He made Rashmi squirt all night

Hey folks, this is my third story about my beautiful busty wife Rashmi. This one just makes me hard as I write it self as this was a fantasy turned reality.

Rashmi and I have had extremely below average sex life. Though love marriage, we never were sexually compatible and as any other cuckold with a small 5 inch limp dick, I began imagining many things. One such fantasy was my best friend from childhood fucking my busty wife right in front of me while I watched sitting on the couch. Little did I know, this was soon going to turn to reality.


My friend worked in Delhi and made a surprise call saying he was going to come down visiting us in Mumbai over the weekend as he has some project delivery to finish. Since he was always dominant and would always order things on me every time, this time too he din’t ask me for permission but ordered instead that I hosted him at our house in Mumbai.

As soon as he mentioned this, my dick grew and I had a mixed feeling of jealousy, anxiety and excitement. He was going to stay with us for 3 days. Rashmi was going to be right under his scanner for 3 full days and he was a complete ladies man. The number of women he had fucked in college was unbelievable as he is tall, handsome as hell, well built, strong, and his man meat was a little over 8 inches.

Growing up, we often peeped into each other out of curiosity at the shower room etc. The guy was hung like a stallion. He has big palms, huge thighs, a bulky body, strong and athletic, hairy chest (just enough to woo Rashmi, the way she liked it, starting from the chest going right down to his pubes) and was very energetic. The day arrived and he was at our doorstep and I sent Rashmi to get the door while I stood behind her. She was in her Tube top and denim shorts and the minute he saw her, he smiled and hugged her tight at the door. Rashmi had always warned me against him as she felt his touch was very weird and said he had always felt her up wrongly (I’m not sure if she enjoyed and pretended not to). However, it was a hot April summer day and it was a holiday too so all of us were at home. My friend quickly went in for a shower and changed into his tight sleeveless vest and a pair of boxers. His bulky biceps and huge forearms along with his tree trunk like hairy thighs and large calf muscles were delicious for any woman to resist.

As the day passed by, Rashmi and him kept exchanging looks and it literally looked like they were lusting upon each other’s physical bodies. Rashmi in her extremely revealing tube top almost had her huge tits struggle to come out as they are so huge and those tits are heavenly to say the least.

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That night at home all of us had a few drinks and were tipsy and Rashmi was in her sweet high with 3 wines. I decided to crash at the couch while they both continued talking and laughing away for a while before this beast of a man, went close to Rashmi and started kissing her hard and passionately. They both were in such a hurry to undress, they were naked within minutes. Rashmi’s beautiful make up filled face was glowing in the dim light and her well done up eye make up was driving me mad. While the two naked bodies began their fuck session, I pretended to be fast asleep but got my share of glimpses and heard her moan real loud.

She screamed, uuuuhhhh ahhhhh arghhhh
She moved her tiny hands along his silky smooth hair as he licked her hardly used tight cunt. He excited her clitoris and made her squirt. He fucked her now and as his monster dick slid into her cunt, she couldn’t but say out loud “Ahhhhhhhhhh that feels almost 3 times bigger than my puny hubby’s pathetic cock!”

I was excited and couldn’t control myself.
I had my beautiful heavily busty wife right in front of me get lifted in the strong arms of my friend who grew up with me. He pumped her hard and deep “Deeperrrr deeeeper she exclaimed. I need you to impregnate me” she said.
This fuckin beast din’t stop and went on and on for 45 minutes. Rashmi had squirted twice by now and had a couple of heavily shuddering orgasms and loud ones at that. This animal of a man wouldn’t stop until finally he thrusted all his might in missionary position while digging his strong knees deep into Rashmi’s soft milky thighs , spread her completely apart and with the loudest grunt ever, emptied his very fertile thick load of cum deep inside my beautiful busty wife.

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“AARRRRRRRHHHHH!!!” He said “Rashmi you are the most beautiful woman” he said as he emptied his load of jizzz. “I’ve always wanted to fuck you hard and give you what u deserved as a slut” But since i know your husband I was afraid”. They cuddled and spoke all this before the started their next session and another one and another one. They fucked 5 times that night while I pretended to be fast asleep.

Rashmi also after squirting 10 times that night said “I have always secretly wondered how you would look naked. In that imagination I have masturbated so many times thinking of you.”

When she said that, he lifted her again in his arms and fucked her another time and just threw her in our bed. They both went and slept in our bedroom and before it was morning, my friend went to the guest room as if nothing had happened.

The next morning was good. We all met over coffee and they spoke as if all was fine and we had another wild night the following night!

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