Black man teaches white woman about anal sex

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Greetings, folks. My name is Jack Brandao and to be honest, I am a sexually adventurous young Black man. I’d like to take you on a tour of my wickedly erotic lifestyle and myriad adventures. You name it, odds are that I’ve done it. If it’s something of a sexual nature. Yeah, I’m freaky like that. Life is fun when you’re open-minded and sexy. It’s going to get hot in here, folks. Those among you that are conservative should exit the premises. Those who aren’t, well, it’s going to be a fun ride, fellows. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. Anyhow, here goes nothing.

I sometimes spend hours on the web, browsing different sites and trying to find anything interesting. Since I only work four days a week at the police department, I’ve got a fair amount of free time on my hands. I love having free time, but also, it’s not always good for me. I get ideas, which become urges, and those urges have to be satisfied. I need sex. Everyone does, whether they admit it or not. I’ve hooked up with women all over the place. Married women, divorced women, professional women and freeloaders. All types. All races. All walks of life. I’m not a sex addict but I’m not far from becoming one. I like the excitement, the thrill of the chase. I practically live for it. As a cop, I chase bad guys and the occasional bad girl. As a private citizen, I chase anything that moves. Good or bad, it’s all good. Bad is actually preferable in some circumstances.

To that end, I answered an Internet ad and met with this woman at a restaurant. While we chatted on the web, Cecilia Rhine described herself as a six-foot-tall, good-looking woman in her late forties. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed and athletic, with a fine behind and curves where it mattered. She was looking for a good-looking, well-endowed Black man to show her the dark side and make her experience all sorts of sensations. It so happens that I am a good-looking, well-endowed Black man. My occupation is that of police officer. My vocation is that of first-rate sexual adventurer.

I met Cecilia and I am glad to say that she wasn’t lying in her description. Nope, this gal looked really good. We talked for some time. She was a lawyer in the city, recently divorced. Her husband took off with a younger woman and took a good chunk of their assets. He was a cab driver she fell in love with back when she was still in law school. I tried not to laugh. Hey, it’s good to see the men come out on top in divorce settlements every now and then. I’m not the marrying type but lots of men make the mistake of getting married. Will they ever learn? Cecilia and I didn’t do a lot of talking. In fact, we checked into a motel and had ourselves an afternoon of fun.

As soon as we got into the motel, Cecilia let our her inner freak. This sexy older woman got undressed in a haste. I looked at her nude, sexy body. Yeah, this forty-something broad looked better than most young women I knew. She was in shape, for one thing. I got undressed too and she feasted her eyes on my six-foot-two, 230-pound, athletic Black man’s body. Cecilia took one look at my ten-inch dick and apple-sized balls and licked her lips. I could tell that she wanted some of that. She got on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. I looked at her as she began sucking me off. Oh, yeah, she was good at it and looked good doing it. I thrust my cock down her throat and rammed it home. She took all that I had to give, if you can believe that.

Cecilia was definitely an expert when it came to giving head. It didn’t take me long to cum and when I did, she drank down all of my seed. Good gal, she was alright! Next, I put on a condom. Cecilia looked at me mischievously and told me that she wanted to feel my ten-inch cock up her ass. Apparently, she found anal sex a lot more stimulating than cock-to-pussy action. I grinned, not believing my luck. Cecilia took a blue plastic tube which she had brought in her bag and poured out some liquid. I watched as she applied the substance all over her pink little asshole, and then she put some on my cock as well. I nodded understandingly. Hey, I’m not exactly small so the more lube she had, the better.

Next came the actual action. How were we going to do this? It’s not like the movies, folks. You’re dealing with another person. Their body. Their needs and desires. It all has to mesh with yours nicely, or not all. I told Cecilia that I wanted to do her on all fours but she said that she wanted to look at me while I fucked her. I conceded and we got started. She lay on her back, that sexy body and fabulous ass looking very inviting. I placed my cock against her tiny back door, and pushed. My first sensation upon entry was one of warmth and tightness. I placed my hands on Cecilia’s hips and thrust into her. Cecilia gasped as I entered her. Her eyes widened, then her lips seemed to murmur something. I continued, sliding my pole deeper into her. Man, that ass of hers felt so wonderfully warm and tight.

