Accidentally fucked my girlfriends mom and made her my wife for a night – 1

Hello guys, Joker is back with new experience, some people told that the last story I wrote was fake, but it wasn’t. Hope you would enjoy this story. Not waisting time lets start the story. This accident happened few days ago when I knew that the woman with whom I spent my memorable time was actually my gfs mom.

Myself, I’m little chubby boy with 5.5 inch dick (many people thinks there is no fun in small dick but as per science, 1 inch dick can also give satisfaction to any women in world) and the heroine of the story she is 52 years, sexy body with 32-36-32.

This all happened when I broke up with my girlfriend and created new Facebook id, I got suggestion of lots of friends and she was one of them, I sent her request but I was unable to send her request as it shows only person you know. Then I simply messaged her, she had private account so I was not aware of her family and even I haven’t seen my gfs mom pic so I sent her message and one day she replied.

Her – who are you?
Me – my name is gipsy
Her – sorry I don’t talk to strangers
Me – why are you afraid of me?
Her – why should I be afraid of you?
Me – you said so, you don’t talk to strangers so you are afraid.
Her – I’m afraid of none.
Me – ok ok what you do?
Her – why you want to know?
Me – just if you wish you can tell me if you aren’t afraid of me.
Her – I’m widow
Me – sorry to hear that
Her – it’s ok and what about you?
Me – I’m a bachelor boy.
Her – hmm
Me – would you like to play game?
Her – ?
Me – truth and dare
Her – ok
Me – how many children do you have?
Her – 2
Me – ok your turn.
Her – who are there in your family?
Me – my mom, me and my brother
Me – do you like traveling?
Her – sometimes and you?
Me – yes I like traveling
Me – whats your phone number?
Her – what? I don’t give my number to anyone
Me – yaar it’s not fair, you are cheating, rules are rules.
(She game me her phone number)
Her – please don’t msg me or call me.
Me – ok don’t worry. Ok bye I got to go. Nice talking to you. Take care
Her – ok bye, take care
Then after some days I messaged her again and after a while she replied, now we started chatting daily and was enjoying each others company. We used to play games and share funny things and sometimes I make her laugh. Days passed and we got closer and closer to each other. Sometimes I used to message her in double meaning, she became free with me and she also talks with me in double meaning, this double meaning chat converted into sex chat and we used to romance in chat. One day I asked her out, she said she would tell me when and where to meet but due to some family issues in her house she was unable to meet but we had fun daily through chatting.

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I had applied for Canada and I got my visa, I told her the news and she was so happy and started giving me kisses and all. I have to go to Mumbai for visa stamping and finger prints. So I asked her to accompany me, she asked for a day time. I was full of joy and was wanted her to accompany me, I was eagerly waiting for her reply and its was my lucky day, she said yes and asked for the stay days. I asked her how many days she would like to stay? She said 3 nights probably. That was it, she said me, 2 nights traveling and 1 night in hotel. I was happy with her decision. I booked train tickets.


The day arrived when I was supposed to she her, I requested her to bring a pair or saree as I like women in saree more than anything. She was ok with it, I started my journey and she was going to accompany me from her stop. I was so happy during the whole travel from my city to her, and finally her station arrived, I went down and was waiting to she who she is and how she looks and suddenly I saw my girlfriend, I went to next compartment and stayed there till the train started. My whole excitement of seeing my beauty gone in wain. Then I went to my seat and there she was seating in salwar, my seat was near the main door so I went outside without her notice and admired her through outside glass. Then I came in and introduced myself and she introduced herself. We both were so happy and was blushing and were shy. Journey started, we started casual chat and I grabbed her hand but she didn’t say anything even she hugged my hand and we both were seating like a couple. We had our dinner and again started chatting. It was around 1:30 and everyone was in deep sleep, but we both were in no mood to sleep. Then I asked her to follow me. She without any hesitation followed me, I took her to toilet and locked the toilet and hugged her tightly. We hugged for more than 5 to 10 minuets as we haven’t met to each other since long time. I kissed her in her lips and waited for her reaction and after a while we started kissing like a wild animals. She was hungry from a long period of time. I started pressing her boobs and playing with her navel she started shivering and jerking. Slowly slowly from navel I went inside her salwar and found she have cleaned shaved her pussy and she was dripping. I started fingering her and she was in haven and in no time she said she going to cum. Without waisting a minute I removed her salwar and started sucking her pussy and after a while she hold my head and started pushing me towards her pussy and started jerking and with a moan she came a lot, wow that was so tasty. She was exhausted after a heavy blow. She was catching her breath and I was cleaning her mash. When she came to her sense she caught my dick and was rubbing through my trousers. She caught my dick out and started giving hand job. I was in heaven, she was new to this but she was doing it like a pro. Now she cam down and started giving me blowjob. It was best blowjob ever, even better then my past girlfriend. Her mouth was so warm and also because of early romance I came after 10 minutes of pro blowjob and she drank all my cum without letting any single drop out of her mouth. I was shocked, seeing me she replied she learnt this through videos. I was amazed and started kissing again and hugged her, she grabbed my dick and was jerking. After a while my junior was ready for next round. She opened her leg and gave me opening to her love hole. But I have some other plan in my mind and started rubbing my dick over her vagina and teased her. She was so hungry then she started pleading me to put my dick inside. After some teasing I pushed my junior inside her love hole in a single go, she was so wet that it was easy for my junior to enter her love hole. I started fucking her, as I have recently came it took time for second one to exhaust. I fucked her for more than 20 minutes, she came three times in between. I was near to cum and asked her where to exhaust. She said she want to feel my cum so she said me to fill her womb as it’s safe as her maturation cycle have stopped. I came inside her. We both were exhausted and hugged each other for more than 5 minutes. She cleaned my junior and we both cleaned ourselves and came out of toilet. It was 3 AM. We went to our seat, caught our breath and she slept in my arms. She had her best session ever in her life, she was so exhausted that as soon as she took her seat she slept. I woke her up in morning as our station arrived. We had a good morning kiss and stood up from seat to leave.

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Hope you guys enjoyed the story. If I have made any mistake please forgive me for that. I would write other story soon. If you wish to give me any feedback or any advice feel free to mail me on [email protected] Will see you soon readers with continuation of this story, what we did after reaching hotel, and she became my one night wife and we had our honeymoon. Bye bye buddies, enjoy your life to fullest and always be happy. Take care.

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