Brother in law again

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Been weeks since the incident with George. We have stayed with them a couple times during the week and heading home n weekends as I worked. We were there for one of our weekly stays and Pam came in and told us her and George had talked. They had decided we could stay with them a few weeks as we saved for us to rent a place in the area. Brother in law 1st time

Two weeks there and so far he hadn’t tried anything. I would catch him starring at me. When he realized I seen him he would shift is eyes or leave the room. But he would always have a mischievous look with a crooked grin. I knew what he was thinking. He was remembering what had happened what he had done to me. After staying with them a few weeks we found us a place. I thought yes we’re outta here no more having to watch out for him. No more having to be on guard whenever he was around. We went home packed up and Pam and George helped us load our things into the u-haul. It was gonna be our last night staying with them as we would take stuff to the new house the next day. We got back to their house just in time for me to get ready to head to work. I headed back from work a little later that night and had a long drive. When I reached their house and opened the door no one was up. The house was dark so I set down my things and headed down the hall to bathroom. I got dressed for bed and headed to room for bed. Before I fell asleep I heard steps in the hallway then heard water in bathroom turn on. I figured it was one of the kids and thought nothing about it. A few minutes later I heard a door shut. As I turned to go to sleep I heard steps again this time they stopped outside the bedroom door. There was no knock nor did anyone try to open door. As I went to turn my head back to my pillow whoever it was walked away. I woke sometime later having to use restroom. I was coming out of bathroom and decided to grab a drink before heading back. I went and grab some water as I took my first drink George appeared in the doorway. He walked farther into kitchen leaving serval feet between us.

I decide then and there I was taking my drink to bed. As I turned to leave he started talking I just kinda smiled and said well I’m going back to bed. Goodnight.
He said O don’t be that way you know you enjoyed it. Maybe not as much as me but you did still enjoy it.
I told him again goodnight. As I turned again and started walking away he grabbed my arm. I tried to pull away and he gripped my arm tighter. I said No and that I wouldn’t let him do this again.

He laughed and said it will happen or they will know what you did. I knew who he was referring to but I still attempted to argue. I said I didn’t do anything I wasn’t willing To do it again. which he said but they won’t see it that way. Now you will give me whatever I want.
As he pulled me back around the counter he pulled up my gown. I pushed his hand away. I had shorts and panties on he laughed again as he pulled at them. I pushed his hand away again.

He pushed me forward towards the counter and He pinned me over it pulling my arms behind my back, grabbing both my wrist and pushing my wrist up my back. As he held my wrist with one hand he used his free hand to push my shorts and panties down past my ass.
As i struggled to get free he pushes me against the counter more and uses his foot to push my shorts and panties down to the floor.
As he bent down to pick them up off the floor i made a break for it. He pushes me from behind causeing me to fall down to the floor.
He picks them up putting just my shorts on counter. He still had my panties in his hand. He lifted them to his nose and smelled them before throwing them on counter beside my shorts.

He reaches out grabbing a hand full of my hair pulling me up to my feet. He stepped back a couple feet before releasing me.

He told me to turn around. Once I was facing him I told him No again. I tried to reason with him telling him that someone would wake and catch us and to keave me alone.
He told me he had already checked everyone was definitely asleep. And he wasnt going to stop till he had came.

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