Got a fuck buddy from tinder

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Hi my friends, I am back with another story. This is Rocky 25 years old from Bangalore, with 7inch thick black cock that would satisfy any women. If you like my story please send in your valuable feedback, especially all beautiful women… With no further delay let’s get in to the story.

This story is about me having a sexy and fun filled session with a girl whom I met on Tinder. Her name is Sunita (name changed) she is 27 years old from north, with a dusky complex and a boobs and ass to die for. Her boobs weren’t all that big, but they were in a right proportion and was stiff and firm. Her waist line was curvy and had right amount of flesh, which feels so good when squeeze them.

So the moment we matched, I straight away texted her and she replied me back after 2 hours. We both had some normal discussion about life, work, Bangalore traffic and stuff. She lives here in Bangalore as she is working in some MNC. We chatted on Tinder initially and then shared our WhatsApp number and continued our conversation. The next day we started to chat, our chat became little personal and gradually started talking about boy/girl friends, breakups, sex and stuff. She was not a virgin as she previously had 2 boy friends. I then asked her opinion about friends with benefits and one night stand, she straight away said that she likes the concept and would love to try. I was in heaven reading that, as I was searching for a Friend with benefits or a fuck partner.

I instantly asked her if we can be fuck buddies, she said she needs to know me before we can proceed. So we planned and met in forum mall the same weekend. She was in a mini skirt well above her knees and a sleeveless tight top. She was such a beauty, I was instantly hard on. We hugged, decided to go to a movie. We watched Aquaman and for my bad luck the theatre was crowded. We then went to a near by pub to hangout. We started talking over a tower of beer, we became Little close now, her thighs were rubbing against mine and I was holding her hand and playing with it. We spoke over a lot of stuff got to know each other. Finally it was time for her to leave as she had some plans the next day. I cursed my luck, we both split our bills and I went to drop her to the cab. When the cab came she just hugged me and to my surprise gave me a peck on my lips, which I didn’t expect at all.

I was thinking about the kiss while on my way back home, just thinking about it gave me a hard on. We both reached home, she texted me good night and I thanked her for the kiss. Next day in the evening she texted me, we both were chatting as usual. Then I reminded her of the kiss, she said that she know me well now, at least I am not a fake shit creepy guy. Our conversation started diverting towards sex, now that she trusts me. It was such a sexy and hot sex chat we had, we shared our nudes. Her boobs and her ass was so damn good, I felt like grabbing them right away.

Later that night we did a video call and both masturbated and came together. She said that she was ready to be my fuck buddy but she just had one rule that, this shouldn’t be a serious one and both should have freedom to do what we want. She also said if she wants to get fucked by someone else I shouldn’t have any problem with that. I was Oki with that and then we decided to meet at her place the coming weekend. I had to wait for 5 days, I felt that 5 days was soooooo long. We were sexting every night, doing video calls. I couldn’t control anymore nor could she. She then said come home directly right after my work on Friday.

Short story small, I reached her home on Friday night with some beers and a pack of condom. She was waiting for me near the door, she was wearing bumshorts and a tank-top, in which she was looking very hot. I placed the beers on table, gave her a hug and squeezed her ass cheeks, she playfully tapped my ass.

We then started to drink beer, as we liked to start off slowly as we have lot of time. We were watching some show in Netflix, I was sitting very close to her holding her bare thighs. We were talking all nonsense, sipping beer, feeling each other. Then we both were looking at each other breathing heavily, I kissed her neck, she gave a slight moan. I made her sit on my lap and started smooching her, our tongues were fighting as we locked lips, both tasting each other. I was moving my hand all over her body while she was doing the same.

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