me to meet her after office. She was not looking to my eyes.

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