Bus journey lead to sex with aunty

Hi, guys….Hope you are looking this kind of stories. Let me introduce me…I am Prash from Hyderabad.

If any aunties or girls interested mail me your details. I promise I will maintain the details secret and kept confidentially.

Let’s get into the sex story….I had a great time with one unknown aunty. Her name was Sanju age of 30 ….With 36-32-34…Such a stunning beauty she was.

This happened two years back when I traveling to Vijayawada in the Scania bus.

One fine Friday after office…I was traveling to Vijayawada in which I have already reserved a ticket and the bus started at 12:30 am. The bus was almost filled and there only one vacant seat next to me and there come to the Sanju aunty all of a sudden she had to go to Vijayawada. For their property issues, she has to be there as her husband is not having the leaves in the office. So the bus driver told that there was only one seat next to a male. Even though she agreed to that and she sat beside me. After 15-20 minutes she sat silently and later she started sleeping.

I was not able to sleep as such beautiful aunty was seating next to me. Soon, she was in a bedspread and was leaning on me accidentally. But I didn’t take a chance to touch her. Because I had a fear of what happens of she woke up.

Even I had a fear I have just tried to wake her and she immediately woke up and asked what I said that she is leaning on me. So she just let a smile and said sorry and again went back to sleep.

I don’t know when I have slept…When I came into sense the time was 2:30 am and we two were in one blanket. I was shocked and I have woke up and I came to know that my dick was out my night track. And her hand was on my dick. And I turned towards her and she has closed her eyes and letting hot breath.

There comes the movie. I was astonished to see her blouse is left unhooked and she wasn’t wearing any bra.

I was playing with her breast and was trying to drink milk from those melons. She helped me by giving a gentle press on her boobs. I have teased her a lot to bite her boobs circling her boobs…Her boobs were just like the big mango and that doesn’t fit into my hands and evening bit the nipples and kissed the boobs like a baby….And kissings her face….Kissing ears neck in the blanket and even had a finger fucking session in the bus…..

She was not able to stop and asked me to insert my dick into her cunt. I was busy as my one hand was on her hot breasts and the other hand on her pussy… Please do it pls…..As it was a bus if someone might see it will be a problem for both of us. We both have exchanged the contact numbers and address of her Vijayawada home. And until the Vijayawada bust and we had a good fun.

After my work in Vijayawada, I have made a call to her and asked if she is free with the work or not. She immediately asked to come to her place and I went there and have found her in a big house. She gave me an invitation to her home for a lunch and I accepted. We had lunch and watched a movie together.

Then I have asked what made you do that on the bus. She felt shy and told when I saw you I don’t know where I have got the feelings towards you. But made my mind to sleep. And leaned on you. But you did not take a chance.

So when you started sleeping like dead then I started to satisfy myself while playing with your dick. Then you asked aunty do like my dick. She immediately came on knees and started pressing my dick against the jeans. And unbutton the pant and started licking the dick…..

Within not much time I have burst out my semen into her mouth but she spit out and washed her mouth and again she did the same. That was the time I made her naked and massages her hot boobs. She bit my lips suck my lips and asked me to do the same.

Next, I kissed her passionately for some time before giving her a nice blowjob. All these time she was shouting like ahhhh uhhhh abbaaa reyy plsss please don’t leaveee meee ….. Fuckkkk meee like a whore.

The I have slowly tempting her with rubbing my dick in her cunt. She begging me to insert into hers. Finally, I inserted my fully grown cock in her cunt and fucked her hard. …Fuck me hard baaga dengu ra baaga dengu ne pella avattho kani baga sukha padiddi. Like whoever you wife she will enjoy a lot she was shouting.

I end up on cumming in her cunt and laid on her for some time.And also I did the boob fuck and had three more sessions till the night in different angles missionary, doggy, 69 and then in the evening I have come back to Hyd and if get any chance when Sanju aunty was alone in her home in Hyderabad I go there and will have some fun with her.

Hope your dicks are standing and your cunts are wet.

Waiting for your reply [email protected]

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