Hubby’s colleague sexual desires

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It’s a nice but lonely weekend as my hubby Ankit is out of station for 2-3 my maid completed our household works ,I locked the door and moved in my bedroom as I removed my night wear ,took out a leggings with walked nudely inside washroom,as I sits under cascade and started having bath ,my body is wet and now while standing I stretched my legs wide to see my soft vagina getting some hairs on I put a hair remover cream on it and than on my armpits ,rubbed it as I started putting body shampoo on my sexy boobs to waist.Rima is a married lady of 26 years with her height of 5’6 feet and physical measurement is 34-26-36 as lovely boobs and round dome shaped ass are I put gels on my whole body as I rubbed it with my palms,later on my whole body is covered in gels and I opened the cascade ,now water flowing on my sexy I have my bath,I rubbed my wet body and walked nude in my bedroom.while standing infront of long mirror ,I can see my sexy thighs as well as reddish cunt in it,now put a black coloured brassier as well as panty on my sexual organs.I took leggings and crop-tops as I put it on my body,looking like a hot blonde ,I walked inside kitchen and than took my breakfast as I sits on chair to have it.It’s 09:55 am as my breakfast completed and now thinking to enjoy some time in shopping mall,as I took my purse and opened it to see money as well as credit card inside,my mobile started ringing ,an unknown number is on screen and I received the call……….

(Unknown voice)Hi madam,do you recognise me
(Rima)no ,who are you?
(Male voice)madam ,I am Piyush ,your Hubby’s colleague
(Rima)oh Piyush jee ,how are you?
(Piyush)fine actually I called Ankit but his mobile is switched off ,so I called you
(Rima)your friend is not here but he is fine Piyush
(Piyush)ok actually I have to provide him a official file ,so I want to come to your home
(Rima)ok as you wish.”

And I postponed my shopping ideas as I walked to my bedroom and slept on it,feeling tired as my hubby have fucked me late night and than left home in the early I rested and slept fast as I left bed after door bell started ringing ,and I walked towards door as I opened it.Piyush is standing there as he smiled and I greet him,now as he sits on sofa ,I locked the door and walked towards kitchen,prepared cup of coffee and walked back to him.Piyush is a 28-29 years unmarried guy as his tall figure of 6’0 feet with strong arms and wider chest shows his smart physique and I came back with cup of coffee ,leaned forward to put it on table,I caught his eyes eyeing my sexy sits on opposite sofa with my legs crossed and started drinking coffee as he smiled………

“bhabhi are you going somewhere?
(Rima smiled)yes going to nearby shopping mall but your call postponed it
(Piyush)oh so sorry ,if love to shop ,today is my holiday and I can accompany you.”our eyes have met several times but I am bit shy and afraid,having extramarital relations with a stranger Rashid and than with a young guy Sam is a different story as both are unknown for my hubby but Piyush is my hubby’s I agreed to have some nice time with him and I walked out of my home as I locked the main he drove his car as I am sitting on front seat near him,our destination is confusing but what Piyush is thinking right now? I can’t I can see car moving at great speed out of Gomti Nagar ,I thought he is going to somewhere else,let him do what he wants .as he lives a bachelor life in indirapuram resedential area ,he took me his home as I am bit shy and he parked the car in parking lot as we both walked out of it and he took me on 5th floor via lift as his flat is locked,he opened it and I walked it’s clear that he have sexual desires with me and he have planned for it as he called me first and than took me to his I sits on a chair,Piyush locked the door and came to me,looking at him ,I asked…….

“Piyush it’s a shopping mall?
(Piyush)oh bhabhi you are alone in your home ,so I thought our company should be best.” And he walked towards his kitchen as I can see two glasses in his hand with a bottle of he put it on table and moved back towards refrigerator ,I stand there………”Piyush don’t need your company ,what you are going to do?
(Piyush )nothing erotic only drink and talk.”

