Enjoying my hot ex-teacher part 1

Hiiii everyone lovely and sexy ladies and girls
I’m Goutham from kolar, I’m 22 years old at present with a 6.5 inch dick and normal boy…. this incident took place 4 months ago with my sexy school teacher who’s physical status is 34-30-36 girls.

Let’s start the story

I studied in a reputed school in kolar from my lkg to 10th std and this teacher let’s call her as mona(name changed) was a social science teacher in high school.. she was a sex bomb in the school every student and male staff in the school was behind her but she never mind that… She had a boy studing in 7th std at that time…. Everyone in the school was trying their best to seduced her including me but no use… V finished our 10th and her contact gradually decreased and at the end it got vanished… Years past and I joined degree and life was going smoothly… One day I saw her in the market spoke to her after 2 years and offered her to drop her home and even v exchanged our numbers…. On that day itself I saw her online and started the conversation as below

Me:- hii madam
Mona:- hii da didn’t sleep hha
Me:- no madam just now came to bed what about u
Mona:- no da just now finished work and came to bed
Me:- what about the others madam
Mona:- everyone slept da but I’m not getting sleep and I’m not getting sleep properly now a days
Conversation went like this for sometimes and even v discussed about changes in our life etc

Next day morning I got a message from her saying tq da for giving me company last night and this chatting continued for many days and v started to become more and more comfortable and free in Texting even she said that her husband not having a proper work and wasting all their savings etc etc
One day v were bored and she asked let’s play truth or dare and I readily agreed and she started 1st and I choose truth so she asked
Mona:- who is ur favourite teacher in school
Me:- it’s u Madam
Then she also selected truth only so I asked who was ur favourite student in our batch and she said someone else name and this continued and even v shared our selfies for dare and all…
Suddenly she asked who is ur crush in school days

I gathered some courage and said its u madam and I was afraid what will happen next but to my surprise she said hey don’t lie da I can’t believe u don’t even speak properly to me in school days…. Then I got more courage and started to explain her how and all v used to sight her and what and all v like In her like eye nose smile and even I said her hip and front and back and become silent for sometimes even she didn’t reply for sometimes so to break the silence I texted her madam then she replied that ” so u all see ur teacher in this way only” with a angry emoji then I started to ask sorry but she said she was just joking and she knows that boys and staff in the school r looking at her like this… After this incident v have become more open free and comfortable in our chatting sometimes I used to flirt and she didn’t object that….

One day she asked me r u free day after tomorrow.. I said yes I’m always free for u madam so she asked “I have a work in malur can u take me there in ur bike even I will fill the fuel “…I was on cloud nine and accepted readily and asked her what she will give if I take u there she asked what u want…. The devil mind started to work to ask something and all but I controlled myself and asked promise me that u will wear jeans and top while coming and u should hug me and sit throughout our ride….. She saw the message but didn’t reply for some time then I asked what happened madam she said ok I will wear and come jeans and top but hug is doubt only because I’m a married woman and a mother of a child…. I felt sad but next message she said if the road is less crowded then I will try🤗🤗 I started to pray alll gods and even I was happy because from past 2 days there was continues rain and chill breeze….

Finally the day came and I picked her from where she said and she don’t know the route to malur and that was an advantage for me so I took her in the route where there will be less crowded and the road was surrounded by mountains and trees with no houses… The luck show some mercy on me and it started a light rain with breeze as she was wearing a thin clothed top she started to feel the effect started to Shiver I stopped the bike and asked her what happened she said I’m not able to tolerate the weather so I said her see there is no one in the road so u hug me and sit so that u will feel warm but she said no need I can manage but I had hope so started to ride again even the weather was increasing and she came close and started to hug and it became more and more tight….. I was in cloud nine and what a soft breast by her hug itself I started to leak my pre-cum…. Just imagine guys awesome weather + ur dream lady hugging u + full tank petrol + long drive omg im not able to tell the feel I forgot everything and I was driving But suddenly I felt that v have lost the route and going inside a deserted path so I stopped the bike and said her the same and asked her where u want to go but what she replied was shocking me…. She said do don’t have any work…. She said she had a wish from many years to go for a long drive in bike but her husband didn’t like that and never took her itseems and even she was afraid trust others but she felt comfortable and safe with me so only she asked me itseems…. I asked her u would have said this 1st only ryt she said if I have said this before it’s means u would have planned something and all and I know about u guys so only i didn’t tell and she asked what shall v do now….. I saw the place where v r and marked and kept that place so that v will not get lost and told her let’s go further and see what is there… And v started to drive again and this time she automatically hugged me like before and v reached to a mountain like place where there was no one and there was little trees and the nature was awesome so v stopped the bike and went near the trees as the rain didn’t stop still

