Dad bangs my wife

I’m not good at writing. I had always been scared of my dad. He had embarrassed me and even sexed a girlfriend of mine. I got married at 25 to a nice 21 year old lady Cathy. I didn’t invite my family because of dad.

Two years in the marriage my mom got sick. I wanted to go alone back home. Cathy insisted on going. I couldn’t explain why I didn’t want her around my dad.
We were staying in a hotel near the hospital. I thought that would be ok and keep my dad away from Cathy. Dad started right in on me. He openly and crudely made comments about Cathy sexually. Cathy looked at me but again I coward away and dad took control. He told Cathy we would stay at the house. Not ask but demanded.
We went to the house. I was scared just like I was as a boy. We barely arrived when dad told me to go back and stay with mom. I looked at Cathy, and dad said she could fix dinner later then he would go stay with mom. Cathy said, ok even though she was nervous about dad and a little mad how he spoke about her.

I started to leave when dad said Cathy would call when he was done. I knew then he planned on bedding Cathy. I lowered my head and walked out.

My dad at this time was 47 stood 6′ 2″ weigh 215 fit build. Cathy was 5’1″ 115 lb shoulder length brown hair big brown eyes 38 C cup 28 waist 32 hips. She in my eyes very beautiful and sexy.

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I was at the hospital about four hours. I got a call from Cathy. I nearly didn’t answer it. Thinking what my dad did to her. She was crying. She said dad wants you home now. I started to ask her if she was ok, but the phone hung up. I called back but no answer.
I arrived and was shaking not knowing what dad had done to Cathy. I opened the door and heard Cathy daddy please no more please. Dad laughed and said young pussy like you can go for days. You just need a real man to teach you. Then I heard her scream out daddy, and the head board banging against the wall. I walked to dad’s room. I saw she was pinned beneath him legs on his shoulders. He was brutal in his assault on her. She had her back arched her head tossed side to side. Then it happened dad saw me and laughed. You wimp this girl hasn’t even been broken in good. Cathy screamed I’m cumming and dad slammed into her and shot another load of cum in her.
I walked out. Dad walked up to me said see her juices on my cock. This will keep on till I brake her in good.
We stayed two weeks. Cathy got used to daddy taking her. She laughed at me and said I didn’t know what a real man was till daddy showed me.
They had a little girl.


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