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Fantasy #1

All right I am back…YJ.

First let get the background of the fantasy. My family is pretty wealth and my parents frequently not at home…so I was left alone at home all the time with maids…2 in fact. Since I was very young that time… and getting less attention on love……therefore my mom agreed that her friend which is quite close, to be my godmother (like foster parent). Well it started when her friends came to visit her a couple of times… and my godmother somehow like me very much…. that’s how it goes. Alright, my godmother is kind of large person…she in fact slightly taller than mom. Her hair is curly as I recalled…and nice body. Oh… her age was about mid 40 at that time… and married to a Dato’. She had one son who in oversea studying. So you see that she have plenty of time and looking forward to hang around with kids. That’s how I came in the context. I often call her Datin(mrs…for Dato’).

So Datin was my childhood fantasy… she always came to my house …hugged me…play with me….brought me out………making her was the lady I love. Certain times we had a few sexual contacts which I will explain it soon. It was she who introduced me women body attractions and sexual fantasy.

Ok………….here is the fantasy.

Well… let’s start with the first time I felt sexual attraction for her. It begins after a few visits on me by Datin. That day, it was raining
heavily……and she came in the afternoon. She was soaked……and wet when I opened the door for her. Well her driver had dropped her down outside so she got caught the rain.
“Sweetie, can get Datin a towel,please”

I quickly rushed to my room to get a towel for her. By the moment I got it.. I found Datin was at my door. At the time Datin was wearing a white blouse and a brown pant…… which all of her clothes are wet. So you could see her bra through her blouse…sticking.

“Thank you,sweetie.” She took the towel and wipe her face, hair……then what next was shocking when she removed her blouse and her pant.So there she was naked with only her white laced bra and panties. At that moment I stared soo long at her…I think she knew about it. In the mean time while waiting her clothes dry up…she started playing with me…ohh my models…which I was so into it that I forgot I was next to a half naked women in my room. Well…the thing was nothing really happened that day.

So it goes…

Until…my parents held a New Year party at our house…cocktail party…mostly adults attended..therefore it was pretty bored cause I was the only kid there. As the result, I went back to my room and decided to head the bed early. So I took a shower.
When I about dry myself… Datin came into my bathroom…ohh I didn’t locked the door cause it was my personal bathroom.

“Opps…I am sorry sweetie… I got to pee…if you don’t mind” she said…when looking
up and down my naked body.

Then she added… “Look’s like my godson it becoming a young man”
Of course she meant my penis which was about 4’inches…with some hairs around

The truth was I blushed and shocked too. All I could do was standing still and
looking at her struggling to unzipped her gown down.
Suddenly Datin asked… “Be a sweetie…will you unzipped my dress?”
I know it came at sudden…but I was brave at the time and slowly moved toward her back and unzipped the gown. There she was with her bra and panties…

This time I got further…she removed her panties and sat on the toilet bowl..peeing. As you can guess I was directly stood in font of her… looking at her dark patches of bush.(Hell I didn’t know what it was at the time…but truthly it was amazing).Ohh…my penis did jump up…to 5’inches and guess what, Datin indeed stared at it..and smiled.
After she was done… I did help to put her gown on and before she leave……she kissed my cheek saying…
“It will be our little secret ok, sweetie. Thank you for your compliment” implying that she is giving me a hard on…and with a sudden she grabbed my penis a while before she left.
I was stunned and recalling back what was happened made felt into the interest of women…further Datin of course.

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