Bengalee Film Queen 2

Chapter 2

Swastika was trying to make her way through the busy, expensively-dressed Bengalee celebrities like Sreelekha Mitra, Ritabhari Chakraborty, Satabdi Roy, Rupa Ganguly, Debasree Roy etc. who attended the party that day. However her searching eyes tried continuously to find out Indrani. She had separated from her just moments ago. Suddenly she was stopped by one of her oldest friends in show business.


Bengalee Film Queen

“Oh my God, Swastika! How are you?!” Someone called her from behind.

“Wha…..who?” Swastika mumbled in that sudden call.

She was, casually returning the tight hug being offered to her by Debasreedi, Satabdidi, Paoli, Parnodi, Arpitadi and various other Tolly celebrities. She still was focusing most of her attention on trying to find out where Indrani had gone. The stirring of her unexpected infidelity that had awoken in her by Indrani and Kader was too powerful to ignore. She turned to see the lady in front of her who called her and it took her a few seconds to realize it fully.

It was her 45 yrs old friend Gargi Roychowdhury whom she had known for five yrs after a joint shooting in a hit TV-Serial “Pratibimba”. However after that they had acted three more big-screen films together and their friendship deepened in spite of their age differences.

“Oh, Gargidi, wow…you! I almost didn’t recognize you… you look sooooo….” Swastika couldn’t complete her sentence as she bent forward to touch her feet.

“Different?” Gargi smiled and touched her head with her right palm to give her blessings.

“Extremely h…ho….hot! ,” Swastika blurted out all of a sudden, to Gargi’s surprise and her own.

“Oh, well thank you so much. But you also look really… hot… as well Swastika.” Gargi returned the favour to her five yrs junior ‘sister-like’ friend.

The two Tolly actresses exchanged awkward giggles while searching in their minds for a way to break the sudden and completely unexpected sexual tension. It was a really strange situation for a couple of good friends who had always bonded over the fact that they were not like most girls in show business.

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As stunningly sexy figure and extremely talented as Gargi was, she had never been one of those girls that got involved easily with producers, directors or co-stars just to get a role in the film. She and Swastika were often mocked by some matured actresses like Debasree or Satabdi for their antiquated values and restricting set of morals. They both knew that Debasree and Satabdi called them prudes and boring behind their backs, sometimes even to their face.

But there was something different about Gargi that night. Maybe it was the way she was dressed, with a tight fitting sleeveless blouse that pushed up her large sized boobs even more and a light color matching chiffon saree that accentuated her curvaceous body more attractively.

On the other hand, in case of Swastika, it was the fact that something deep within her had changed that night. She had entered that bathroom as the shy, conservative, god-fearing nice girl which everyone thought about her. But after half an hour, she’d come out like a transformed slut, covered in cum and ready to explore all of the joys of carnal pleasure she’d been hiding from for most of her young life.

“Umm, Swastika, you have something on your chin…”

“Oh, oh, thanks… It’s nothing, I…I……thought I’d taken care of that…,” she said, blushing while she wiped the cum off with the back of her hand under the curious gaze of Gargi, who kept closely inspecting her pretty features. The dishevelled hair, the runny mascara, the heavy breathing… all of it was so unlike with her friend, but too obvious to ignore.

“There’s, umm, also some on your hair…” Gargi finally told her, she had no idea what was happening with Swastika but she wasn’t going to let her walk around like that.

“Oh, I….I…..” Swastika stammered in blushing.

“It can’t… can’t be what I think it is… can it?” Gargi smiled mischievously.

“Gargidi, you know about this type of party, I’ve to do something filthy stuff for my film ‘Mayer Sneha’ with a Bangladeshi Producer”

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“I know. It’s okay, but you need to tell me in detail….I mean what the hell is going on with you right now.”

Swastika grabbed her hand and took her away from the main hall, “Where are we going?” The ‘multi-qualified’ Tolly celeb of Bengal asked with a bit of surprise as they bypassed a couple to stay out of that particular corridor.

“I cheated on Suhas.” Swastika replied shyly.

“What do you mean….you cheated on him? And when is it happened?” Gargi looked even more curious.

“Oh God! It’s so disgusting….but you noticed it accurately…yes it is happened in one of the bathroom in this hotel.” Swastika at last agreed with Gargi’s accusation, pointing at the sticky patch in her hair.

“Whhhh….aaaa……t! And….and how! With whom!” Gargi exclaimed with an unbelievable tone.

“With Indranidi… and the Bangladeshi Producer of my recent film ‘Mayer Sneha’ or whatever.”

“Oh I mean the newest Producer Abdulbhai in Tollygunge Film-Industry….who is producing a film with Nilay Singh! Wait, are you kidding? Are you seriously telling me… you just had sex with Indudi and Abdul Kader Sk!”

Swastika looked down at her shoes and nodded, face completely red in shame.

“Wow… it’s okay and natural. But I need a moment to process this.”

“Gargidi… I don’t know what’s happening to me…”

“Well, yeah, it’s OK to please your Producer. According to me it’s a part of film and is very natural for any actress, Swastika. So you needn’t to be embarrassed. However, you probably had too much to drink and Indudi took advantage of you….”

“No, that’s not what I mean. It’s not her fault… I myself wanted it. Just like I want it now. I can’t stop.”

“What do you mean by ‘now’?”

“I want you, Gargidi. I need you right now.” Swastika grabbed the back of Gargi’s head and forced a kiss on her unsuspecting lips.

“Mfff!” Gargi tried to resist for about a second before surrendering to her younger friend’s curious tongue. She had never kissed another woman before. And, as incredible as the feeling was, she was still awkward about it, not knowing what to do with her hands or the rest of her body.

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Swastika noticed her hesitation and took care of it immediately. She grabbed Gargi’s hands and guiding them around her slim waist and right to her firm ass, to which Gargi responded with a good, strong squeeze. With the fabric of her dress being so thin, Gargi could feel her soft ass-gloves through her saree-saya. Very slowly she pulled those upto her slim waist where her lacy panties began, just a couple of inches before plunging into her ass crack.

“Swastika, I….I….”

“Hey who are there….?” Suddenly a security guard shouted from the other end of the corridor, pointing his flashlight at the two actresses.

“Let’s leave the place…..the security guard might catch us” Gargi whispered being terrified, dragging Swastika’s hand behind her.

Ignoring the commands of the guard, the two actresses left the place quickly as Gargi said, “I think that’s the exit to the main hall”. She pointed at an exit sign several feet in front of them but just she finished the sentence another flash of light came from around the corner which startled them.

“In here!” Swastika whispered as she stepped into a small service closet, pulling Gargi in with her.

“Um, what are we going to do here?” Gargi asked in a confused tone.

“Waiting for the guard to go away, obviously! I mean we could’ve just told the guard who we are, but now that we ran away from him…” Swastika replied.

“I’m sorry! I became panicked, okay?”

“Why did you panic?”

“Well, because, you know…”

“‘Cause you were squeezing my ass Gargidi?”

“Oh Swastika….I’m sorry!”

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