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Aunt lives in a small town and she is a working women works in a near by school in the same town.I used to visit regular to her place and she is a widow.

She used to be alone and in leisure time she used to listen to music and watch tv and at times she used to be in kitchen looking out for different dishes.And also tells me the secrets of her cooking way.So what happened likewise while we were discussing about some songs in kitchen she was sweating a moment she had her yellow saree and took her saree front piece to wipe her sweat which was strange for me when i saw at that time,i have seen women wiping it from back end of the saree she raised her saree to level where her unhooked blouse was visible she had a bare body she doesn’t wear any jewellery her breast was transparent at a look she saw my innocent look and asked me don’t mind it since i used to be all alone in a day at times i won’t even cover this much.By then I started to wonder about her.She told me have i ever seen a women or dated.I said no.

She is brown in colour and her eyes were black.Her unhooked blouse was transparent and her breast wasn’t covered with bra so her boobs were little tight and sore,cleavage was very visible between the gaps.And her saree waist was little low and her ass was tight packed in the saree since she had horse shaped body,booty like so that her cunt was deep down her clitoris hair covered her v shaped bottom.
I asked her have you been out ever since her husband was not anymore with her,she said i was angry at first later came down to a prepare my mind past can’t happen again.

And so the talk was stopped there and she said i do have interest in men like all other people, since it’s a life were sex is required and important.
She asked me why don’t you try me.Wierd moment and i asked her about her boobs she said at times mellons becomes tight.
I grased it she said i like dicks and i look up on men and look there trousers and said don’t think i am a dumb ass and giggled.
My mind suddenly raised a question about what’s her made so thick and tight in there she said by nature it looks like this.While working she haven’t felt so,and only when moody times tighter her saree be.And at that time also it doesn’t seem that heavy she replied.
She told me that she is the only one who is brown in texture everyother people around are either white or black.
So this fall into sexual intercourse,removed her saree and unhooked her last hook of her blouse and she grased her bottom of the saree and showed her nipples and slowly her nipples got erected and i removed the remaining saree and the string in the bottom part of the saree and the panty which worn was little loose slided it little down came off.

And so from there we went 15steps ahead to another room switched on the fan and the noise of the fan made her to whisper to me to unzip the bottom of my trouser.

She said she never used lubricant and since it’s been days she had put a penis in her cunt.She saw the hanging penis of mine and she said it’s so dry and took her phone and showed a oiled penis which was she looking up before i appeared in front her.It got close and dick was slanting in their hairy clitoris and we just lied in the cot had to put up a condom and in missionary way had to ease penis into her pussy.It was very thick the dark colour clitoris was little sliding out she had to spread it down a little since it was low down there it took almost took minutes and ease into her cunt was little dry ever since her last intercourse.And she smiled while it was pleasuring her down a bit.Nipples were way erected ceased it and rubbed it very well and took it back again missionary position where she was at the top and i was lying back to the cot.

After a bit of time she had to get down and hunch her legs as it was her 28th day of menstrual cycle slowly she squirted in there and little of ovum spell out from the cunt.And all of a sudden she went in to stool in toilet and told me that she hadn’t passed her motion till the morning for a day as it would increase in the time for intercourse and at that time i realised that her ass got little bluged I thought little late we recognised and asked her whether she noticed and touched the part, she creasesd those hands of her took her leg in the bed cot and wide spreaded her ass and showed the lengthy cunt which was tipping both the ass and her cunt very close it was.She said since her back is little big and concaved she had it difficult in hunching and getting back.

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