Me and the ‘Family’ 3. The holiday

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We had decided about 6 months ago that our family would take a UK based holiday this year and Gemma, kays older sister by 2 years would join us with her family. Just a little resort by the southern coast which we could stay in a log cabin together. Made sense saving money and give the girls people to play with. So we all met up at the train station and packed all of our luggage away and got down to planning what we should do for the 2 weeks at the beach.

Mark (Gemma’s Fiance) was the oldest and tried to dictate what we would all be doing, but was quickly told we would decide as a group. Quite liked seeing him put in his place to be honest. He is 51 which is 20 years older than Gemma ( well I think that’s his age, give or take a year or so) and due to his age he prefers quiet things and more relaxed activities. We on the other hand were thinking of away days at adventure parks etc.

Now Gemma looks similar to Kay but not quite as pretty. Her ass is a little bigger and so too are her boobs but the tone isn’t as good as kays. Mark is tall, very tall at 6’5 ft. Gemma stands at 5’6 ft so is quite funny seeing them kiss… I suppose we’re all the same size laying down right.

So after around 1 hour we had reached London and needed to get the tube. Now anyone who’s ever used the tube system will know it’s not where you want 2 young kids, lots of luggage and thousands of people so Mark and Gemma decided to get a black cab to the next train station. I thought it would be fun for the family as the girls loved trains. I was right bit also very wrong. I’ve never been so stressed in my life but the girls saw it as a magical experience and when we arrived at the next station we decided to grab an ice cream since the next train was just under an hour before departure. Gemma and Mark on the other hand were caught in traffic and paid £30 for what should have been 5 minutes drive that took almost 30 mins. We all met up again and left.

As we pulled into our final destination the kids were tired, so we got a cab to the resort and unpacked before heading to the local bar/restaurant for dinner and few beers. Once we had eaten and bought some beers for back at the cabin we left and the kids were all in bed asleep within half and hour. The adults sat in the living room area sipping on beers or spirits and chatting about life. We were all so relaxed and happy to be on holiday. Myself and Mark decided it was the perfect time for a cigar so stepped out to enjoy as the girls said they were going to get changed into their nightgown. When we arrived back both girls looked stunning with similar satin garments on. Kay’s was red and Gemma‘s blue. I was pretty sure I got a full erection right then. We all sat down again and we’re supping our drinks, and every so often a small breeze would blow through and show that both girls had removed their bras. As their nipples stiffened so too did my cock. I’m almost certain that Mark grabbed a cushion to hide the fact he too had gotten hard.

Before too long I was so horny that I said my goodnight to everyone and pulled Kay into our room, which was right next door to Kay’s sister and her bloke. As we were kissing we heard the words ‘Oh fuck, shit that feels soo good’ coming from the other room… Clearly Gemma was enjoying whatever Mark was doing to her. This only turned me on more and I could see kay getting more excited also. I parted Kay’s thighs and started to suck on her Clit and slide 2 fingers into her wet pussy, she was so wet it was unreal, I pushed in another finger and then another so I now had 4 fingers excluding my thumb inside her pussy. My tongue was working overtime to bring her to orgasm. Kay has always been very vocal and this time was no different. Gemma was clearly similar to her aswell as we could hear them Next door. I knew the moment Gemma had arrived at her orgasm. She was so loud that I almost couldn’t hear Kay start to cum herself. I kept lapping and then splash after splash or pussy juice hit me in the face. It was so damn good, I lapped up every single drop I could and then she started to devour my cock. Now Kay has never been one for deep throat but by damn she was trying now. I was standing by the bed as kay was on all fours sucking and pulling my cock like her life depended on it when we heard the rhythmic sounds of the headboard being hit against the wall… then less than 30 seconds later it had all ended. Clearly Marks age has hurt his sexual form somewhat. I on the other hand had only just started… I grabbed her and spun her around and pounded into her pussy. Just as my own orgasm was building Kay was screaming so hard that I decided to work a finger into her ass, I had to slow down my assault on her pussy to work the little bud into an opening relaxed enough to take my girth. Within a minute her ass had relaxed enough so I told her to beg for my cock in her ass and be loud enough that her sister knew what she was missing out on. As I pushed deep into her bowels a guttural noise escaped her mouth and she exploded more pussy juice again. I pistoned into her for a few more minutes before pulling out and cumming all over her tits.

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