Double Treat On A School Trip

This is Lucifer from Delhi. I am a fair built guy aged 19 residing in Delhi since last two years.

I love mature ladies, girls and cougars. Any aunty in delhi willing to have a private relationship, do drop me a telegram. Now to the story.This story is from my school time when I was there in Ranchi. I had newly moved to 12th standard. Ours was a convent school in a fairly less populated area of the city. All the teachers were well known to me as I had been in the same school since start. And even I was quite familiar among the teachers being the Head Boy of the school.


Most of the teachers in the senior section were males except for our Physics teacher, Mrs. Nalini. She was a middle aged lady in her 40s but still having the charm of a newly married. She had a great dressing sense and generally wore sarees amply revealed her back. She stood at 5.5 feet and had perfectly shaped boobs. But what made her even more popular was her ass that perfectly came out when she wore a saree. As such she was quite a fascination among the boys since the very start. Usually during the lab hours, the boys circled her enjoying the treat she had to offer. She was not unknown to the intentions we had but she chose to ignore it always.

Just around the start of session, I was informed by Miss Nalini, that me along with another girl, Kriti, were chosen to represent the school in Inter School Science Seminar being held by IIT Kharagpur at Kolkata for senior school students. She also told that she would be accompanying us as there is a girl in the team. I was already smiling at the thought of being with her for three days . As most of the other boys in my class I always had a crush on her and never missed a chance to be around her. We were to leave in a week. Mrs Nalini also called my parents in a few days to let them know about the trip and exchanged number with my parents.

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We left for Kolkata early in the morning by train and reached Kolkata by 3 in the afternoon.Mrs Nalini was much less formal with just Me and Kriti around. We even played a few games on the way. She was a much friendlier person than she appeared in the class. Once we reached Kolkata it was decided that Mrs Nalini and Kriti were to stay in one room and a separate room was booked for me. But the good thing was the rooms were adjacent to each other. We checked into our rooms and took rest till evening. In the evening Mrs Nalini knocked at my door. I was still in half sleep and was sleeping in my boxers and vests.

Without realizing it, I opened the door and Mrs Nalini silently walked into the room. She said smilingly, Wake up Dev! I sheepishly looked at her was quite surprised to see her in silken nighty. She had probably just come out of bath as her hairs were still wet and there were ample drops of water on the silky fabric. I was in awe of her for a moment and then I said to her that I’ll freshen up and come to her room. She said come soon and left and I was happy that she did not notice the boner bulging out. I had to relieve myself to her thoughts. I got into my shorts and a T shirt and went to their room. She had already ordered for the three of us. We had an early dinner.

After that Mrs Nalini asked the two of us to prepare our piece for our introduction the next day. We both started with a pen and a piece of paper. After five minutes, Kriti said she was having a little headache and said she wanted to sleep. I was still working on my paragraph. So Mrs Nalini asked her to sleep and said to me that we should move to my room.

I was overjoyed at the prospect and was already thanking my stars.I moved to my room and Mrs Nalini followed soon afterwards after making sure that Nalini had slept ok. Being in the same room with a hot teacher of yours is what what every boy fantasizes and it was not otherwise for me too. She was still in her silky nighty. As she was getting comfortable, she commented ‘How messy do you guys keep your room!’ and almost in a reflex I blurted ‘That why we need girls like you!’. I dont know what I was thinking but these words came out in a jiffy.

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As soon as I said it, I looked at her and to my surprise she was smiling. She said ‘ So you’re the flirty kind.’ I had a look of embarrassment on my face. Realizing that Mrs Nalini said to me, ‘Dont worry Dev, I have been teaching boys of your age since last ten years and I know what goes through your mind and I am ok with it. I like being a friend rather than a teacher. I knew that she was a friendly lady but I personally never had a chance to know her.

I got to completing my paragraph and meanwhile Mrs Nalini switched on the TV and changed to some music channel. She asked me do you like music. I said ‘A bit’. She asked me if I could play anything. I said guitar. And she had a tingling smiling on her face and she said ‘Yup, girls like that’ and I replied ‘Yes, that was the motive.’ Slowly we were getting more friendly. Slowly we started discussing movies and that shifted to actresses and then she asked me if I had a girlfriend. I smiled shyly and said no and she started smiling to it. I asked her why she was smiling. She said she had revisited my room in the evening after she left. Seems she looked for me when she did not find me in the room.

I had left the bathroom door open by mistake as there was no one else in the room and she had seen me masturbating. I was dumbstruck when she told me this. I could not think of a word to say to her. I was thinking of excuses when she stood up and asked ‘Who were you thinking of?’. It was then that I realized I was game and was not blaming me. I had a slight smile on my face but I still could not think of anything to say. Meanwhile she started moving towards me with a change in her expressions.She said in a very sexy voice ‘Was it me?’. I looked towards her. She was standing right next to me. She was smiling mischievously . My nervousness was going away. She came closer and kept a finger on my stomach and slowly moved it upwards and made me look towards her and said ‘Answer me’. I mumbled softly ‘Yes mam’.

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She came close to my ears and said ‘This is our little secret and if you obey you would not have to fantasize anymore!’. I was in the seventh of heaven and was already having a hard on emerging slowly. Since she was standing so close to me it was not long before she realized it too. Her silky cloth were touching my hands. She had a very faint scent to her body. I was losing my senses just watching her so close. She pushed me on the bed and moved a little back herself. She slowly removed the cover gown of her nighty and said sexily ‘Do you like your teacher doing that!

Now her nighty was just holding up on the lacy thin straps on her shoulders. Her violet bra strap was also visible from beneath. She came close to me and in a jerk held my erect tool from over my shorts. She looked at me and and could see the excitement in my eyes. She moved upwards and planted a soft kiss on my neck and followed it up with one on cheeks. Her soft lips circled mine. My heart was pounding. She kept her lips on mine and started sucking them with expertise. I was still a novice and I responded the best i could. Her tongue got into my mouth and moved slowly, curling mine.

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