My t-shirt was wet in the front side and even her top was wet in the front side so I removed my shirt and saw that there was 2 wet marks in round shape near my shoulders and understood that it’s her breast shape and showed her that she felt shy and said shut up
I squeezed my shirt and removed the water and told her to do the same… She said no way in this open place and mainly in front of u…. I said I will trun back so that u remove ur top and wear my shirt she agreed for convincing a lot and wore my shirt

I was stun to see her as the shirt was tight her breast and nipples were clearly visible and her nipples were soo hard…. My bro in my pant was standing 90 degree and struggling to come out and even she noticed that and also noticed that I’m stareing at her boobs and felt shy…..
Even though she is wearing my shirt even it is also wet and she was shivering so she came close and hold my right hand.. to use the opportunity I wrapped my right hand around her hip and hugged her tightly in side ways ad started to feel her hip by slowly inserting my hand inside her shirt she didn’t object instead she was closing the eye and enjoying my moves…. I thought this as green signal and started to slowly place my left hand fingers on her nipples and started to feel it she started to moan in a low voice I slowly started to give little pinches on her nipples she started to give ahhh hmmm ssshhh moans and even little loud I got more bold and started to feel her boobs with right hand which is inside her shirt over her bra and started to kiss her lips even she co-operated well and she started to hug me fully and I started to roam my hands on her ass and kissing her……
I removed my Baniyan and removed her shirt and started to kiss her neck shoulders and slowly moved to her cleavage and slowly removed her bra and omg what a beautiful and gorgeous boobs with brown nipples I started to suck one boobs and pinch another….. She was shouting my name everytime I bit or pinch her nipples and this continued to around 30min because I love to suck boobs and armpit after that I slowly moved to her navel and played for 15mins and slowly removed her jeans button but she stopped me and said please not her it’s not safe to do here and even v don’t have any protection but I was in no mood to listen to her

But also I was not ready to force her so again started to kiss and suck her when she again lost into pleasure I slowly removed her button and inserted my right hand inside her panty and touched her wet pussy with little hair with it what a feel ohhh god even she tighten the hug and started to moan loud when I started to finger her ahhhhh hmmmm ssssshhhhh yaaaaasaa was her only sounds from her mouth after fingering her for sometimes I took my hand out and started to lick it she got suprise and ask what r u doing don’t lick that I said it’s the tasty juice I have ever tasted she was like what my husband have never done that I was shocked and asked what u will do during sex she said v will have sex once in 2 or 3 months and last time I had sex around 3 months back he will insert his dick and fuck for 10 min and climax that’s all…. I got Fully turned on by hearing this I lifted her in my arms and made her sit on the bike and removed her one leg from pant and pantyand said I will show u the real heaven and started to lick and suck her pussy and even bite her pussy and simultaneously I was figuring her pussy she was pushing my head more and more inside her pussy and moaning to the core hmmmmm ahhhahahhaha please da be gentle hhhaaaaa ohhhhh ssshhshshshhsh…… I want her to beg me to fuck her I have read in many stories hw to make them beg so when ever I feel she is going to release her juice I was stoping my action and again start my action when she calm down this continued for 3 to 4 times and she was becoming restless and started to scold me and telling please don’t stop pllllssssss……..


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