What a Slutty Wife

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I thought I would share another experience of my ‘unfaithful’ wife behaviour.

This one relates to a fun time that I had with Tracey my best friend and a bouncer from a local bar.

We had been going to this local bar for a few weeks, with other friends and couples.

On one of the girly nights out at the pub, one of the bouncers on the door got quite chatty with both me and Tracey. It was pretty obvious he fancied us and we felt the same. He stood about 6 ft tall, muscular and had very short cropped black hair, a real hunk.

To cut a long story short, he was obviously trying to chat us up and both me and Tracey found him quite dishy, so we encouraged him.

On the first night in question Ritchie, the bouncer, had flirted heavily with us on our arrival. We both had a fair bit to drink and were, I guess you could say, quite merry.

I had dressed in a little blue dress, a pair of thigh high boots and due to the shortness of the dress, a pair of tan tights/ pantyhose, rather than stockings. Tracey had worn her favourite little dress too, shorter than mine, again with pantyhose and quite tarty high heels.

Ritchie had started chatting with us on arrival, and every so often he would pop in to the bar and continue this banter.

The bar was quite busy, it being a Friday night, and so chances to chat were limited due to the noise and general crowding.

After a while Tracey told me that she really fancied him and wondered if he felt the same. On his next visit to us I told him of this and he replied he fancied both of us!

Unfortunately Tracey’s husband turned up and that put paid to her flirting for the night with Ritchie. Over the next couple of hours though my teasing of him and his chatting me up intensified.

Towards the end of the night, the bar had begun to empty somewhat. A lot of people had begun to make their way to a local nightclub, leaving the bar much quieter.

Ritchie increasingly spent more time inside, chatting me up.

His partner on the door, a big bloke called Terry didn’t seem to mind.

In fact Ritchie told me that Terry thought,”I was a bit of tasty stuff.”

Asking him if he felt the same I got the positive response I was hoping for.

Ritchie started getting a little more suggestive and by now I was desperate for a little bit of fun with him.

Tracey was well jealous!

As closing time approached Ritchie and I had started having a little kiss and cuddle and it was obvious he wanted to take things further. I was now leaking some cunt juice from our snogging session as well, and was game for anything.

He asked me if I wanted a little more fun and I bluntly told him, “Too fucking right!”

“I thought so,” he replied to me. “I have bit of a hard on here Anna and hope you can feel it.”

I told him I could. I had felt it pushing into me as we had snogged and he had been rubbing my arse and tits through my dress as we did so.

I hoped that my letting him do this was enough encouragement.

I moved my hand down to his crotch to feel a large bulge straining in his pants.

God it felt big!

My little hand could hardly get a good feel of the full length of it.

“Fucking hell!” I whispered to him. “That thing feels fucking huge,christ almighty.”

“Come on then lets pop outside, you wont be disappointed I promise,” was his laughing response.

I dutifully followed him and we sidled down an alleyway not far from the pub car park.

My curiosity was now in full flow, and my sexual desire was increasing with each passing minute.

Once in the alleyway he really got to work on me.

His hands were all over me. Feeling my tits up through my dress, hands on my arse, rubbing the front of my dress around my cunt area.

“Don’t stop,” I pleaded with him. He didn’t need telling twice.

His hands began to fumble up my dress and I wantonly parted my legs to allow him better access.

I lent against the alley wall as he began to search inside the top of my tights and knickers. His hands struggled to get in, so I lustily told him to just rip my tights open.

“What?” he asked.

“Just fucking rip the gusset so you can get at me,” I told him.

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