Computer operator

Hi, Readers i read many stories. I would like to share my experience. Iam working in company, where am manager.

Everone in my office respects alot. Infornt of my cabin computer operator (Meena- age 40) u, she married, has 2 daughters, sed to sit. I worked around 1 year. Never thought of bad intenstion.
One day she was asking for financial help.
I gave her, later she said thanks.

After some days. She always comes by scooty or her husband will pick up/drop her. Due to some issue, she requested me to drop at her home.. i said ok, anyhow its on the way to my home. After traveling for 1 km.. i asked her that are you comfortable or make adjust to comfort in sitting.
She just bend forward and came very close to me.. suddenly i realised her chest was rubbing my back. I felt some sensation, again i asked you can sit just front because bike is shaking, she came very close and she put her hand on shoulder to grip.
Iwas in some other mood. I travelled in different way, where speed brakers are present. Whenever speed brakers comes she was pressing her boobs on my back.

Suddenly, she said i will drive. I said sorry for inconvenience. Finally, she was driving and i was sitting back to her. And i moved to front, trying to talk to her. When sudden break come, i was just rubbing my thighs to her thighs.. At one she told that i want to ask one thing i nodded.. she asked that how am I look like. I said to her that do you need my answer or different way of answer. I asked if i reply you don’t angry. She said yes sir..
I bent forward and told slowly you look like 30 age only.. i wonder that you have college going daughters. And just move forward and said her to just drive carefully.

I tightened my thights to her thights. I took courage and i.put my hands on her right thigh.. she was shivering and i said drive carefully..
At another signal. I just moved my right on her thigh front and back.. later i touched my left her waist.. she was enjoying. I lifted my right hand just upside and slowly, i inserted. my right hand under her saree.. i slowly inserted my hands down.. touhced her hair., was wet.. i touched her pussy.. rubbed and fingered slowly.. she stooped a side and not to distrub me.. she said sir.. iam your operator you can operate any thing.. after we reached her home. No one is at her home.. she invited me to come.. after that how we enjoyed i will explain my story.. any aunties in hyderabad who are needed help… mail to [email protected]

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