Unexpected Sex with younger Sister Sonam

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Life is Complex and Desires are endless.
Hi I’m Arun Dikshit (Name Changed Ofcourse) I’m Male 26 from Pune (Location Changed too). Right now I’m a Freelancer and has experience on multiple field professionally and accademic. My Family consists of My Father Mohit Dikshit a cool dude who had his share of fun when young, Who is a businessman (Male, 57). My Mother Kalpana Dikshit, You can call her a beautiful Milf if you wish, (Female age 43 with a killing figure of 36C-30-36) and my Sweet little Sister Sonam Dikshit, (age 21 with a beauty to die for, she is 32B-28-32) She is a college student she has the perfect body with a sharp mind. And she is the Heroine of the Story.

Since this COVID19 Virus lockdown the world has suffered a lot but this is not a boring Story of suffering but of desires, passion and pure love making.

It was 12th of August, 2020 things were going as usual. I woke Up in morning sharp 06:00 AM to get ready for the day. I recieved a call from my Friend to meet him and help him with some software related problem in his system. I left my home at 10:00 AM in the morning, When I reached I did my work, helped him out. And had some drinks and weed. I left his home at 02:00 PM and reached my home at 02:30 PM. It was a really hot day. The temperature was 33°C and was hot enough to make anyone drench in their own sweat. As soon I reached my home I went to my room which is on 4th floor. The fourth floor of my home has just one Room with attached bathroom and kitchen. It was a gift from my Father on my 14th Birthday. And due to my Fake horror stories no one really come to my room even in my presence. So I reached my room saw the door was open I didn’t bothered to think twice and I decided to take a bath, I undressed myself became completely nude.

Felt my dick for a moment and went directly to my bathroom the door was not locked. As I entered I was shocked to see my Sweet little and Wet Hot Sexy Sister there completely nude with water droplets on her body and her hands between her legs. Her face expression were loudly saying that she was near her orgasam. The moment was just for a few seconds but it seemed like the Time was frozen. She saw me and got shocked and tried to hide her 32B beautiful soft bosoms of hers which I just watched over her dress and out of curiosity imagined their shape without dress. Her beautiful flat belly and cute little belly button which I saw on multiple occasions and compared it with my girlfriends. And her Sweet little perfect V shaped Pussy with little trimmed hairs on it which is the dream desires of I don’t know how many guys out there. Her hands were not big enough to hide her boobs and Pussy at the same time.

I reacted in the same shocked way and came out if bathroom and tried to hide my 8’7 inch long, thick pulsating dick which was hard as never before witnessing my Sweet little princess in her birth suit. She came out hiding her Boobs and Pussy with her hands and started arguing about can’t I knock and I replied trying not to see her and trying to hide my massive erection with a pillow near by, I asked her can’t she lock the door and why she was in my room. The argument was just 2 or 3 minutes long but it was like a complete day. She was really trying hard not to see my massive erection and she was failing to do so. Same situation was with me. I asked her towel. Then she turned to go to bathroom to bring me a towel. And then I witnessed her beautiful soft perfect bum.

Which I only felt when she teasingly sat on my lap. The curves of her made my eyes focus on it forever. When she came out with a towel she was still nude trying to hide herself but failing. When she gave me the towel I removed the pillow and she saw my erection and started to laugh and pointed toward my dick she quoted “Now I Know why you have so many girlfriends, You’re really big” This statement made me embraced but made proud to my inner man. She teased me by handing the towel near my dick and then for a mili second my dick touched her soft hands. That small touch gave both of us a jolt of electricity. I took the towel and tried to wrap around my waist but the erection didn’t allowed me. She was laughing watching me fail.

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