A night with my Mom

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Hey guys sugar daddy here so this is my first story, and I want you all to know that this is a real story

So let’s get started
So this happened like 2 years ago it was Winter and I had a high fever one day so I told my mom that I was not feeling well she gave me some pills.

At night I started shivering so I told my mom that I was not feeling well ,she give me some pills and said that it’s okay and I went to sleep the next day it was my college but I had to take a leave because of my fever so the day passed and it was night time again ,that time I told my mom that I was not feeling well and I can’t sleep alone so my mom came to me and said it’s okay that I can sleep with her tonight so I slept with her that night and it was like about 12:00 a.m. that I woke up and I was feeling so horny so I started to touched her thigh and slowly went my way upwards. I put my arm on her stomach just like a cuddle but I wanted more so I went my way up to her soft breast and to my surprise, she didn’t moved so I got so courage and put my hand under her Kameez(shirt) but still no response from her.

So I thought to myself she must have taken sleep pills. I gained courage and reached her silky smooth breast. It felt amazing. I took a long time playing with her tits. After I had enough with that I slowly went for her glorious vigina before putting my hand in her shalwar(pant) I felt it from above and I could feel those silky viginal hair🤤

I looked at mom and it seemed like she was in deep sleep so after playing from above her shalwar I decided to put my hand in , as I lifted her shalwar my heart started pounding faster and faster. I kept looking at her all the time while I was entering her shalwar. Once I got in I had no fear left I started to feel her freshly shaved hairs,it felt amazing with chills constantly running down my spine , for the first time of my life I put my fingers on her silky soft vigina ,as soon as I touched it I thought to stop time so I could be like this forever
I couldn’t control myself so I started to finger her vigina.

It was so soft and wet that I would take out my hand again and again from her shalwar and apply all her wet juice on my dick.
I rechecked if she was still asleep after I was assure she was asleep I couldn’t control myself and slowly started to pull her shalwar down suddenly she turned away from me and now her BIG bare white Ass was facing me I undid my pant and took out my dick , it wants to go inside that vigina so badly.

At first I put it right on her ass crack and started rubbing it against her but I feared she might wake up so I kept running in between her ass crack until I was about to cum so I grabbed my dick before I cummed and went to washroom and cleaned myself.

I put her shalwar back on and went to sleep as if nothing happened

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