As I thought it’s not nice showing my resistance at this early stage,now he sits on opposite chair and started pouring wine in glasses while mixing soda in dirty mind is on his smart personality as my eyes are on his bulge of penis,after drinking wine ,how I will keep my cool as it will make me more hot and I took a glass full of wine and both started drinking it,he is unbuttoning his shirt as his wider chest with hairs on it are visible in his vest.piyush have his first drink fast as he took out a packet of cigarette from his pocket and lit it to smoke,while I am drinking wine,now he is pouring more wine in his glass as he is smoking while putting his hand on jeans ,now my eyes as well as face turned to other direction as I can see him seducing a hot and horny my drink is over ,my eyes moves on his body and looking at his bulge on his briefs ,I can see it’s making a attractive look on it.piyush is now drinking wine as I took cigarette from him to smoke and now he started gazing me like he will eat it me right now .so a large pack made me horny and as I put empty glass on table,I asked……..

“prepare a light pack for me.” And he is doing it while eyeing my sexy boobs,as I started drinking wine and now it’s my dirty mind getting on his smart semi nude body.

I am completely drunk as I stands and walked to him,looking at him ,I put my one leg on his strong thigh and Piyush put his hand on my back.while his hand is moving on my sexy ass,now he hold my elastic lock leggings and pulled it down,like a horny lady I took it out from my legs and Piyush started kissing my thigh while rubbing my sexy smooth my submission made him confident but as I removed my tops ,he stood fast and hold me in his arms.we both are kissing eachother as piyush is rubbing my sexy ass and my hand is on his waist as I pulled his briefs down.He is standing as I knelt on his legs and started kissing his long thick covk,it’s 8-9 inches long and 3 inches thick as it’s soft round glans are making me I hold his cock and started moving it’s glans on my lips,he hold my hairs and as I opened my mouth to swallow his long cock,he fucked my mouth hard and now while holding my hairs ,he is fucking my mouth with his mouth is full of penis as glans is hitting my deep throat and I sucked his cock till he took out it his his wet penis is being licked with my tongue,looking at him I took his glans in between my lips and sucked it for a while.later on ,I stand on ground as I removed my panty and brassiere while removing his vest and we both are completely nude as he put his hand on my waist and we both walked in his bedroom.
I slept on bed while putting my legs wide and Piyush put a pillow under my sexy ass as he leaned his face,his face is inbetween my thighs and he started kissing my vagina.while his lips are loving my vagina,I put my hand on boobs and started pressing it hard as I put my fingers on vagina to open it’s hole,now I can feel his tongue moving inside my vagina as he is licking it wildely and my sexy voice”oohh aahh lick it fast” is making him horny.while his hand is now on my tummy ,I hold it and put it on my boobs and he is massaging it vagina is dry as it’s heat is at maximum ,I am sure I will cum soon and Piyush took my vagina in his mouth and started sucking it .as I am feeling on top of world ,he is sucking my vagina and I am shouting”oohh aahh suck it you mother-fucker ,I will cum soon.” And my vagina become juicy as he got its taste ,now licked it for a while as I walked nudely to washroom,urinated and have I came back,Piyush asked……..

“darling you are too sexy ,have eyed your body in a party
(Rima)oh means you have masturbated also while imaging my nude body
(Piyush laughed)yes I have.”

And I put myself like a doggy ,as Piyush is sitting on my back,looking back to him,I can see him holding his penis and now it’s going inside deep cave.piyush’s long penis have gone inside but it’s 2/3rd only as he hold my waist and fucked hard”oohh no it’s too hard fuck fast.” But he is fucking me slowly,his penis idc moving inside on a wet path and I am sure he wants to fuck me for a longer span of I am enjoying his dick inside,I started moving my ass fast as he halted his strokes only holding my waist and I am getting fucked by his cock while swinging my sexy my fleshy ass is hitting his waist ,I can feel lot of frictions inside hole and as it become dry after 4-5 minutes of fuck,Piyush started pounding my vagina with speed and power as his hand is on my hairs ,pulling it back to make my body swings and I am

“uuhh aahh it’s nice to get your penis in my vagina ,fuck hard you sister fucker
(Piyush)move your ass you bitch.” And our sexual organs are hot as I am moving my ass while he is fucking me with great speed.we both are on sexual peaks as he is shouting”oohh uuhh Rima you are a sexy lady ,aahh it’s cumming.” And white gels ejaculated in my vagina,nothing to worry as I have kept my vaginal hole in safe heaven while installing Copper T inside,not going to his sperms came inside vagina ,I got satisfaction and he took out his penis as I sucked it to taste it’s cum.we both took bath together and what next……wait for it.enjoy reading and have masturbation .

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