Unexpected encounter with frnds girl frnd.

I m ramtej I am a huge fan of is and this is my 2nd story plz do support me.
I m from Bangalore owns an event company in and around Bangalore works as an event organizer.
This incident happened on new year party were our friends attended near hoskatea,
We r 5 with 2couples and one stage in a team and we met another gang inside and was enjoying with a blast and at 1 am cops arrived and stopped the music not to play after 1 and didn’t allow to continue, some cars moved out and rest 50% crowd were settled there heading to there respected rooms and some gangs were dancing on to there music on phones with nice atmosphere, cool breeze I too enjoyed same with high Tripp listening to music with girlfriend with me,
Then again cops arrived to cheque the place so meanwhile everyone rushed to hide them selfs that time we our gang had moved to resort terrace to hide where no one was and there we find 2girls and a guy was also waiting for cops to go.
Then we introduce and spoke for some time the 2girls were around mid-20s with huge personality with a different costume and was killed by there looks,
In that time one gange which we met before had arrived there and she comes heroine off the story,
Actually I don’t know her name she was around 23 something with a nice body with the fair in colour and attractive eyes. Once we got introduce we shook our hands with our eyesight match which she blushed for second and don’t want to see again in my eyes and left her free and busy with my girl talking and smoking cigi in that cool breeze I enjoyed this new year eve.
Then after sometime one guy arrived and called boys and informed send girls to one side where we get some tripping session not with our girls to find out.
Then in that time I was busy with my GF talking separately and asked me to come and I asked permission with gf and left to that place to get some stuff and waiting for my turn, there I found that queen girl coming near to me and asked her to pass weed and she started smoking and I was beside her with two guys more, then the 2 boys left after there turn and she handed back to me to smoke and I took from her fingers touching and she got shivered and I smiled at her in response i got back, then suddenly my girl appeared there and asked ru done, everyone going down may be cops had left, come let’s go..
I asked her to leave along with her girl’s gang ill be back in 2 mins and she gave angry look and went,
Then I was smoking still because I was last to head there and the girl only left with me and I had passed her to kill it off (smoke).
Then we finished and I lighted a cigi and she asked do u mind to give one cigi to me..?
I replied do u mind sharing with the same cigi.
She smiled and waited till I give my cigi and I asked ru not feeling cold to which she replied u made me hot by sharing cigi and she winked.
Me..aahhhhh what..?
She. Just smiled
Me .. Ru Ass virgin..??
She. Hey, wat
Wat ru up too, ru serious..??
Then stuff was making us dizzy.
I repeat ru ass virgin,
Say Yes r No.
She. Yes.
I pulled her close to me with one hand on her hips and one hand lift her face up to stare into her eyes which was making me go crazy and said I wanna fuck ur ass and make this year beginning with hot memory, ru ready..??
I didn’t want to wait to her reply and so I kissed her lips and sucked her lower lip with loads off lust and passion to which she didn’t respond r rejected and I followed this as a green signal and kissed her neck and gave bite on her right ear to which she uttered a moan.
Then I turned her around and made her to bend and squeezed her ass and slapped her while I rubbed my groin on her ass crack and she enjoyed my lust behaviour and made her kneen on floor and I pulled my cock which was hard already for this action and placed near her lips and asked her to suck it, babe,,,, she was catching my cock in hand was looking into it and I pushed inside her mouth and felt warm in that cold breeze and felt jerk in my body.
She started to suck my cock like a pro taking in and out and circling the tip off my dick with her tongue, she was bitting my balls to which I got little pain and through fucked for about10 mins and made her stand and smooched her and inserted my finger in her pussy to and finger fucked her about 2mins and sudden i got a call from my gf and to my bad luck i have to attend and said i was in restroom and didn’t find u ppl on way.
I ill be in 2mins and hung the call in mean while my cock was in her mouth deep inside and took out and she was breathless.
I took her face up and said let’s hurry bitch make it soon and inserted again in her mouth and fucked her till i come and splashed on her face and some she took in and sucked till i get dry and cleaned our self and asked her to leave 1st and lighted cigi and gave kiss to lips and bid bye and she left, i went after finished my cigi and went to restroom and joined my gange with my blank face as if nothing happened.
And later after some time she came with her Bf where we were chit chatting and informed that they want to lev and left.
I was shocked to see her with my mutual frnd and while she heading back she gave a lust full smile and
I quickly replyed as my eyebrows up with expression as.
Wen ill be next..??
So guys how was it,
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