First time cuckold

As I placed the phone back on the table, Jo pushed firmly against my hips. “Hop off, I need to get ready for Chris. He’ll be here soon.” I was desperate to cum, but she insisted that I could probably do that later and that she needed to get ready.

She looked through her underwear drawer and pulled out a white, peephole neglige with little bows that undo to reveal her nipples. It stops just at the waist and leaves her beautiful pussy on display. She carefully put on some black stockings and began to tidy her hair. She looked so sexy, sat at her dressing table, applying her lipstick and a little makeup. She hardly wears any makeup, so to watch her getting ready, applying eyeliner and perfume was enough to make my cock hard as rock again. She gave me a sexy glance in the mirror as she rose and walked slowly down the hall to the lounge. I watched her shapely figure as she walked away from me and realised that in a few minutes someone elses hands would be all over my wife, caressing her beautiful breasts, licking her and making love to her.


We were only in the lounge for a few minutes before I saw the lights through the curtain and a heard a car pull on to the driveway. Jo opened the front door slightly and waited for Chris to approach. A moment later they came into the lounge and stood before me. Jo began to gently caress the bulge that had already formed in the front of Chris’ jeans and they kissed whilst he gently rubbed his hand across her erect nipple. She slowly pulled away from him and took him by the hand, leading him toward the bedroom. “Are you sure you are OK with this, mate?” asked Chris as he followed her. I replied, “Very sure”, a rush of excitment surging through me. “Are you coming to watch?”, asked Jo, with that sexy, naughty, knowing smile that she is so good at. I nodded and followed them down the hallway.

Jo sat on the edge of the bed and Chris stood in front of her as she undid his belt and began to pull down his jeans. As she pulled down his boxer shorts, his already erect cock sprang to attention. It was huge and I could see the look in Jo’s eyes as she lowered her head forward and gently licked the tip. She groaned in anticipation and ran her tongue around the head of her new plaything. Her hand looked tiny as she gripped his shaft and slowly worked it up and down, taking more of his cock into her mouth with every movement. Jo rarely sucks me, so the sight of her eagerly taking another mans cock into her mouth, and enjoying it so much, was incredible.

Chris looked upwards and let out a sigh of pleasure as my wife sucked him. I began to stroke my cock, thinking how much smaller I looked compared to the man that was about to make love to my wife and trying not to cum as I watched. Chris lifted his t-shirt over his head and leaned forward, pushing Jo back onto the bed. He kissed her neck and began to move down her body, gently licking her breasts and slowly parting her legs to reveal her soaking wet pussy. As he rubbed her pussy she gasped and closed her eyes. Her pleasure was obvious and she gestured to him to lay down beside her.

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