Cecilia looked me in the eye, took some deep breaths, then told me to continue. I smiled, and slid my pole deeper into her. She gently rubbed her breasts together, and I watched as her hands slid to her pussy. She dipped one finger inside, licked it, and repeated the gesture. I was incredibly turned on by that. She noticed and leaned upward, wincing a bit and slid her finger in my mouth. Hmm. I tasted her inner flesh, and it tasted good. We went at it like this for some time, then changed positions. I put Cecilia on all fours, and took her from behind. That’s when all hell broke loose. I’ve never heard a woman scream so loudly. She kept screaming and begging me for more, backing that fabulous booty of hers against my groin, driving me deeper into her. Her lust-filled screams resonated through the motel room. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. A disheveled, lust-filled, sex-crazed woman screaming in a decidedly primal way. It excited me so much that I came right then and there.

A short while later, Cecilia and I lay on the bed, our bodies soaked with sweat. Man, this was a very interesting experience. We just lay there, talking. Just making small talk after sex. I knew from experience that this liaison was a brief encounter and so did she. She told me that there was some accountant whom she was dating. He was the man who helped her put her life together after the divorce. I almost asked her why she was in bed with me, a total stranger who just fucked her brains out and not this good man whom she claimed to care so much about. But I didn’t ask, because she volunteered the answer. Cecilia told me that she cared deeply about Doug the accountant, whom she described as a middle-aged widower with collegiate sons and daughters who had been her neighbor for ages. He’d been there for her after the divorce. She claimed to care about him but said their relationship lacked passion. Doug was too much of a gentleman to do certain things. Sometimes, Cecilia liked to take her inner freak out for a ride. I guess that’s why she looked for hot Black studs online. I looked at her, and did not see a beautiful woman. Instead, I saw a person who disgusted me. Ah, women could be cruel and deceitful. A good man gave his heart to her and he was there for her in her time of need. How did she repay him? By sleeping with some stranger she met online. What a bitch! Cecilia leaned closer, touched my chest and asked me what I was thinking. How I loathed this question! If she only knew…

I looked into those blue eyes of hers and felt tempted to tell her. Telling her exactly what I thought of her seemed like a good idea for a moment. Instead, I smiled. If she had lived that long and remained a brazen bitch, nothing I could say would change anything about her. I suddenly felt dirty, and headed to the shower. I stood under the warm water, and cleaned myself up with soap. I scrubbed myself clean of any residue of Cecilia. I didn’t want to remember her. I wanted to make damn sure nothing of hers remained with me. When I emerged from the shower, she was gone. I silently put my clothes back on, and let myself out. She had left, and I never saw her again. I’m not sure I’d want to see her again. There are so many others like her out there. Women cheating on the men in their lives. I’ve known so many, in the biblical sense. I’ve got nothing against a man or woman who is sexually adventurous and has discreet encounters. That’s all cool in my book. However, when you’re in a relationship and somebody else trusts you with their love and their health, you should know better than to mess around. There are lots of female cheaters out there. They’re a bit craftier than the men, that’s why they don’t get caught as often. Dogs and bitches, that’s all people are, really. Slaves to our animalistic instincts and urges. I guess that’s why I’m disgusted with the institution of marriage. It doesn’t mean jack anymore.

People who know me, both male and female, often ask me when I am going to find a young lady and settle down. What can I say? The idea of marriage doesn’t appeal to me. In my youth, I worked as part of the cleaning crew of a boxing club. I watched the men boxing each other. They came from all walks of life. Lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, doctors, soldiers and everything in between. No matter where they came from, they were unruly warriors in the boxing ring. I’ve seen these men beating on each other. Smashing each other to bloody pulps. It was a hot thing to watch, especially to a boy like me just trying to make a few bucks in the summertime. What I noticed is the fact that no matter how badly these men got hurt, they didn’t cry. They shrugged it off and moved on. They were all friends at the end of the day.

That’s how men are. Basically good, not too likely to hold grudges or act petty for no reason. Most of them are okay and just doing their thing in this life. Don’t bother them and they’re not going to bother you. Well, add women and relationships to the mix and all hell breaks loose. At the boxing club, the men’s bodies suffer all kinds of trauma but they still hold their heads up at the end of the day, win or lose. Yet some of those very same men come out of divorce court crying. The women they married take them to the cleaners. Divorce laws are biased against men. The perception of equality of the sexes in courts of law is an illusion. Bias is everywhere. That’s one of the many reasons why the idea of marriage appeals to me as much as jumping into molten lava. I’ve never been married. I’ve never been engaged. I’ve never been in a long-term relationship. Just casual encounters, for as long as I can remember. Marriage is bad for you. Don’t do it, it’s bad for you. Just because other people are doing it doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

I walked out of the motel and into the street. I had two hours before starting the night shift at the precinct. I love my job. It’s about the only good thing I’ve got going on right now. The job makes sense, even when life doesn’t. I guess that’s why I love it so damn much. It gives me something to live for.

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