An 18 year old gets a sex education from Mom

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Sex stories, incest, mom and son sex education.. It was one day after graduation from West Trowbridge High. It was three weeks after my eighteenth birthday and my dog Toto picked that day to die. After all, she was thirteen, old for an Irish setter, but it hurt. Dad and I went to bury her and mom went to the grocery store. She came home and dad went down the basement to his home office to do some work.

Okay, I was eighteen, but after we got the groceries stowed, I just burst out crying. Mom took me in her arms. “Barry?” She asked, “is it about Toto?”

I took a deep breath. “Yeah, stupid, huh?”

Mom held me tight and then kissed me on the lips. I mean not a motherly kiss either. In spite of myself, I got a hard on. With my mom? Shit!

She backed off and held me by the hips. “Barry, why don’t you go out tonight? You deserve to have fun.”

“Go out? Like with who? You know I don’t have a girlfriend. Mom – I had three dates my whole senior year for God sake.”

She moved one hand up and tousled my hair. “Son, you are what? Like five eleven?” I nodded. “You’re built beautifully. And a track scholarship to FSU.”

I nodded again. “So?”

“There is no reason you shouldn’t have girls lining up to go out with you. And especially on a day like this, you should have someone – a girl to comfort you and hold you. But you don’t. Why?”

“Christ, mom – I just don’t. You asking if I’m gay?”

She grabbed me again and held me tight. “No, love, not at all. Not that it would matter to me, but what I feel against my hip is enough to tell me you are very heterosexual.”

“Mom!” I yelled.

“Did I shock you?”

“Well, hell yes, Mom. Look, can I go up to my room, please?”

I twisted away from her and ran up the stairs into my room and slammed the door. What the hell did she mean by that? I got out of my jeans, even took my jockeys off threw on some gym shorts and lay down on the bed.

Now, truth? At home I couldn’t even get to web sites with sex stuff. Both my laptop and the desktop in the library still had all kinds of parental controls.

No, only at the gym or at track practice could I see that stuff on some of the other guys laptops and even their phones for God sake! No I never even saw a real girl naked, much less been laid. Kissed two girls my whole life, both of them good night after a dull date.

Track was a great sport for me because it was solitary. Yeah, we were a team but what we did, we did alone. So no, I had no girlfriend to cuddle with, but my mom knew that!

Just then, I heard a little knock on my door. “Can I come in?” It was my mom.

“Yeah mom – it’s not locked.” Now let me tell you about my mom. She wore her hair short. It’s jet black and cut pixie style. She is about five foot nine, which makes her almost my height. She has these immense dark eyes and her figure was incredible. Matter of fact it still is. I mean in a bathing suit she still makes every guy – even guys my age stare at her.

That afternoon, she was wearing a tee shirt about two sizes too big or her, but I still could tell she did not have a bra on, and she had on these cutoff jeans so I could see her legs which were in great shape. As a runner I know good legs.

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