Wife has fun with another man

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Wife has fun with another man, sex tories, loving wife.. If you have read our stories from before you will know that my wife Lisa loves to perform fellatio and I enjoy watching her doing it almost as much as when she does it to me. Also you might remember that when she has been drinking she gets extremely horny. You might also remember Lisa is a hot redhead, 5’2” with firm 36C breasts, seductive green eyes and strong toned legs.

This story happened last December during our annual holiday trip. We decided to drive to Florida and spend a week at a resort on the Gulf Coast. The trip down was uneventful because the holiday traffic was so heavy it took all of our concentration to avoid having an accident. We arrived at the resort early in the afternoon and settled in quickly so we could enjoy a beer relaxing in the warm Florida sun by the pool. Lisa slipped into one of her sexier swimsuits that showed more cleavage than she normal. I had an erection walking down to the pool from looking at her beautiful tits.

We found a spot at the end of the pool opposite the . The weather was quite warm for December and we had no problem emptying a couple beers each. I noticed a couple walk by carrying their bags indicating they had just arrived. They walked to the far end of the resort motel. I commented to Lisa how attractive the woman is. We guessed her age to be mid to late forties, only a few years older than us. I could tell the woman had a wonderful tight little ass from the small white shorts she was wearing and the snug knit top left no question as to the size her breasts. Lisa agreed she is very attractive and then added the man is well built and very handsome for a man who must be close to 60. He had to be ten years older than the lady with him. I teased her asking, “think they might be interested in some fun with us?”

Her answer of, “I sure hope so” caught me by surprise since she is usually not interested in playing with another couple unless we have known them for a while. I pointed this out and she answered, “you have been suggesting if I loosened up some we could meet some new couples to have fun with. Well, I would certainly do him and I can see by the rise in the front of your shorts the effect she had on you!”

My jaw dropped and I didn’t know what to say, I knew I didn’t want to say anything that might cause her to change her mind. I leaned back in my chair, my thoughts racing with possibilities. I opened another beer and reached for a magazine as I fantasized about the couple.

The next couple days went well, we didn’t do much except for lying in the sun, going out to eat and drinking plenty of beer. From time to time I would bring up a scenario of us having fun with the attractive couple. My dick grew hard whenever we talked about it and Lisa would have my cock in her mouth as soon as we were in the privacy of our room. She said it made her so hungry for his cock she wanted to seduce him and wrap her lips around his dick and feel his cum fill her mouth. I kind of dared her by saying, “You don’t have the balls to do something like that.” “We’ll see, big boy” was her response as she grabbed me in the crotch.

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